All Guilds Meeting – June 2021 – Raw Chatlog

(06/05 13:00:56) Korov’ev: Shorah, and welcome to the 134th All Guilds Meeting!
(06/05 13:00:56) Doobes cheers
(06/05 13:00:57) rarified claps his hands
(06/05 13:01:01) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 13:01:01) ametist’ claps her hands
(06/05 13:01:03) skyisblu cheers
(06/05 13:01:04) Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leebro 8, 9677, and the time is 9:2:19
(06/05 13:01:13) Professor Katsup cheers
(06/05 13:01:14) Korov’ev: If there’s anyone new: welcome to the Cavern! You picked the best time to visit 🙂
(06/05 13:01:16) shokhootahn jo claps her hands
(06/05 13:01:24) Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:
(06/05 13:01:31) Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.
(06/05 13:01:42) Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.
(06/05 13:01:58) Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.
(06/05 13:02:11) Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.
(06/05 13:02:22) Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of this meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers’ site:
(06/05 13:02:32) Korov’ev: Of course, you can start your own chatlog with “/startlog”.
(06/05 13:03:08) Korov’ev: Let’s see which events are coming in the Cavern:
(06/05 13:03:11) Korov’ev: On Monday 14, starting at 13:00 KIT, Nosila will stream some music:
(06/05 13:03:20) Korov’ev: the title is ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’, and it will be about equality, protest and hope.
(06/05 13:03:28) Korov’ev: The location is Aegura Plaza, but you can be alsewhere 😉
(06/05 13:03:39) Korov’ev: And like every month, next week there’ll be a Cavern Tour,
(06/05 13:03:46) Korov’ev: on Saturday, June 12, at 10:00 KIT, starting in Cavern Tour’s Hood.
(06/05 13:03:57) Korov’ev: The host, Larry LeDeay, uses his Twitch channel for the presentation, so you will need to keep a browser or the app open in the background:
(06/05 13:04:06) Korov’ev: Videos will be available for two weeks after the tour. The stream will be simulcasted on Facebook and Youtube.
(06/05 13:04:14) Korov’ev: Mir-o-Bot (KI# 32319) is usually employed for special effects and long-distance travel (and to avoid stairs).
(06/05 13:04:40) Korov’ev: Now, the moment you were probably waiting 😉
(06/05 13:04:52) Korov’ev claps his hands
(06/05 13:04:52) Korov’ev: We have some rather interesting updates on the Age Restoration Project: let’s hear from Doobes!
(06/05 13:05:00) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:00) Ro”Jethhe claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:01) Rada Mendelssohn claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:01) rarified claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:01) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:01) skyisblu claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:02) PodHopper claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:02) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:02) thoekenem (hru?) claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:03) Professor Katsup claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:04) TikiBear claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:05) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:05) Briggs claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:05) etelka claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:05) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:06) Scharminius claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:06) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:07) Theo claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:07) EthanEver claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:07) Jules Lavisham claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:09) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:10) shokhootahn jo claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:10) Doobes waves hello
(06/05 13:05:10) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:11) Dulcamara: her hands
(06/05 13:05:11) Letanqua claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:14) ametist’ claps her hands
(06/05 13:05:15) Mabe claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:16) uwe claps his hands
(06/05 13:05:18) Doobes: Hello, my fellow explorers!
(06/05 13:05:29) Doobes: I come to you with quite a bit of news yet again…so big, in fact, that I had to shed my in-character persona that I’d plan to present with today to tell it to you. 😀
(06/05 13:05:41) Doobes: First up, the most immediate news.
(06/05 13:05:50) Doobes: Yesterday, we released Lontahv’s Age of Tre’bivdil for all to visit!
(06/05 13:05:54) Briggs cheers
(06/05 13:05:56) Aurelias cheers
(06/05 13:05:58) etelka cheers
(06/05 13:05:59) ametist’ cheers
(06/05 13:05:59) skyisblu cheers
(06/05 13:06:00) Professor Katsup claps his hands
(06/05 13:06:01) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:06:02) PodHopper cheers
(06/05 13:06:02) Theo cheers
(06/05 13:06:03) axenna cheers
(06/05 13:06:04) Kelsei A.T. cheers
(06/05 13:06:05) Rada Mendelssohn claps her hands
(06/05 13:06:06) J’Kla claps his hands
(06/05 13:06:07) Doobes claps his hands
(06/05 13:06:13) Scharminius cheers… he will have to visit it soon…
(06/05 13:06:14) Boywhith cheers
(06/05 13:06:14) Doobes: I wanted to try a stealthy release for this one so people could “discover” it on their own, sort of like the old days of Gametap before episodes.
(06/05 13:06:15) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 13:06:15) ShilohOBrien cheers
(06/05 13:06:16) Letanqua claps his hands
(06/05 13:06:28) Doobes: That and I didn’t want to pull Chogon into the cavern on a weekend. The guy had plans, and I didn’t want to keep him from them. 😉
(06/05 13:06:42) Doobes: It’s certainly not to downplay the fine work Lontahv put into it, and it’s here with all of you present that I commend him for his fantastic Age!
(06/05 13:06:45) ShilohOBrien: Considerate
(06/05 13:06:54) TikiBear: Hear, hear!
(06/05 13:06:57) Emor D’ni Lap applauds Lontahv
(06/05 13:07:01) Doobes: I have a little bit of history about the Age directly from Lontahv, who couldn’t make it today, sadly. He sends his best though.
(06/05 13:07:04) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:07:13) Doobes: “Tre’bivdil is best classified as a modern garden Age. The geometric shapes and primary elements that form its core are described by simple phrases that are shared with a set of phrases from ancient training manuscripts discovered by the modern day Guild of Writers.
(06/05 13:07:15) Calisia claps her hands
(06/05 13:07:35) Doobes: “The name, which can be translated roughly to ‘amongst everything’, reflects the combination of these very basic elements together.
(06/05 13:07:50) Doobes: “While the weather is generally clement, care must be taken after a rainstorm as the rocks can become slippery.”
(06/05 13:08:00) Doobes: Signed, Lontahv. 😀
(06/05 13:08:06) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 13:08:12) Thumbs up from EthanEver
(06/05 13:08:15) Doobes: I can certainly attest to that! Plus, need to watch out for mold buildup too. 😉
(06/05 13:08:27) Doobes: So after the meeting, if you get a chance, swing on over to Chiso and visit the Age of Tre’bivdil!
(06/05 13:08:36) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 13:08:43) Doobes: So we now have a summer *and* a winter Age to visit (Payiferen and Dereno notwithstanding)…and don’t forget, Vothol Gallery is not too far away either.
(06/05 13:08:43) axenna cheers
(06/05 13:08:48) ametist’ thinks it’s a lovely age
(06/05 13:08:58) Calisia cheers
(06/05 13:09:04) Doobes: When will we release that Book? You’ll just have to keep checking back. 😛
(06/05 13:09:17) Doobes: The other big piece of news I have for you happened just yesterday…and it’s generating quite the buzz!
(06/05 13:09:20) ametist’ smiles
(06/05 13:09:28) Doobes: For those that are unaware, there was a group of hand-picked developers called the Intangibles.
(06/05 13:09:44) Doobes: Fan developers, that is.
(06/05 13:09:48) Doobes: Under a non-disclosure agreement from Cyan, they were granted access to unreleased and unfinished content meant for URU Live.
(06/05 13:10:02) Doobes: This came to an end awhile back when we were allowed to openly modify any and all MOULa content…which is how we were able to get fan Ages here.
(06/05 13:10:10) ShilohOBrien gasp
(06/05 13:10:16) Doobes: Unfortuantely, this meant Cyan had withdrawn the rights to work on the Intangibles content, which was a bit upsetting, but at the end of the day, their decision.
(06/05 13:10:31) Doobes: Yesterday, as a surprise to most of us (including me), Cyan released *all* of the Intangibles content to the public!
(06/05 13:10:46) Boywhith: Wow…
(06/05 13:10:47) EthanEver is amazed!
(06/05 13:10:49) Dulcamara cheers
(06/05 13:10:51) axenna: whoa…
(06/05 13:10:52) Doobes: Again, this is the motherlode of all their unreleased content meant for URU before things were shut down.
(06/05 13:10:53) skyisblu: Wow!
(06/05 13:10:53) Professor Katsup cheers
(06/05 13:11:03) ametist’ cheers
(06/05 13:11:07) Doobes: It includes a treasure trove of concept art, documents, audio and textures as well as MAX files in varying states of completion.
(06/05 13:11:07) Dulcamara: So cool
(06/05 13:11:16) Kayara: Where?
(06/05 13:11:19) Rada Mendelssohn hears a breath from the Cavern
(06/05 13:11:29) Doobes: For developers, this means free access to complete any of the content they would like to try.
(06/05 13:11:40) Doobes: For your average explorer, this is most exciting: it means places like the Great Shaft/Descent will most likely be greatly expanded…and Ages like Kahlo, Rebek, Katha Island and others could see the light of day here in MOULa someday!
(06/05 13:11:43) Calisia: That’s awesome
(06/05 13:11:49) ametist’ rubs her hands together
(06/05 13:11:54) ShilohOBrien cheer
(06/05 13:12:05) Dulcamara cheers
(06/05 13:12:06) Doobes: As I understand it, this content will fall under the same Creative Commons license as the current MOULa content (BY-NC-SA 4.0) meaning any converted files will be freely distributable so long as the license is attached.
(06/05 13:12:23) Doobes: Now I imagine my colleagues would like for me to keep your expectations under control. I should note that a lot of this content is *very* unfinished, so it would take quite awhile to complete much of it.
(06/05 13:12:42) Doobes: Once again, we must exercise our patience and Cautious Optimism ™ when it comes to this…but the fact that anyone is able to pick it up and work on it *does* help the chances of some sort of release.
(06/05 13:13:04) Doobes: I, for one, will most likely try to spearhead the effort to expand Descent and open up the rest of the Great Shaft, furthering the walkable path to D’ni from the surface (and vice versa).
(06/05 13:13:18)
(06/05 13:13:21) Emor D’ni Lap: What Doobes said regarding *lots* of work necessary, to varying degrees
(06/05 13:13:29) Doobes: Note that the files we have are different and include more than what was seen in Myst V , so the experience will no doubt be both familiar *and* different from what you’ve seen before.
(06/05 13:13:47) Doobes: This is going to be a huge undertaking, so bear with me. Plus, there’s my other projects to work on, but I plan to give this priority as well.
(06/05 13:14:01) Doobes: So keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed, folks…things will hopefully be getting very interesting soon.
(06/05 13:14:11) Doobes: (and later 😛 )
(06/05 13:14:23) Doobes: Speaking of things getting interesting, there has been a LOT of work recently behind the scenes for the next update to MOULa.
(06/05 13:14:37) Doobes: I’m sure someone can fill in the bullet points of what’s going in, but this will most likely be a ton more quality-of-life fixes.
(06/05 13:14:55) Doobes: We’ll need as many people as possible helping us to test over on Minkata shard, so be sure to check the OpenUru Discord and forums for more updates on that.
(06/05 13:15:09) Doobes: (this is still a ways off, I believe)
(06/05 13:15:09) Calisia: Fascinating!
(06/05 13:15:29) Doobes: Each and every pair of eyes we can get on things would be most helpful.
(06/05 13:15:40) Doobes: Lastly, I wanted to mention that I’ve also been working with a couple of Age builders to get their work ready for MOULa. This mostly involves my lighting expertise.
(06/05 13:15:54) Korov’ev: the more bugs we find on Minkata, the less will pop their heads here 😉
(06/05 13:15:58) ShilohOBrien: Let there be light!
(06/05 13:16:05) Doobes: If names like ametist and Dulcamara are familiar and you’re a fan of their work…feel free to get excited as, if all goes well, you may see it here someday in the not-too-distant future!
(06/05 13:16:14) axenna: YES!
(06/05 13:16:15) Doobes: *some of it, that is. 😀
(06/05 13:16:19) Calisia: Yippeee!!!
(06/05 13:16:20) TikiBear: Yay!
(06/05 13:16:21) skyisblu cheers
(06/05 13:16:26) Boywhith cheers
(06/05 13:16:27) Scharminius cheers
(06/05 13:16:33) axenna cheers
(06/05 13:16:34) Night-Tripper cheers
(06/05 13:16:34) Doobes: Yeah…lots to keep me and other busy. LOL!
(06/05 13:16:35) Theo cheers
(06/05 13:16:40) philipgr claps his hands
(06/05 13:16:42) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 13:16:43) Doobes: *others
(06/05 13:16:44) Professor Katsup cheers
(06/05 13:16:45) Mabe claps his hands
(06/05 13:16:52) Doobes: So that’s all I’ve got this time. Any questions?
(06/05 13:16:53) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 13:17:06) Doobes: Also, NOT Elodea. Not yet. 😀
(06/05 13:17:12) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Briggs.
(06/05 13:17:12) Korov’ev: [Briggs] What’s your favorite folder in the intangibles release and why is it Battle Chicken?
(06/05 13:17:17) axenna is a happy panda
(06/05 13:17:20) Korov’ev: heh
(06/05 13:17:21) Doobes: Another of Dulcamara’s fine works. Hehehe.
(06/05 13:17:27) rarified: Don’t forget to mention the Archivists lore for the Intangibles.
(06/05 13:17:32) Doobes: LOL! Nice one, Briggs. 😛
(06/05 13:17:39) Briggs grins
(06/05 13:17:46) Doobes: Plus…battle chicken? Doesn’t it sound COOL?
(06/05 13:17:50) Doobes cheers
(06/05 13:17:53) Briggs starts to laugh
(06/05 13:17:55) Kelsei A.T. starts to laugh
(06/05 13:17:57) ShilohOBrien: CLUCK!!!!
(06/05 13:18:00) Korov’ev: There are a few very juicy from a lore standpoint 😉
(06/05 13:18:13) Korov’ev: big spoiler warning!
(06/05 13:18:17) Doobes: Oh yes! The Guild of Archivists are also taking a more direct role as far as the incoming lore of the new content.
(06/05 13:18:21) Rada Mendelssohn whispers “understatement”
(06/05 13:18:39) Briggs: It’s a treasure trove of pre-release content that gives you a good look into the game development process. I recommend checking it out!
(06/05 13:18:44) Doobes: Since this was all announced yesterday, we’re still getting everything together and smoothed out, so bear with us.
(06/05 13:18:54) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Ro”Jethhe.
(06/05 13:18:54) Korov’ev: [Ro”Jethhe] Question: Is all of this new content going to be installed on the CYAN server or on a seperate server?
(06/05 13:19:13) Doobes: Separate server first, and…if all goes well…it eventually comes here to MOULa.
(06/05 13:19:20) Ro”Jethhe thanks you
(06/05 13:19:33) Doobes: There are two Minkata servers and a staging server before that happens though.
(06/05 13:19:49) Doobes: Any other questions?
(06/05 13:20:08) Korov’ev: and some are just design concepts without material assets
(06/05 13:20:29) Korov’ev: Our next question is from ShilohOBrien.
(06/05 13:20:29) Korov’ev: [ShilohOBrien] Ok this gives my funding question a new urgency. Maybe this was answered in the past as I’ve only joined back up in the last few months, but, is there a particular reason why the CAVECON is expressed as percentages rather than hard numbers?
(06/05 13:20:31) Doobes: Again, there will be more details in the coming days and weeks as we all wrap our heads around this new development.
(06/05 13:20:56) Doobes: You’d have to ask Cyan about that one.
(06/05 13:21:02) Emor D’ni Lap: in other words, almost all the Intangibles content is far from being installed on ANY server, and much discussion is required to determine its direction in each case
(06/05 13:21:05) Korov’ev: Short version is that Cyan perfers to keep the data reserved
(06/05 13:21:06) ShilohOBrien: Ah well
(06/05 13:21:18) Doobes: Not sure how they tabulate all that. All I can tell you is the money goes to keeping this server up and, when there’s new stuff to test, running the staging server.
(06/05 13:21:33) Doobes: And, in the rare instance, fixing problems.
(06/05 13:21:43) Korov’ev: we have 3 more:
(06/05 13:21:46) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Kelsei A.T..
(06/05 13:21:46) Korov’ev: [Kelsei A.T.] the release of this info was very last moment and quite sudden as I understand it?
(06/05 13:21:47) Doobes: (mostly server-side since we don’t have access to that)
(06/05 13:21:48) ShilohOBrien: So I just keep throwing more money at the problem. Well, it’s not like I’ll have kids to inherit
(06/05 13:22:12) Doobes: Yes, this was announced yesterday afternoon EST….so it’s still VERY new. 😀
(06/05 13:22:29) Doobes: Chogon told me about an hour or so beforehand. Hehehe.
(06/05 13:22:49) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Jules Lavisham.
(06/05 13:22:49) Korov’ev: [Jules Lavisham] What level of expertise is going to be needed to work with the assets released? Is there anything that non art/tech people can do to help?
(06/05 13:22:51) Doobes: Again, we’ll all do our best to smooth out the details very soon.
(06/05 13:23:13) ShilohOBrien: “Oh, by the way, we’re doing a huge content dump to into opensource. Have fun! Byyyyye!!!”
(06/05 13:23:14) Doobes: Well, certainly keep the spirit alive here while we do all that tech mumbo jumbo.
(06/05 13:23:17) rarified mutters “Testers!”
(06/05 13:23:42) Doobes: Otherwise, any story or lore help would also be very appreciated.
(06/05 13:23:48) Briggs: Testing is fun, come test today!
(06/05 13:23:49) Night-Tripper: is that a good mutter or bad mutter
(06/05 13:24:02) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Calisia.
(06/05 13:24:03) Korov’ev: [Calisia] To help at Minkata Shard, do we simply go there and play looking for things to break?
(06/05 13:24:03) Doobes: Cataloging will probably need to be done as well. Again, I’m sure we’ll have more of what we need from everyone once we get things together.
(06/05 13:24:09) rarified: It’s a recruitment mutter 😉
(06/05 13:24:17) Doobes: Pretty much!
(06/05 13:24:33) Doobes: Although it’s best to save up the energy for when rarified and crew announce some new stuff to break. 😉
(06/05 13:24:44) Doobes: But if you’re playing on an off time and come across a bug, it never hurts to report it.
(06/05 13:24:44) ametist’ smiles
(06/05 13:24:50) Calisia: Consider me recruited then. I’ll watch these meetings for announcements.
(06/05 13:24:54) rarified: If you can follow the OpenUru Discord or Forums for hints on what needs testing.
(06/05 13:24:55) Theo: (I’m sure it’s a good mutter…). Even without art and tech, you still have a User Experience.
(06/05 13:24:59) Calisia: ok
(06/05 13:25:02) Doobes: Also check the Open URU Discord and forums.
(06/05 13:25:30) Korov’ev: if you’re into lore, there’s also a lot to dissect 😉
(06/05 13:25:39) Doobes: Yes indeed.
(06/05 13:25:47) Emor D’ni Lap: Alahmnat @ Guild of Archivists
(06/05 13:25:52) Doobes: Any more questions? I don’t want to hold other presenters up too long. 🙂
(06/05 13:26:01) rarified: Be advised, though, if you participate in Minkata you have to act surprised when things appear in MOULa
(06/05 13:26:03) Korov’ev: I think we’re done 🙂
(06/05 13:26:10) Korov’ev claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:10) Korov’ev: Thank you Doobes!
(06/05 13:26:14) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:14) Doobes: Thanks everyone!
(06/05 13:26:14) TikiBear claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:15) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:15) Doobes bows
(06/05 13:26:16) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:16) Briggs claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:16) ametist’ claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:16) philipgr claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:17) rarified claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:17) Calisia: I will act very surprised!!!
(06/05 13:26:17) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:17) etelka claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:18) Christian Walther claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:19) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:20) thoekenem (hru?) claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:21) Letanqua claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:21) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:21) CaptainQuery claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:21) PodHopper claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:21) J’Kla claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:22) Jules Lavisham claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:22) Scharminius claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:23) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:23) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:23) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:23) uwe claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:23) MindWalker claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:24) Mabe claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:24) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:24) Theo cheers
(06/05 13:26:25) Briggs: What an amazing time to be in the cavern
(06/05 13:26:25) Mirphak claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:26) Lutra claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:26) Professor Katsup claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:27) Night-Tripper salutes
(06/05 13:26:29) MagicYoda claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:30) Kelsei A.T.: what an amazing time indeed
(06/05 13:26:33) Calisia: Briggs – agreed
(06/05 13:26:40) Korov’ev claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:40) Korov’ev: And let’s hear what’s on the plan for OpenUru, from Rarified!
(06/05 13:26:44) Rada Mendelssohn claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:45) Briggs cheers
(06/05 13:26:45) Doobes: We’re on fire…er, metaphorically, that is. 😛
(06/05 13:26:48) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:49) Doobes claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:50) thoekenem (hru?) claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:52) Calisia claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:52) ametist’ laughs
(06/05 13:26:53) Emor D’ni Lap applauds rarified
(06/05 13:26:53) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:53) PodHopper claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:53) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:53) Mirphak claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:54) etelka claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:54) philipgr claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:55) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 13:26:57) TikiBear claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:59) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(06/05 13:26:59) Professor Katsup claps his hands
(06/05 13:27:01) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 13:27:02) skyisblu claps her hands
(06/05 13:27:04) rarified waves hello
(06/05 13:27:07) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:27:09) rarified: Shorah all!
(06/05 13:27:14) MagicYoda claps his hands
(06/05 13:27:15) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 13:27:16) Dulcamara waves back
(06/05 13:27:17) Kelsei A.T.: shorah!
(06/05 13:27:27) ScottMiller claps his hands
(06/05 13:27:32) Doobes hopes rarified fills in the massive gaps he left in the Intangibles announcement
(06/05 13:27:35) Doobes: 😀
(06/05 13:27:36) rarified: Pardon my typos and slow typing. Trying to keep paint on my fingers from decorating my keyboard.
(06/05 13:27:54) Night-Tripper: finger painting
(06/05 13:27:56) Doobes: D’ni meets DIY.
(06/05 13:28:05) shokhootahn Rehn: lol
(06/05 13:28:14) Korov’ev: rarifieds amazing multicolor keyboard
(06/05 13:28:17) rarified: Yes, it is exciting. Even for me — I’m on “vacation” and get to do painting and plumbing 😛
(06/05 13:28:34) Kelsei A.T.: fun
(06/05 13:28:41) Emor D’ni Lap sympathizes
(06/05 13:28:56) rarified: The news about Cyan’s willingness to release the Intangibles is unexpected and appreciated.
(06/05 13:29:27) rarified: Please if you run into a Cyantist on the boards, let them know you appreciate the offer.
(06/05 13:30:12) rarified: The Intangible assets are more than a Gigabyte of files. They have been archived on both
(06/05 13:30:27) Doobes: Remember, this stuff used to be under NDA, so this was pretty big of them to do.
(06/05 13:30:38) rarified: the OpenUru repositories and the Guidl of Writers GitHub repositories. The OpenUru #dev
(06/05 13:30:48) rarified: channel has the URLs to get to them.
(06/05 13:31:04) Emor D’ni Lap: on Discord
(06/05 13:31:27) rarified: As was mentioned, these files were frozen in time when Uru development ceased. Some of them
(06/05 13:31:55) rarified: were created when Cyan was at it’s peak, with a hundred or more artists working on Uru.
(06/05 13:32:26) rarified: Some of them are very complex, with deep lore already defined. Others are just in the idea
(06/05 13:32:54) rarified: stage. I think Doobes is correct in first sampling some of the assets closest to already
(06/05 13:33:15) rarified: existing parts of Uru and using them to extend MOULa like Descent.
(06/05 13:33:36) rarified: Big age additions will take time and effort. A LOT of effort.
(06/05 13:34:10) rarified: So, Cautious Optimism prevails but temper it with “Soon(tm)”
(06/05 13:34:42) rarified: Ok. We do have some fan content in the pipeline which I hope to make generally
(06/05 13:34:43) ShilohOBrien: Like Aslan, do you call all times “Soon”?
(06/05 13:35:07) rarified: available on Minkata prime for testing — soon 😉
(06/05 13:35:24) Dulcamara is so excited
(06/05 13:35:36) Calisia dittos that
(06/05 13:35:38) rarified: This content has been polished down to the molecular level, and I think you will enjoy it
(06/05 13:35:46) ShilohOBrien looks for a hint of a lion’s mane around rarified’s head
(06/05 13:35:51) philipgr is very excited
(06/05 13:36:12) Professor Katsup is also very excited
(06/05 13:36:19) rarified: In addition to that, we continue to get a lot of progress in bringing user experience improvemens
(06/05 13:36:53) rarified: to the client from Marten. He has taken the lead in sifting through the state-of-the-art improvments
(06/05 13:37:10) Briggs: Hooray Marten!
(06/05 13:37:14) rarified: in the H’uru client and carving them into the Minkata/MOULa client.
(06/05 13:37:39) rarified: Marten, can you come up and give us a preview of what you’ve got baking now?
(06/05 13:37:44) Emor D’ni Lap: Hooray Hoikas!
(06/05 13:37:47) Theo: The Ending will Never Be Written! The Called remain to continue on the Path of Those Who Came Before!
(06/05 13:38:18) Kelsei A.T. mutters something about ‘faces of stone’
(06/05 13:38:28) shokhootahn Rehn: lol
(06/05 13:38:38) rarified leans left
(06/05 13:38:47) Marten: As Emor mentioned, most of what is being ported over is Hoikas’ work. There are bits and pieces from others. I think there’s something from zrax in the current pile I’m working on too.
(06/05 13:38:54) Korov’ev: Easter Island was a D’ni enclave
(06/05 13:39:04) ShilohOBrien laughs
(06/05 13:39:14) Marten: A lot of these updates have been in H’uru for a long time and I wish we could have brought them to MOULa sooner, but the gears are finally turning.
(06/05 13:39:33) Professor Katsup claps his hands
(06/05 13:39:36) Doobes: Turning and churning…
(06/05 13:39:37) Marten: It’s so good to see you all in widescreen at this AGM and not have everything squished!
(06/05 13:39:44) Doobes: YES!
(06/05 13:39:48) rarified grins
(06/05 13:39:50) Emor D’ni Lap: very very cool
(06/05 13:39:58) Calisia: VERY!!!!
(06/05 13:40:24) Marten: The next major update will probably be timed in late July or early August. We might have an intermediate update before then to get a shirt into the game for an upcoming event… that is TBD.
(06/05 13:41:32) Eternal Seeker: tbd ?
(06/05 13:41:36) Kelsei A.T.: to be determined
(06/05 13:41:42) Doobes: Yeah, that.
(06/05 13:41:49) Marten: What you’ll be testing in the coming weeks on Minkata will be:
(06/05 13:42:10) Marten: Fixes for subworlds, the frame rate unlock, general performance improvements, and hopefully, some minor Quality of Life improvements.
(06/05 13:42:31) MindWalker: wow
(06/05 13:42:35) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 13:42:43) Doobes: So hopefully no more falling off that chair ride in Ahnonay. 🙂
(06/05 13:42:59) Marten: Subworlds are situations like the Ahnonay chair, the Teledahn bucket, and the Gahreesen Elevator. These have been problematic for years and H’uru devs have taken multiple whacks at fixing it. Some of those fixes are in MOULa already…
(06/05 13:43:15) Marten: But there are more fixes, because as some of you have noticed, it still happens in MOULa.
(06/05 13:43:28) Calisia: Aha!
(06/05 13:43:29) Marten: That’s all for now
(06/05 13:43:31) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:33) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:35) TikiBear claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:35) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:35) Scharminius claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:36) Professor Katsup claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:36) Calisia claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:36) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:36) rarified claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:36) Rada Mendelssohn claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:37) Christian Walther claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:38) Sestra claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:39) thoekenem (hru?) claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:39) PodHopper claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:40) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:40) J’Kla claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:40) etelka claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:41) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:41) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:41) Kayara claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:42) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:42) cameo claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:42) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:42) philipgr claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:43) Doobes cheers
(06/05 13:43:43) Mirphak claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:44) Lutra claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:45) Emor D’ni Lap applauds Marten
(06/05 13:43:46) Briggs: Thank you Marten, Adam, and Rarified!!
(06/05 13:43:51) MagicYoda claps his hands
(06/05 13:43:52) Korov’ev: wait there 😉
(06/05 13:43:53) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:43:55) rarified: Thanks, Marten! Both for the presentation and work.
(06/05 13:43:58) Briggs cheers
(06/05 13:44:08) MindWalker claps his hands
(06/05 13:44:11) rarified: It takes a bit of pressure off me 😀
(06/05 13:44:41) rarified: As Martten mentioned, there might (note the word “might” implies conditional) be
(06/05 13:44:41) Korov’ev: a lot to look forward, for sure
(06/05 13:44:59) rarified: a lightning round of testing for some new clothing in the next couple of weeks.
(06/05 13:45:22) rarified: If it happens, I’ll announce it on the OU #dev discord as well as the OU Forums.
(06/05 13:45:48) rarified: We’ll need quick response to the call for testing. I’m talking hours not days or weeks. Please!
(06/05 13:45:50) TikiBear: Literally looking for wardrobe malfunctions.
(06/05 13:45:59) Doobes laughs
(06/05 13:46:07) Kelsei A.T.: as one should 😉
(06/05 13:46:08) ShilohOBrien: I want a bikini option!!!
(06/05 13:46:09) Dulcamara claps hr hands
(06/05 13:46:28) rarified: Ok. Lessee, anything else? The Minkata shard had a hiccup in the last day or so that I’ve
(06/05 13:46:39) Boywhith: Yeah, a swimshort…
(06/05 13:46:42) rarified: corrected, so it should be available again.
(06/05 13:46:47) Korov’ev: there’s now a Testers role, right?
(06/05 13:47:20) rarified: Yes. If you are on the OU discord channel and ask to be placed on @testers, I’ll add you
(06/05 13:47:22) axenna: mkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk/sit
(06/05 13:47:29) Calisia: Definitely.
(06/05 13:47:31) axenna: omg i am so sorry
(06/05 13:47:33) TikiBear: LOL
(06/05 13:47:36) Briggs: catlike typing detected
(06/05 13:47:38) rarified: to that role so you can get notices of when something new needs work.
(06/05 13:47:44) Emor D’ni Lap: blame the cat, axenna!
(06/05 13:47:48) Lu*: lol
(06/05 13:47:56) Dulcamara: a girl dress would be nice 🙂
(06/05 13:47:59) rarified: That’s it, I think Kor’. Questions?
(06/05 13:47:59) axenna hangs her head
(06/05 13:48:04) Lu*: sure!
(06/05 13:48:13) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Night-Tripper.
(06/05 13:48:13) Korov’ev: [Night-Tripper] ? How do I get to Minkata prime for testing
(06/05 13:48:45) rarified: Go to There is a signup link there for Minkata.
(06/05 13:48:55) rarified: You will get email with further instructions there.
(06/05 13:49:11) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Calisia.
(06/05 13:49:12) Korov’ev: [Calisia] Are the old marker games working again? I heard many were somewhat broken?
(06/05 13:49:18) rarified: Also sign up at and watch the “Minkata” topic.
(06/05 13:49:30) Night-Tripper: thx rarified
(06/05 13:50:04) rarified: Hmmm, I guess I’m not sure which “old” games. Ones on MOULa that players designed?
(06/05 13:50:12) Calisia: Yes
(06/05 13:50:42) rarified: I can’t say; I wasn’t aware that old games were not working. I have had a report of some KI-mail
(06/05 13:50:53) rarified: sharing issues on Minkata but not on MOULa.
(06/05 13:51:05) Briggs: Marker games with over 1500 markers were disabled, could that be it?
(06/05 13:51:11) Marten: Why don’t you mention how to report bugs with MOULa, rarified.
(06/05 13:51:15) Calisia: I will check and report at
(06/05 13:51:22) rarified: Perhaps you can describe the issue in more detail on the OU #support discord.
(06/05 13:51:28) Calisia: Could be, Briggs.
(06/05 13:51:35) Theo: Or was the issue that there had been a marker game tool or editor, of sorts, that no longer works?
(06/05 13:51:55) rarified: The path to bug resolution for ongoing work on the Minkata servers is
(06/05 13:52:03) Calisia: Subtle position movements of targets, to my understanding.
(06/05 13:52:06) rarified: 1) post in OU #support a short escription
(06/05 13:52:06) TikiBear: Large markergames are disabled AND can’t be deleted.
(06/05 13:52:31) Korov’ev: better continue the marker games discussion later
(06/05 13:52:36) rarified: 2) if unresolved file a ticket at (I think, I’ll have to check again)
(06/05 13:52:53) Adi: (i would guess the fuss is about glitching/skydiving stuff)
(06/05 13:53:12) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Lutra.
(06/05 13:53:12) Korov’ev: [Lutra] In general, how likely would things like new clothing and new avvie attributes such as hair styles be to add?
(06/05 13:53:14) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Lutra.
(06/05 13:53:14) Korov’ev: [Lutra] And is there any work being done to improve things like chat scrollback? The widgets are a little difficult to work with.
(06/05 13:53:18) Calisia: Adi – that could be.
(06/05 13:53:49) rarified: Lutra that will require being able to make changes to the KI model. The abaility to fully
(06/05 13:53:57) rarified: recreate the KI isn’t ready yet.
(06/05 13:54:43) Lutra: oh, are you guys working on a revamp of the ki or something?
(06/05 13:55:12) Evelyn: try using the page up and down keys on the keyboard for scrolling chat
(06/05 13:55:14) Marten: I’ll let rarified answer the part about new clothing and hair styles. I believe that to improve the KI, we have to have the KI source, which might be in the Intangibles assets that were just released? Not sure.
(06/05 13:55:15) rarified: New clothing is almost akin to age building. It still is a bit technical right now, and won’t likely
(06/05 13:55:20) Calisia: Sounds suspicious!
(06/05 13:55:21) Doobes: The KI is a very complicated monster. There’s been talk of that, but it’ll be a daunting task for whoever attempts it.
(06/05 13:55:26) rarified: be something easy to do for players.
(06/05 13:55:48) Lutra: Evelyn: thanks, didn’t know about page up/page down
(06/05 13:56:03) Lutra: thx for your answers, guys.
(06/05 13:56:09) Marten: At the moment, in terms of improvements, my focus has been on porting things that H’uru has implemented – not introducing entirely brand new things. H’uru has an issues system on their GitHub where you can report bugs and request features! That’s the best place to start for improvements.
(06/05 13:56:46) Adam {Hoikas}:
(06/05 13:56:47) Korov’ev: let’s get what is already in the pipeline out first 😉
(06/05 13:56:58) Doobes: Indeed.
(06/05 13:57:02) Emor D’ni Lap: whew!
(06/05 13:57:09) Doobes: Don’t worry, still plenty in there. 😀
(06/05 13:57:13) Marten: H’uru will keep putting new things in the pipeline and rarified and I will keep playing catch-up 🙂
(06/05 13:57:16) Adam {Hoikas}: (and YES there is an open PR adding the ability to click on links in game. it’s waiting for review…)
(06/05 13:57:17) rarified: Any more Qs?
(06/05 13:57:35) Korov’ev: we’re done 🙂
(06/05 13:57:46) Korov’ev claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:47) Korov’ev: Thank you Rarified and Marten!
(06/05 13:57:49) Sestra claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:50) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:50) rarified: Thank you all for the opportujnitiies!
(06/05 13:57:52) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:53) rarified bows
(06/05 13:57:53) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:53) philipgr claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:54) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:54) Doobes claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:55) Christian Walther claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:55) PodHopper claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:55) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:55) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:56) Frobozz claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:57) TikiBear claps his hands
(06/05 13:57:58) cameo claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:58) Emor D’ni Lap: woof woof
(06/05 13:57:59) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 13:57:59) Professor Katsup cheers
(06/05 13:58:00) shokhootahn jo claps her hands
(06/05 13:58:00) uwe claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:00) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:00) Mirphak claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:01) MagicYoda claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:01) shokhootahn Rehn: clap
(06/05 13:58:01) Mabe claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:01) J’Kla claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:02) Jules Lavisham claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:03) Briggs cheers
(06/05 13:58:11) Doobes: Heh…Marten just zooms offstage. XD
(06/05 13:58:11) Scharminius claps his hands
(06/05 13:58:11) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 13:58:32) Adi claps her hands
(06/05 13:58:38) Kayara claps her hands
(06/05 13:58:40) Korov’ev: Continuing on the topic of fan ages,
(06/05 13:58:41) axenna cheers
(06/05 13:58:45) Korov’ev: the usual Fan Age Expedition update, from the Deep Island shard.
(06/05 13:58:53) Korov’ev: In May, we visit Lonirvan, Eh’ko, The Cathedral, Ahreesen Melin, Kahntinoy, Fena Barel.
(06/05 13:59:00) Korov’ev: For June, the plan is to explore Alabaster, by Dulcamara. It will take a while!
(06/05 13:59:12) axenna: <3
(06/05 13:59:14) Korov’ev: The expeditions are on Sunday at 11:00 KIT, starting in the shard Hood (you can get there quickly with “/hood”).
(06/05 13:59:14) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:59:19) Korov’ev: There’s also a (mute) stream:
(06/05 13:59:27) Korov’ev: Radio Free D’ni will start right after with the preshow, at 12:30 KIT.
(06/05 13:59:45) Korov’ev: And now, the monthly update from r’Tayrtahn, aka Shokhootahn Rehn!
(06/05 13:59:48) Korov’ev claps his hands
(06/05 13:59:51) Doobes claps his hands
(06/05 13:59:53) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 13:59:54) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 13:59:56) Sestra claps her hands
(06/05 13:59:56) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 13:59:59) Kayara claps her hands
(06/05 14:00:00) PodHopper claps his hands
(06/05 14:00:01) Calisia claps her hands
(06/05 14:00:01) thoekenem (hru?) claps his hands
(06/05 14:00:02) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(06/05 14:00:04) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 14:00:05) uwe claps his hands
(06/05 14:00:06) Briggs claps his hands
(06/05 14:00:07) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 14:00:08) Theo claps his hands
(06/05 14:00:09) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 14:00:14) Lutra claps his hands
(06/05 14:00:15) Dulcamara claps her hand s
(06/05 14:00:23) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.
(06/05 14:00:36) shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…
(06/05 14:00:50) shokhootahn Rehn: There are no evening classes available, at the moment. There are daytime openings Monday through Friday, starting at either 12:00 KI time, 13:00 KI time, or 14:00 KI time depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me by PM to set up a day and a time.
(06/05 14:01:15) axenna cheers
(06/05 14:01:15) shokhootahn Rehn: Though, daytime availability is subject to change with little or no notice.
(06/05 14:01:31) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.
(06/05 14:02:20) shokhootahn Rehn: Currently there are seven (SEVEN!) students taking the classes and are at various stages of completion.
(06/05 14:02:32) shokhootahn Rehn: (two are new students)
(06/05 14:02:51) Korov’ev: nice 🙂
(06/05 14:02:53) axenna cheers
(06/05 14:02:58) shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions?
(06/05 14:03:08) Korov’ev: none in queue
(06/05 14:03:13) shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…
(06/05 14:03:23) shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.
(06/05 14:03:31) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is, currently, in synch with original Story Night.
(06/05 14:03:47) shokhootahn Rehn: We have started the story from the Book of D’ni. Today we are on part eight of eight of the stories. Next week starts the story from the game of Exile.
(06/05 14:04:20) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.
(06/05 14:04:34) shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.
(06/05 14:04:57) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 30 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.
(06/05 14:05:18) shokhootahn Rehn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.
(06/05 14:05:36) shokhootahn Rehn: Should I need to cancel one of the stories at the last minute, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂
(06/05 14:06:02) shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.
(06/05 14:06:26) shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.
(06/05 14:06:53) shokhootahn Rehn: YOU *MUST* INCLUDE YOUR KI NUMBER IN THE BODY OF THE MAIL TO BE ADDED! (caps for emphasis, not for shouting)
(06/05 14:06:54) shokhootahn Rehn:
(06/05 14:07:13) shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI number so they were unable to be added.
(06/05 14:07:28) shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!
(06/05 14:07:35) shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions?
(06/05 14:07:54) Korov’ev: none in queue
(06/05 14:07:59) rarified claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:04) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:04) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:04) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:04) PodHopper claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:05) Sestra claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:07) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:09) Rada Mendelssohn claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:09) Kayara claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:09) J’Kla claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:09) Korov’ev claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:09) Korov’ev: Thank you, Tayrtahn!
(06/05 14:08:10) shokhootahn Rehn bows
(06/05 14:08:10) philipgr claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:11) Lutra claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:11) Emor D’ni Lap: thank you Rehn
(06/05 14:08:11) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:12) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:12) shokhootahn jo claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:12) Briggs cheers
(06/05 14:08:13) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:13) SandDoone claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:13) Theo claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:14) Adi claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:14) Christian Walther claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:18) cameo claps her hands
(06/05 14:08:25) uwe claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:34) shokhootahn Rehn: It looks like todays SN-E will start about 14:45.
(06/05 14:08:51) Scharminius claps his hands
(06/05 14:08:53) Korov’ev: heh, yes 🙂
(06/05 14:09:01) Korov’ev: Some quick Mysterium news:
(06/05 14:09:06) Korov’ev: Meinert Hansen, Robyn Miller, Brian Wrench are the first 3 special guests announced;
(06/05 14:09:32) Korov’ev: priority will be given to event submissions sent by May 31, or June 20 at the latest if time allows;
(06/05 14:10:04) Korov’ev: (that obviously is a bit of old news now 🙂
(06/05 14:10:12) Korov’ev: the Westin Alexandria will not cancel bookings automatically, you will have to do it yourself via the Marriott website or by phone.
(06/05 14:10:14) Calisia: They get better and better!!!
(06/05 14:10:34) Doobes: The remote part does tend to get more people involved.
(06/05 14:10:34) Calisia: oops…
(06/05 14:11:39) Korov’ev: Before we move to the calendar, let me mention again that episode 12 of The Lost Art has just been released on Mystitech’s Youtube channel 😀
(06/05 14:11:51) Lu* cheers
(06/05 14:11:57) Calisia cheers
(06/05 14:12:03) thoekenem (hru?) cheers
(06/05 14:12:05) Korov’ev: we had a nice premiere just before this meeting 🙂
(06/05 14:12:07) Dulcamara cheers
(06/05 14:12:08) Calisia: Bravo Camera Man!!!
(06/05 14:12:16) Korov’ev thanks you very much!
(06/05 14:12:17) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 14:12:26) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 14:12:29) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 14:12:34) Korov’ev: Time for the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time).
(06/05 14:12:34) axenna claps her hands
(06/05 14:12:40) Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;
(06/05 14:12:46) Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please let me know so I can correct it.
(06/05 14:12:52) Korov’ev: (Some events already presented by the speakers might be missing.)
(06/05 14:12:59) Korov’ev: Tuesday 8 is, I’m told, RAWA’s birthday! While Monday 14 is Victor Laxman’s birthday.
(06/05 14:13:07) Korov’ev: Sunday 20 is (coincidentally) Leebro 20: the Second Feast of the Maker, a celebration that pre-dates the the arrival of the D’ni from Garternay.
(06/05 14:13:15) Korov’ev: Wednesday 23 is the 14th anniversary of the Gametap second episode “A New Light”, in which Sharper left for Noloben to settle a score.
(06/05 14:13:35) Korov’ev: (to put it mildly)
(06/05 14:13:39) Korov’ev: Now, for what’s going on in the Cavern itself:
(06/05 14:13:44) Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.
(06/05 14:13:51) Korov’ev takes a deep breath
(06/05 14:13:55) Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 11:00: Fan Age Expedition, in Deep Island [] (06/05 14:13:59) Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 12:30: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza [] (06/05 14:14:03) Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gathering, in Meeting Place’s Hood
(06/05 14:14:07) Korov’ev: Every Mon @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(06/05 14:14:11) Korov’ev: Mon 14 @ 13:00: Nosila Plays Music, in Ae’gura Plaza [] (06/05 14:14:15) Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 13:00: Relaxing Session, in PodHopper’s Hood [] (06/05 14:14:20) Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(06/05 14:14:24) Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 13:00: Fil Live, in Messengers Pub [] (06/05 14:14:28) Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 13:00: Seeker’s Country Evening, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ [] (06/05 14:14:32) Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(06/05 14:14:37) Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(06/05 14:14:42) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 10:00: Fil Live video, in Messengers Pub [] (06/05 14:14:45) Korov’ev: Sat 12 @ 11:00: Cavern Tour, in Cavern Tour’s Hood [] (06/05 14:14:49) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood
(06/05 14:14:53) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Party, in Messengers Pub [] (06/05 14:14:57) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood
(06/05 14:15:00) Korov’ev needs a moment to breathe!
(06/05 14:15:11) Korov’ev: And with that, it’s time to wrap up this Meeting!
(06/05 14:15:16) Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday July 3 at 13:00 KIT.
(06/05 14:15:18) Calisia: Whew!!
(06/05 14:15:23) Lu*: phew!
(06/05 14:15:23) Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:
(06/05 14:15:24) Minasunda claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:24) Dulcamara claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:25) Boywhith claps his hands
(06/05 14:15:25) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(06/05 14:15:25) Sestra claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:26) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:26) Lu* claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:27) Aurelias claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:28) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(06/05 14:15:28) Rada Mendelssohn claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:30) shokhootahn jo claps her hands
(06/05 14:15:30) Korov’ev bows
(06/05 14:15:31) Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next month!