All Guilds Meeting – March 2019 – Cleansed Chatlog

(03/02 13:01:31)Korov’ev: Hahr rahm gah shorat, and welcome to the 107th All Guilds Meeting!

(03/02 13:01:34)kathrynid laughs

(03/02 13:01:41)Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leevotahr 19, 9674, and the time is 14:02:01 (2:22:01)

(03/02 13:01:48)SAL: Shorah and if you speak other than from keyboard i do not hear you yet??

(03/02 13:01:50)RowanF: iT 1 MIN PAST GET ON WITH IT PEOPLE! XD

(03/02 13:01:56)KittyRenee: please, someone speak, so I can know my headphones work lol

(03/02 13:02:04)Korov’ev: who can read me?

(03/02 13:02:09)Doobes: Ah, there you are.

(03/02 13:02:09)Christian Walther: that worked

(03/02 13:02:10)RowanF: Me

(03/02 13:02:12)Minasunda: me

(03/02 13:02:12)kathrynid: I can read your chat messages

(03/02 13:02:13)JJ_Wolf75: me

(03/02 13:02:14)rarified: I can read you now.

(03/02 13:02:14)TGMChrist: me

(03/02 13:02:16)Emor D’ni Lap: people sart getting on with it for Rowan special

(03/02 13:02:16)Massygo: me

(03/02 13:02:16)kathrynid: if that’s what you mean

(03/02 13:02:17)Mirphak: me

(03/02 13:02:17)Eternal Seeker: y

(03/02 13:02:27)MorganLapahie: me

(03/02 13:02:29)RowanF: Lol

(03/02 13:02:29)Korov’ev: (I have autoshout on)

(03/02 13:02:31)kathrynid: wait am I supposed to be hearing something?

(03/02 13:02:32)Massygo: I

(03/02 13:02:38)Korov’ev: no, text only

(03/02 13:02:40)MorganLapahie: no, just read the chat

(03/02 13:02:40)Doobes: No, we do text chat for the chatlog.

(03/02 13:02:44)kathrynid: ok thanks 🙂

(03/02 13:02:48)Doobes: So no voice for the time being. 😉

(03/02 13:02:55)Korov’ev: alright!

(03/02 13:02:56)KittyRenee: ok

(03/02 13:02:59)Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:

(03/02 13:03:05)Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.

(03/02 13:03:05)RowanF: Alright then

(03/02 13:03:17)Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(03/02 13:03:27)Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.

(03/02 13:03:35)Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.

(03/02 13:03:53)Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of the Meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers’ site:

(03/02 13:04:02)Korov’ev: Of course, you can start your own chatlog with “/startlog”.

(03/02 13:04:10)Korov’ev: Before the speaker session, do you know there’s a new clock-maker in town?

(03/02 13:04:16)Korov’ev: Explorer Steven Jacks has released a live D’ni clock and calendar here:

(03/02 13:04:23)Korov’ev: (the rest of his site is interesting too!)

(03/02 13:04:26)Doobes: Ooo!

(03/02 13:04:37)RowanF: stop standing up El

(03/02 13:04:54)Korov’ev: Alright, let`s start with some events and parties!

(03/02 13:05:00)Korov’ev: Paddy Day is close…

(03/02 13:05:01)RowanF: yAY!

(03/02 13:05:11)Korov’ev: let’s hear about it from Minasunda!

(03/02 13:05:25)Ro”Jethhe: Green Beer for everyone.

(03/02 13:05:51)Max: green beard…?

(03/02 13:05:52)Minasunda: Shorah my friends 🙂

(03/02 13:05:54)SAL: Corn beef and cabbage

(03/02 13:06:00)RowanF says YAY!

(03/02 13:06:03)Minasunda: I have only a few events to announce.

(03/02 13:06:14)Minasunda: March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – We will have 2 parades again.

(03/02 13:06:27)Minasunda: The first parade starts 13 KI in Aegura. your leader is Eternal Seeker

(03/02 13:06:38)Minasunda: – music stream: (button “Radio Free D’ni”)

(03/02 13:06:49)Minasunda: Following the parade is the RFD show. This time extended to 17 KI

(03/02 13:07:01)RowanF shout “WOAH”!

(03/02 13:07:02)Minasunda: 17 KI – 19 KI a dance party in the Green Greeters Pub 😀

(03/02 13:07:13)Minasunda: The Greeters Pub is accessible via the Nexus. For that you need the GREEN shirt from Kirel.

(03/02 13:07:25)Doobes: Located just outside, in fact. 🙂

(03/02 13:07:25)Minasunda: Mir-O-Bot also takes you there with PM “to greeters”. In this case you do not need the green shirt from Kirel.

(03/02 13:07:38)Minasunda: music stream for the Dance Party: (button “Fil”)

(03/02 13:07:52)Minasunda: 19 KI starts the second parade in Aegura. Your leader is Fil- music stream: (button “Cavern Tunes”) –

(03/02 13:08:04)Minasunda: :::::: ATTENTION !!! ATENTION !!! ATENTION !!! ::::::

(03/02 13:08:16)Minasunda: For the Europeans that means an hour earlier !!!!! In the US on this day, the summer time begins and the KI time is Mountain Time.Say: 13 KI is until the beginning of summer time in Europe 19 GMT, 20 CET and 21 EET

(03/02 13:08:34)Minasunda: The next event I would like to announce is the D’ni New Year Party on April 21, which we will celebrate with a Light Show and dance party in Tsogal.

(03/02 13:08:53)Minasunda: Followed by a Nulp Dance Show on April 22 on the occasion of Mother Earth Day.

(03/02 13:09:09)Minasunda: I will inform you more about the last two events at the next AGM.

(03/02 13:09:16)Mirphak: I am sorry Mina, but I will not be at home on Match 17th … So no Mir-o-Bot … 🙁

(03/02 13:09:22)Minasunda: As always, you will also find this informations in the forum under events:

(03/02 13:10:01)Minasunda: is ok Mirphak :)) then we need the green shirt :))

(03/02 13:10:15)Minasunda: That was all. any questions?

(03/02 13:10:18)Max: we all go green

(03/02 13:10:23)RowanF: uh, I gotta go soon, so I cant stay for the whole meeting sorry!

(03/02 13:10:47)Korov’ev: none in queue. any?

(03/02 13:10:52)SAL: Green otherwise you get pinched

(03/02 13:10:59)Minasunda: ok thank you :))

(03/02 13:10:59)Doobes: RowanF, chatlog at later 😉

(03/02 13:11:02)Korov’ev: Thank you Minasunda!

(03/02 13:11:16)Emor D’ni Lap: Minasunda dots her i’s and crosses her t’s: thorough as always!

(03/02 13:11:27)RowanF cherrs

(03/02 13:11:38)Korov’ev: But that`s not all!

(03/02 13:11:56)Doobes chants “More, more, MORE!”

(03/02 13:12:01)Emor D’ni Lap: But Wait!

(03/02 13:12:09)axenna waits

(03/02 13:12:15)Christian Walther asks Is it MORE yet?

(03/02 13:12:17)Korov’ev: For the International Women’s Day, there will be music!

(03/02 13:12:23)axenna: Oooo!

(03/02 13:12:28)Doobes: Sweet!

(03/02 13:12:34)Korov’ev: Let`s hear about it from Max!

(03/02 13:12:39)Max: (next to be shot…)

(03/02 13:12:43)SAL: Yea for the women

(03/02 13:13:11)Max: (coughs) SOOO… Here’s some brief Info regarding the International Women’s Day on March 8th…

(03/02 13:13:28)Max: WE’VE held an event on IWD every year for quite some time now. Always with a lot of music. With or by female singers, artist or groups etc. So also this year when March 8th happens to be a Friday.

(03/02 13:13:45)Max: AS THE schedule stands atm. we start at 12:00 KI Time on Friday… And so far the last part is running till 17:00 at least. But I’d guess we will add some more things to that. So the ending time is still very open.

(03/02 13:14:04)Max: THE locations for the different parts are still under discussion and TBD / To Be Decided… We might be utilizing the Bots for relocation…

(03/02 13:14:07)KittyRenee: network error booted me

(03/02 13:14:24)jtrigg leans left

(03/02 13:14:27)Rabbit leans right

(03/02 13:14:29)Max: ALSO… me, myself & I might not be doing any own streams this time… BUT… Ghaelen, the MystiTech Prod. team and a few more are also onboard in this…. Alan (DJ) and Fil has said they can take Requests, and perhaps play some…

(03/02 13:14:56)Max: AND if wondering why start already at 12:00 KI Time?! We in EU are in the evening and towards night at that time! And it’s very, very hard to find anybody in other timezones who’d wish to be involed!… BUT, I’d also would like emphasis, that all already involved… kept an eye on the Forum topic for any changes and PM’s.

(03/02 13:15:31)Max: BUT IF YOU would like to contribute in any way, you’re most welcome to do so! And you could on the spot be added to the end of the shedule…

(03/02 13:15:59)Max: SO there’s a Topic on MOULa Forums about this. More specifc on the times and the different parts of the events. We also have a KI Mail to hand out, that will be kept updated, with some of the Main Info. You can PM me (Max) or Mina or Melis or Ro for that one. They should have the Info…

(03/02 13:16:23)Max: so… that’s how it is atm… any questions?

(03/02 13:16:40)Korov’ev: none in queue. any?

(03/02 13:16:44)RowanF: nO I don’t think so

(03/02 13:16:50)Korov’ev: Thank you Max!

(03/02 13:17:00)Max: nope… ? great.. thank you and hope to see yous then

(03/02 13:17:04)Max bows

(03/02 13:17:06)Emor D’ni Lap applauds

(03/02 13:17:10)Doobes: Gotta love the event planners. Keeping the party going. 🙂

(03/02 13:17:21)Korov’ev: And now, let’s move to the topic of… fan content!

(03/02 13:17:27)axenna: Yessss

(03/02 13:17:35)Korov’ev: First, we have (again!) some news from the Minkata shard…

(03/02 13:17:40)MindWalker gets excited

(03/02 13:17:50)Doobes: Fan content? Is that a thing? 😛

(03/02 13:17:53)Korov’ev: Let’s welcome rarified!

(03/02 13:17:54)Doobes smirks

(03/02 13:18:03)rarified waves hello

(03/02 13:18:09)rarified: Shorah all!

(03/02 13:18:16)KittyRenee: shorah

(03/02 13:18:18)Rabbit thumps her hind feet

(03/02 13:18:20)rarified: I have a brief confession.

(03/02 13:18:21)SAL: Shorah

(03/02 13:18:26)Ro”Jethhe: Thanks for getting the Minkata Shard back online.

(03/02 13:18:31)axenna: Shorah rarified

(03/02 13:18:32)rarified: Last AGM I was a bit of a grouchy Bahro.

(03/02 13:18:38)Rabbit starts to laugh

(03/02 13:18:39)KittyRenee: lol

(03/02 13:18:43)RowanF: Lol

(03/02 13:18:43)TGMChrist: lol

(03/02 13:18:46)rarified: This time things are quite a bit better.

(03/02 13:18:46)Doobes: Eh, it happens.

(03/02 13:18:47)kathrynid laughs

(03/02 13:18:49)axenna: Its okay, we are all grouchy Bahro sometimes

(03/02 13:19:05)Doobes sees himself as a grouchy Esher…with more hair

(03/02 13:19:06)SAL: Not me, i am always that way

(03/02 13:19:08)rarified: I’m happy to tell you that we’ve found and fixed the problems with the Minkata shard!

(03/02 13:19:22)Doobes: Woot!

(03/02 13:19:32)rarified: I want to thank each and all of the testers who were patient with my constant requests

(03/02 13:19:52)rarified: to “try it again” during the process. It was a bit drawn out, but we got there.

(03/02 13:20:13)KittyRenee: any content in the Minkata shard thats not in UAM or TOC?

(03/02 13:20:23)rarified: What does that mean? We still have a couple of fixes staged on Minkata for sending

(03/02 13:20:40)rarified: to Cyan, and now can work to push them out. Soon ™.

(03/02 13:20:43)Doobes: Kitty, direct questions to Korov’ev via PM and he’ll get to them.

(03/02 13:20:51)Rabbit roars with laughter

(03/02 13:21:03)PodHopper: me grins

(03/02 13:21:16)rarified: Second, I’ve found the network message exchange between client and server on the MOSS

(03/02 13:21:33)SAL: Seaweed

(03/02 13:21:38)rarified: server that Minkata runs that will enable me to bring up Minkata-alpha, the shard planned for

(03/02 13:21:43)rarified: testing Fan Content!

(03/02 13:21:58)Doobes: Niiiice!

(03/02 13:22:02)axenna: Oooooo!!!

(03/02 13:22:04)rarified: I still have some decisions on the exact coding in MOSS to do, so it’s not there yet,

(03/02 13:22:13)rarified: but again, “Soon”. 😉

(03/02 13:22:19)PodHopper: yup

(03/02 13:22:40)rarified: I also am working with some of my DB friends to make the use of Minkata-alpha

(03/02 13:22:49)rarified: as seamless as possible to existing Minkata users.

(03/02 13:23:14)rarified: I’m hoping that when we get it running, you will see the same state you had in Minkata

(03/02 13:23:29)rarified: in Minkata-alpha (i.e. avatars, accomplishments, etc).

(03/02 13:23:56)rarified: In the best possible worlds, Minkata-alpha will follow thing you change in Minkata

(03/02 13:24:09)Rabbit: oooooo

(03/02 13:24:11)rarified: every time you switch back and forth. But things you change in Minkata-alpha will stay

(03/02 13:24:28)rarified: there, until we need to do a vault reset. At that time Minkata-alpha will become a copy

(03/02 13:24:36)rarified: of Minkata at that moment.

(03/02 13:24:53)axenna: I dont have that shard. may be time to change that

(03/02 13:24:55)rarified: So you won’t need to sign up for a new accont on Minkata-alpha, to be able to play.

(03/02 13:25:02)Rabbit: yep

(03/02 13:25:05)kathrynid: oK

(03/02 13:25:17)SAL: Active now

(03/02 13:25:25)rarified: There will be a small batch file you pick up from the OpenUru Foundry website that

(03/02 13:25:51)rarified: allows you to switch your existing Minkata files directly to Minkata-alpha and back,

(03/02 13:26:07)rarified: so you won’t have to go through a complete install again.

(03/02 13:26:22)rarified: Now, to set expectations about the fan content.

(03/02 13:26:42)rarified: I *know* that the current MOULa client (and Minkata client) still crash when attemptiung

(03/02 13:27:00)rarified: to load a fan age. The first goal of Minkata-alpha will be to make the client and content

(03/02 13:27:18)rarified: available to the fan creators as well as programmers willing to help debug the problem.

(03/02 13:27:36)rarified: So, at first, you won’t likely be able to get into a fan age.

(03/02 13:27:58)rarified: But as we make progress, a fan age will start to work.

(03/02 13:28:11)Adam {Hoikas} idly notes he has already told rarified the problem

(03/02 13:28:24)rarified: We still don’t have a fan nexus ready for testing, so the initial Minkata-alpha client will

(03/02 13:28:44)rarified: be an internal client that has the commands to load an age by the back doors.

(03/02 13:29:08)rarified: I’m still hoping to use Doobes’ age as the initial test age, but if that turns out to be

(03/02 13:29:28)rarified: too complex , we’ll reset and use a simple age. Several authors have come forward

(03/02 13:29:40)Doobes: I figure given the amount of junk in that Pub, it’d be a good stress test. 😛

(03/02 13:29:52)rarified: to volunteer making simple ages, such as an empty box that you can get trapped in 😀

(03/02 13:30:00)rarified: We will see.

(03/02 13:30:21)rarified: Keep up on the Minkata shard topic on the OpenUru forums.

(03/02 13:30:46)rarified: I’m thinking that in about two weeks I’ll be able to announce an opening of Minkata-alpha

(03/02 13:30:52)rarified: if all goes well.

(03/02 13:31:13)SAL is amazed!

(03/02 13:31:17)rarified: And of course, once we successfully get an age working with the CWE/MOULa client, we

(03/02 13:31:32)Thumbs up from SAL

(03/02 13:31:38)rarified: need to enlist Cyan to start developing the process to move ages to MOULa.

(03/02 13:31:49)rarified: And we’ll need to get that Fan Nexus running.

(03/02 13:31:50)jtrigg: i dips me lid to your erudition!

(03/02 13:31:56)Ro”Jethhe holds his breath.

(03/02 13:32:02)rarified: But … theres PROGRESS!

(03/02 13:32:11)rarified: That’s it for now. Questions?

(03/02 13:32:20)Korov’ev: Our next question is from JJ_Wolf75.

(03/02 13:32:20)Korov’ev: [JJ_Wolf75] What does MOSS stands for?

(03/02 13:32:20)axenna: Thats some good wordsmithing, trigg.

(03/02 13:32:28)SAL thanks you

(03/02 13:32:40)SAL: Seaweed

(03/02 13:32:41)jtrigg: Thanks Guvnor!

(03/02 13:32:47)rarified: MOSS is the Myst-online Open Source Server. It is a game server that was written

(03/02 13:32:48)TT101: What do you mean by ‘progress’?

(03/02 13:33:08)rarified: by fans and it’s release coincided with the open source release of the game client.

(03/02 13:33:29)rarified: I use it on Minkata because it was developed entirely by reverse engineering the

(03/02 13:33:53)rarified: official MOUL network protocol, and is the most faithful (IMHO) server that matches the

(03/02 13:34:02)rarified: official game server from Cyan.

(03/02 13:34:22)Korov’ev: Our next question is from KittyRenee.

(03/02 13:34:22)Korov’ev: [KittyRenee] please, where to find Minkata shard?

(03/02 13:34:49)rarified: There is a signup page on the “Foundry” OpenUru web page.

(03/02 13:35:10)Korov’ev: An off-the-queue question: can you explain the difference between a Vault reset and a Vault wipe?

(03/02 13:35:44)Emor D’ni Lap: many here do not know what the Vault represents

(03/02 13:35:49)rarified: Hmmm, good question. Usually we talk about a “Vault Wipe”, which means the whole server

(03/02 13:35:59)Ro”Jethhe groans

(03/02 13:36:09)rarified: is reset, and all accounts, avatars, and accomplishments are lost.

(03/02 13:36:15)Ro”Jethhe cries

(03/02 13:36:22)Ro”Jethhe sneezes

(03/02 13:36:30)rarified: This happens only during a catastrophy when the database has been destroyed.

(03/02 13:36:31)kathrynid gasps

(03/02 13:36:34)Adam {Hoikas}: (there is no difference)

(03/02 13:36:37)rarified: Thankfully, very rare.

(03/02 13:36:51)SAL cringes

(03/02 13:36:58)rarified: A “Vault Reset” in the context of Minkata and Minkata-alpha is where the Minkata-alpha

(03/02 13:37:00)Korov’ev: but expected on a testing shard

(03/02 13:37:14)Ro”Jethhe: So basicly just what happened in Sept. of 2014?

(03/02 13:37:15)rarified: vault is reset to exactly match the contents of the Minkata shard.

(03/02 13:37:38)Atuna Minkata: wipe = erasure

(03/02 13:37:38)rarified: This will happen when we find corruption in the database for Minkata-alpha, or when

(03/02 13:37:41)SAL: No backup

(03/02 13:37:50)axenna: What a scary thought

(03/02 13:37:52)rarified: we change which age is being offered on Minkata-alpha.

(03/02 13:37:54)Ro”Jethhe is sorta bummed…

(03/02 13:38:07)Korov’ev: Our next question is from kathrynid.

(03/02 13:38:08)Korov’ev: [kathrynid] what exactly is Minkata-Alpha? Is it like an online site or something?

(03/02 13:38:11)SAL: As it goe

(03/02 13:38:14)rarified: You just will lose the accomplishments you reached on -alpha

(03/02 13:38:16)Doobes: Eh, if it’s meant for testing, breaking stuff can be a good thing…if we learn something from it. 😉

(03/02 13:38:17)SAL: Goes

(03/02 13:38:24)Atuna Minkata: ‘you mean, “with a cloth?”‘

(03/02 13:38:53)rarified: And to elaborate, the Vault contains all of the information about you and your avatars on that

(03/02 13:39:07)rarified: shard. Your clothes, your ages, etc.

(03/02 13:39:15)Korov’ev: I think further questions can be answered later 🙂

(03/02 13:39:33)Korov’ev: Thank you rarified!

(03/02 13:39:34)jtrigg: Thou shalt always LABUI thy disc ( Ericcsson PABX command Local Admin Back-Up Initiate)

(03/02 13:39:43)rarified: Ok, pm me on the MOUL forums with questions!

(03/02 13:39:48)bella1: thank you rarified

(03/02 13:39:50)Emor D’ni Lap thanks rarified for putting in the time for all of us

(03/02 13:40:04)Mirphak: Thank you rarified

(03/02 13:40:10)Korov’ev: And speaking of fan Ages, we have a somewhat prolific Writer with us:

(03/02 13:40:12)axenna: Thankya rarified

(03/02 13:40:16)axenna: Ooooo

(03/02 13:40:21)Korov’ev: Let’s welcome Doobes!

(03/02 13:40:30)axenna welcomes Doobes

(03/02 13:40:31)KittyRenee: yes, thank you

(03/02 13:40:34)SAL: Yep, doobes…..

(03/02 13:40:43)Emor D’ni Lap applauds the Doob

(03/02 13:40:43)Doobes: Shorah, fellow explorers and D’ni enthusiasts!

(03/02 13:40:53)KittyRenee: shorah

(03/02 13:40:56)Doobes: I’m back with a quick update of how things are going with the Ages of Doobes ™…specifically, one of the five I’m intending to release soon.

(03/02 13:41:16)Doobes: In this case, Veelay Tsahvahn, aka the memorial Age, is nearly complete…and just recently, one big piece of the Age was added!

(03/02 13:41:34)Doobes: For the first time ever, one of my Ages will feature original music…courtesy of Mystler!

(03/02 13:41:53)Doobes: For those who aren’t aware, Mystler is the admin of the popular Open Cave shard, but not only that, he’s also a very talented musician, and the score he created for Veelay is yet another excellent example.

(03/02 13:42:28)Doobes: The track, appropriately titled “House of Reminiscence”, captures exactly what I was going for with the Age as far as tone. All it took was a WIP version of the Age to run around in and some choice words and Mystler…in just a couple of days, I might add…created something very special.

(03/02 13:42:29)axenna: Oooooo!

(03/02 13:42:42)Doobes: He really did an amazing job on it, and I’m hopeful he’ll be up for more collaborations with me in the future.

(03/02 13:42:43)axenna: Thats awesome1

(03/02 13:42:45)Tweek: Sweet!

(03/02 13:42:53)Korov’ev: music!

(03/02 13:42:58)Doobes: I’m still debating whether to release the track ahead of the Age itself (I hate to tie an artist’s hands), but while I’m deciding, you can have a listen to Mystler’s other work on his website,

(03/02 13:43:14)Doobes: There, you’ll find both of the albums he has released so far: “The Great Traverse” (his first) and the most recent “Seraphim: The Ufumuk Invasion”, the latter of which is a soundtrack to an original sci-fi universe of his creation.

(03/02 13:43:31)Doobes: The accompanying digital booklet also features artwork by another talented artist from the cavern: Tweek!

(03/02 13:43:38)Doobes nods to Tweek

(03/02 13:43:51)Tweek: >.>

(03/02 13:43:56)Doobes: So! While you wait for Veelay Tsahvahn’s release…along with the revamped Pub, Chiso Preniv, The Vale, and Kotsahvosahn…give his other work a listen and, if you like, send him a note about what you think!

(03/02 13:44:14)Doobes: The greatest thing we artists can get is constructive feedback. In fact, Mystler even gave me some for Veelay that’ll make the Age even better. 😀

(03/02 13:44:40)Doobes: On a related but sadder note, you may have heard about the passing of Jeff Zandi, a friend of the Miller brothers and inspiration for the character you meet sitting by the Airstream up on the surface by the cleft.

(03/02 13:45:10)Doobes: I’ve added an entry for him into the Age’s in-game journals along with the others. Note that I take writing submissions if anyone wants to say a little something about any of the explorers who have passed and have it added to the journals for all to read.

(03/02 13:45:39)Korov’ev: You can hear his actual voice in two unused clips in the MOULa sfx folder: clftEdog.ogg and clftEdog02.ogg

(03/02 13:45:48)Korov’ev: And read some bio here:

(03/02 13:45:58)Doobes: Ah, nice. Thanks, Kor.

(03/02 13:46:07)Doobes: If you have such a submission, be sure to mention who it’s for and send it to It’ll be added, unedited, to the corresponding book entry for the person in question. You can write as little or as much as you’d like (within reason).

(03/02 13:46:23)Doobes: If there happens to be a name missing you would like added, I can do that too if provided some details about the person.

(03/02 13:46:39)Doobes: While these journals will be semi-regularly updated depending on how shard owners would like to handle things, the best way to get things added right away is to visit the In Memoriam wiki page (

(03/02 13:46:58)Doobes: If you sign up there, you can edit the wiki to add and edit things, and anything added will eventually also be put into Veelay’s in-game books as well.

(03/02 13:47:11)Tweek: Kor> Those Edog clips aren’t Zandi’s real voice, those clips are voiced by Edog iirc.

(03/02 13:47:21)Doobes: As with the other Ages, I’m hoping to release them near simultaneously on Gehn Shard, The Open Cave, Deep Island and offline URU…then eventually Minkata Shard (either or) and finally MOULa.

(03/02 13:47:25)KittyRenee: I’m assuming Zandi’s name has been added to the scrolling memorial in the damaged underground Pub in D’ni?

(03/02 13:47:40)Tweek: I believe so Kitty.

(03/02 13:47:41)Rabbit: yes it has

(03/02 13:47:47)Ro”Jethhe: His name has been added.

(03/02 13:47:51)KittyRenee: thanks

(03/02 13:47:52)Doobes: Cyan is usually pretty good about that. 🙂

(03/02 13:47:56)Doobes: To keep up with Veelay and all of my work, you can visit my site,, and my Facebook pages at

(03/02 13:48:04)bella1: ty

(03/02 13:48:06)Doobes: With all that in mind, any questions?

(03/02 13:48:34)Rabbit: I sent one

(03/02 13:48:38)SAL thanks you

(03/02 13:48:46)Korov’ev: Rabbit asks if you’re serious about pets, she just lost one of her rab bits

(03/02 13:49:08)bella1: aww Rabbit so sorry

(03/02 13:49:13)Rabbit: I saw your facebook post about pets

(03/02 13:49:18)Ro”Jethhe says DOH!

(03/02 13:49:19)Doobes: Ah, she may be referring to my latest post of FB. I added a little cat statue for a pet I lost a little over a year ago.

(03/02 13:49:23)SAL: Aw the one that would not eat??

(03/02 13:49:29)Doobes: And yes, Rabbit, I’m sorry to hear that. :/

(03/02 13:49:31)Rabbit: different one

(03/02 13:49:40)Rabbit cries

(03/02 13:49:50)RowanF: That is sad!

(03/02 13:49:56)SAL: Sorry bout that

(03/02 13:50:06)axenna is sad for Rabbit 🙁

(03/02 13:50:07)Doobes: While it IS a cat statue, it’s meant to symbolize any pet, as they can be just as important to us as their human counterparts. It’s not as big a part of the Age, but I wanted to add a little something for them too.

(03/02 13:50:13)KittyRenee: sorry about your fur baby, Rabbit

(03/02 13:50:21)axenna: I love that Doobes, thats super sweet

(03/02 13:50:22)RowanF: Ya!

(03/02 13:50:46)Doobes: That really is the purpose of the Age…a place to gather and mourn those we’ve lost, either here from the cavern or just from life in general.

(03/02 13:51:05)bella1 agrees

(03/02 13:51:08)Korov’ev: Thank you Doobes!

(03/02 13:51:12)Doobes bows

(03/02 13:51:13)KittyRenee: Doobes, you ol’ softie

(03/02 13:51:19)SAL thanks you

(03/02 13:51:22)Mirphak: Thank you Doobes

(03/02 13:51:29)Emor D’ni Lap applauds

(03/02 13:51:35)Korov’ev: And we also have a quick update from Tweek!

(03/02 13:51:42)kathrynid applaud

(03/02 13:51:44)Doobes: Tweeeeek!

(03/02 13:52:28)SAL: I will be visiting the chatlog often, cannot remember all this stuff

(03/02 13:52:36)Tweek: So just a reminder to anyone who was interested. Close off date for submissions for Eder Fahsee is the 9th of March.

(03/02 13:52:49)Tweek: If you wish to submit some writing for the Age you can do so here:

(03/02 13:53:12)Tweek: To those of you who have submitted something, thank you. I have recieved your submissions.

(03/02 13:53:14)KittyRenee: wht is Eder Fahsee, please?

(03/02 13:53:25)Doobes: Tweek’s fan Age, Kitty.

(03/02 13:53:40)Tweek: Eder Fahsee is an Age I wrote/built to celebrate Myst’s 25th Anniversary.

(03/02 13:53:43)KittyRenee: thanks. which shard?

(03/02 13:53:50)KittyRenee: cool!

(03/02 13:53:51)Doobes: Shhhh…we’re getting there, Kitty. 😉

(03/02 13:53:58)KittyRenee: sorry lol

(03/02 13:54:03)Ro”Jethhe: Drum Roll…

(03/02 13:54:12)Korov’ev: I`m here for the questions…

(03/02 13:54:33)SAL points

(03/02 13:54:37)Tweek: I’m collecting submissions from fans regarding their first experiences with Myst and the impact it’s had on them. Which will be added to the library within the Age itself.

(03/02 13:54:50)kathrynid: Wow cool

(03/02 13:55:00)Tweek: The Age isn’t released yet, but I’ll be putting it out there for people to add to their shards if they so wish.

(03/02 13:55:22)Tweek: Any questions?

(03/02 13:55:59)Korov’ev: which shards are you planning to release it on?

(03/02 13:56:56)Tweek: Gehn is most likely if Hoikas is interested. I’ll be putting a UruCC version out on Beneath so I expect the shards that run the older Uru version may use it.

(03/02 13:57:09)Tweek: It really depends on who wants it on their shards really.

(03/02 13:57:29)Tweek: I would like to get it onto this Shard in the future when we’re at that point.

(03/02 13:57:46)radioflux: Cyan should want it on their shard 😉

(03/02 13:57:50)Adam {Hoikas}: I give it a high probability of arriving on Gehn. Maybe then I can be bothered to package up all these QOL fixes lying around…

(03/02 13:57:55)Korov’ev: I bet diafero will want it 😉

(03/02 13:58:22)Doobes: We shall throw content at diafero until he doesn’t. 😛

(03/02 13:58:29)Tweek: lol

(03/02 13:58:33)Dulcamara: Lol

(03/02 13:58:33)Korov’ev: he he

(03/02 13:58:40)Tweek: Any other questions?

(03/02 13:58:45)vid: Would you say that any day after March 9th will be too late?

(03/02 13:58:55)jtrigg: He’ll probably duck!

(03/02 13:59:09)Tweek: Depends how far after march 9th.

(03/02 13:59:25)vid: Mmm. So not canon yet.

(03/02 13:59:28)vid sits quietly

(03/02 13:59:32)jtrigg: beware the Ides of March

(03/02 13:59:47)Korov’ev: Thank you Tweek!

(03/02 13:59:49)axenna: Amen

(03/02 13:59:49)Tweek: I’m hoping to get the submissions in the Age before release so adding them afterwords is something I’d rather not do.

(03/02 13:59:57)KittyRenee: hi, Dulce!

(03/02 14:00:03)Tweek: But then given Korman’s journal improvements it’s not out of the question

(03/02 14:00:07)Tweek: Thanks for your time

(03/02 14:00:09)bella1: thank you Tweek!

(03/02 14:00:16)Doobes: Oh, they’re a breeze now, Tweek. I love it.

(03/02 14:00:27)Korov’ev: And now, something about fan content of another kind…

(03/02 14:00:36)Korov’ev: Morgan, come here!

(03/02 14:00:38)bella1 sends you my chili

(03/02 14:00:42)Korov’ev is a bit puzzled…

(03/02 14:00:42)Korov’ev: Wait, aren’t you a fictional character?

(03/02 14:00:47)MorganLapahie waves hello

(03/02 14:00:50)axenna: Im hungry

(03/02 14:00:53)Ro”Jethhe waves hello

(03/02 14:00:55)Mirphak: lol

(03/02 14:01:09)MorganLapahie: A year ago, after the 2018 March AGM, several of you “volunteered” to let Mir-o-bot transport you to the MystiTech neighbourhood to act as extras in a flashback scene for The Lost Art.

(03/02 14:01:24)MorganLapahie: That scene, filmed by Joanne Fisher and Kayara, is coming up in Episode 9. I managed to persuade Korov’ev and Mirphak to play the parts of Kodama and Laxman.

(03/02 14:01:26)Rabbit: yep!

(03/02 14:01:31)axenna: Ooooo!

(03/02 14:01:38)MorganLapahie: Amazingly they weren’t put off by the technical issues we had that night, for they have been with us ever since. And not only as avatar operators. Korov’ev has become both our main photographer and one of our editors.

(03/02 14:01:43)Korov’ev bows

(03/02 14:01:59)MorganLapahie: As for Mirphak, not only has he deputised several of us as ancillary bots, he has developed some stunning set lighting. So much so that we ended up re-filming several scenes!

(03/02 14:02:03)Rabbit: Yeah!!! Korov’ev

(03/02 14:02:11)Korov’ev: One thing that has transformed filming is the latest version of the H’uru client created by the Guild of Writers. This version has KI commands that allow us to save the costumes and other parameters of all our main characters.

(03/02 14:02:12)axenna: You guys are amazing

(03/02 14:02:22)Rabbit: yeah Mirphak!

(03/02 14:02:26)Korov’ev: Which means that if someone should crash in the middle of a shoot we can have other avatars on standby that can be properly dressed and made up with a simple KI command.

(03/02 14:02:38)Korov’ev: oops!

(03/02 14:02:39)Doobes: Understudies!

(03/02 14:02:41)Rabbit: cool!

(03/02 14:02:43)Doobes: Oh dear.

(03/02 14:02:48)Korov’ev: If you have seen Episode 6, you will have seen two of the new sets created for us by Dulcamara and Doobes.

(03/02 14:02:54)Mirphak: morgan crashed…

(03/02 14:02:56)RowanF: Hey I am leaveing the meeting (The whole game for today!) Bye!

(03/02 14:03:05)Korov’ev: Morgaaaan!

(03/02 14:03:07)Rabbit: bye

(03/02 14:03:09)Christian Walther: Just dress up as Morgan, Kor.

(03/02 14:03:19)axenna: Bye Rowan

(03/02 14:03:32)Korov’ev: A third set is coming up in episode 8, and just recently Dulcamara has started work on something that will appear at the start of Season Three.

(03/02 14:03:46)Doobes: Yay!

(03/02 14:03:56)SAL: Absolutely lost

(03/02 14:04:05)Rabbit: Yay Dulca!

(03/02 14:04:16)Dulcamara: :-)))

(03/02 14:04:24)Korov’ev: let`s see if we can rescue Morgan!

(03/02 14:04:29)Ro”Jethhe: I bet Dulca is making Alabaster even LARGER!

(03/02 14:04:36)Dulcamara: Looooooool

(03/02 14:04:40)KittyRenee: yep

(03/02 14:04:42)Rabbit: oh noooooeeeeees

(03/02 14:04:49)bella1: on nooooooooooooooo

(03/02 14:04:51)KittyRenee: lol

(03/02 14:04:52)bella1: 🙂

(03/02 14:04:58)Dulcamara: Only a new station

(03/02 14:05:07)Ro”Jethhe: Part 4?

(03/02 14:05:16)Dulcamara: 4 an 5

(03/02 14:05:22)jtrigg: I have absolutely no idea as to what is going on just now!

(03/02 14:05:23)Ro”Jethhe faints.

(03/02 14:05:25)Korov’ev: those bahro, playing tricks!

(03/02 14:05:26)PodHopper: omg

(03/02 14:05:30)axenna looks blank

(03/02 14:05:32)KittyRenee: WOW!

(03/02 14:05:35)Rabbit: four AND Five???? OMG

(03/02 14:05:39)Doobes blinks

(03/02 14:05:41)Ro”Jethhe: Good luck Hopper.

(03/02 14:05:44)MorganLapahie: We also want to thank both Larry and Tweek for some stunning graphics that will appear this season. It is such a joy to be able to draw on the creativity of so many of our community.

(03/02 14:05:47)PodHopper: thanks

(03/02 14:05:48)SAL: I am lost

(03/02 14:05:53)KittyRenee: Dulcamara doesn’t do anything small 🙂

(03/02 14:05:58)Rabbit: noooo

(03/02 14:06:02)axenna: Brb

(03/02 14:06:03)Ro”Jethhe: AMEN!

(03/02 14:06:09)Tweek: Damn that Tweek guy gets around 😐

(03/02 14:06:13)MorganLapahie: To that end I’d like to thank Minasunda, the NULP dancers, Mirphak and Yoda for inspiration. After the 25th Anniversary NULP dance show, Mirphak showed me one of the scripts he’d written to control the dancers.

(03/02 14:06:18)Doobes: Indeed he does.

(03/02 14:06:38)MorganLapahie: I think he might be regretting that now, because I’ve been pushing him to create several for The Lost Art! Ditto with Yoda and the light show he put on at Christmas.

(03/02 14:06:50)Rabbit starts to laugh

(03/02 14:06:54)Mirphak says DOH!

(03/02 14:07:02)MorganLapahie: Recently I asked him and Lu to come to a special-effects brainstorming session. There and then we conscripted Lu into playing a part for a scene we were filming, and the two of them have now joined our team.

(03/02 14:07:17)Rabbit roars with laughter

(03/02 14:07:20)MorganLapahie: Which means our film set has become truly multilingual: thank heaven for Google Translate!

(03/02 14:07:22)Ro”Jethhe: A lot of sleepless nights ahead for you Mir

(03/02 14:07:42)TGMChrist want a Bahro to protect him from the evil Bahro Nekisahloth who attack him at 2015.

(03/02 14:07:52)Mirphak: yes Ro

(03/02 14:08:04)Korov’ev: As to when future episodes will be released: episodes 7, 8 and 9 are completely filmed and edited, apart from a few pickups. The two things that are holding up their release are the music and the titles sequence.

(03/02 14:08:08)MorganLapahie: Back to you, Kor

(03/02 14:08:22)Korov’ev: We are also well along in the filming and editing of episodes 10 and 11. So please don’t lose interest. We continue to work on the project every weekend, and we hope you are all keen to see further revelations in The Lost Art story.

(03/02 14:08:34)MorganLapahie: yes

(03/02 14:08:34)Korov’ev: Any questions?

(03/02 14:09:16)SAL cowers

(03/02 14:09:31)MorganLapahie: So I guess that is all? Any questions?

(03/02 14:09:45)Rabbit: ALL??? lol

(03/02 14:09:59)MorganLapahie: And I only crashed once, that has to be a record for me!!

(03/02 14:10:05)Doobes laughs

(03/02 14:10:08)Dulcamara: Lol

(03/02 14:10:13)Christian Walther: Maybe you can explain what The Lost Art is for those who are not familiar.

(03/02 14:10:15)Korov’ev: I guess you can go back to the alternate reality 🙂

(03/02 14:10:18)

(03/02 14:10:28)SAL: Yes please do

(03/02 14:10:31)MorganLapahie: Oh, dear, where to start…

(03/02 14:10:46)Ro”Jethhe: Just like the TV Series ‘LOST’

(03/02 14:10:47)jtrigg: i wouold appreciate it Morgan

(03/02 14:10:52)SAL: Start with what the episodes are

(03/02 14:10:55)Korov’ev: it`s like a TV series, but on YouTube

(03/02 14:10:57)KittyRenee: Series of videos on YouTube called, The Lost Art

(03/02 14:10:59)MorganLapahie: It’s a series of videos that is set in 2040…

(03/02 14:11:36)MorganLapahie: It is best if you can go to YouTube and search for MystiTech Productions. Then watch the first video called Passing the Torch.

(03/02 14:12:05)Korov’ev:

(03/02 14:12:10)TGMChrist: Still waiting of Episode 7

(03/02 14:12:11)MorganLapahie: That tells a bit of the backstory, leading up to the establishment of a DRC archives.

(03/02 14:12:17)Ro”Jethhe: It’s the MYST movie that never got off the ground.

(03/02 14:13:07)MorganLapahie: Thanks! Ro. When we first wrote to Cyan to ask permission to do this, we told them “Let’s see who gets their Myst story done first!”

(03/02 14:13:14)Korov’ev: more or less 🙂

(03/02 14:13:15)KittyRenee: TTYL for now

(03/02 14:13:20)BIG thumbs up from Ro”Jethhe

(03/02 14:13:36)Korov’ev: Our next question is from JJ_Wolf75.

(03/02 14:13:36)Korov’ev: [JJ_Wolf75] which shards do u use for The Lost Ark?

(03/02 14:13:42)Korov’ev: this one!

(03/02 14:14:02)JJ_Wolf75: ohh

(03/02 14:14:07)Adam {Hoikas}: HAX!

(03/02 14:14:09)Doobes: Using some hacks and magic tricks, of course.

(03/02 14:14:13)MorganLapahie: Yes, this one. But we film in private instances, because Mirphak is often doing magic

(03/02 14:14:13)Adam {Hoikas} throws CRT monitor

(03/02 14:14:21)Doobes: Good (or evil?) programming. Hehehe.

(03/02 14:14:29)MorganLapahie: Also, we have bahro characters, which you will have seen in Episode 6.

(03/02 14:14:33)Korov’ev: ev… I mean, good!

(03/02 14:14:41)JJ_Wolf75: ok thank you

(03/02 14:15:15)Korov’ev: For enquiries, you can send an email to enquiries[at]

(03/02 14:15:18)MorganLapahie thanks you

(03/02 14:15:29)Korov’ev thanks you very much!

(03/02 14:15:48)Korov’ev: And now it’s time for some quick Mysterium and Cyan news…

(03/02 14:16:02)Korov’ev: Quite a few #Myst25 backers can’t find the inkwell pen: it’s in the hidden compartment close to the ‘spine’, on the bottom; there’s a flap you can pull.

(03/02 14:16:12)Korov’ev: You can see where all the compartments are in this video:

(03/02 14:16:18)Korov’ev: And here is a diagram of the linking panel controls:

(03/02 14:16:34)Ro”Jethhe wonders if this AGM will break the record for the longest meeting time.

(03/02 14:16:42)Korov’ev: For Mysterium, Event submissions are now open! The deadline is May 20th.

(03/02 14:16:47)axenna agrees with Ro

(03/02 14:16:49)Korov’ev:

(03/02 14:16:54)Korov’ev: (maybe)

(03/02 14:17:03)Korov’ev: This includes “Microtalks”, short (max 10 mins) presentations covering… any interesting topics (within limits)!

(03/02 14:17:12)Korov’ev: (I might do one as well 😉

(03/02 14:17:29)Korov’ev: The special guest for this year will be Russell Brower, three-time Emmy Award winner, Composer, Musical Director and Conductor.

(03/02 14:17:42)Korov’ev: Myst fans will know him best from the Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter, for which he composed several Myst-inspired musical pieces available to backers.

(03/02 14:18:01)Tweek: World of Warcraft players will know him from the WoW soundtracks.

(03/02 14:18:23)Korov’ev: And don`t forget Mass Mysteria, the mini event coming on Saturday, May 4th in various locations in the U.S. and around the world!

(03/02 14:18:25)Doobes: Kewl!

(03/02 14:18:34)Korov’ev:

(03/02 14:18:40)jtrigg: I’m a bit p’eed off , They lost the donation increase I made to get the linking panel=I was debitted for it and I noticed that it was not acknowledgd on the backer notice, . I was supposedly corrected – yeah right !for it

(03/02 14:19:04)jtrigg: it was supposedly corrected

(03/02 14:19:11)axenna: Thats awful!

(03/02 14:19:17)Korov’ev shrugs

(03/02 14:19:17)Korov’ev: And with that, it’s time to wrap up this Meeting!

(03/02 14:19:25)Korov’ev: Here is the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time)…

(03/02 14:19:30)Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;

(03/02 14:19:35)Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please PM me here or on the forum so I can correct it.

(03/02 14:19:36)jtrigg: lloyd is looking into it

(03/02 14:19:39)Korov’ev: (Some events presented by the speakers might be missing.)

(03/02 14:19:46)Korov’ev: Wednesday 27 is Leenovoo 10 in the D’ni Calendar, the First Feast of the Maker, a set of holidays that were celebrated by the D’ni just prior to the Fall.

(03/02 14:19:56)Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.

(03/02 14:20:03)Korov’ev: Sun 3 & 17 & 31 @ 13:00: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(03/02 14:20:11)Korov’ev: Sun 17: St. Patrick’s Day

(03/02 14:20:17)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gatherings, in Meeting Place’s Hood

(03/02 14:20:18)jtrigg: I thought Leenovoo mad laptops !

(03/02 14:20:22)Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 12:00: NULPsday, in German NULP’s Hood

(03/02 14:20:36)Korov’ev: Fri 8: International Women’s Day

(03/02 14:20:41)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 16:00: Triosity Radio, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(03/02 14:20:47)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood

(03/02 14:20:51)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Parties, in Karaoke’s Hood

(03/02 14:20:57)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood

(03/02 14:21:01)Korov’ev: And…

(03/02 14:21:11)Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 13:00 KI time

(03/02 14:21:12)jtrigg: rum roll

(03/02 14:21:21)Ro”Jethhe: Rim Shot

(03/02 14:21:23)jtrigg: drum roll

(03/02 14:21:24)SAL: I like rum

(03/02 14:21:27)Doobes: Rum shot?

(03/02 14:21:30)Tweek: mmm rum

(03/02 14:21:31)Korov’ev: (mind the shift with Daylight saving)

(03/02 14:21:33)Ro”Jethhe: Rum and Coke

(03/02 14:21:38)Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:

(03/02 14:21:43)Emor D’ni Lap: Rumble with Rum Balls

(03/02 14:21:44)Korov’ev bows

(03/02 14:21:44)Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next month!