All Guilds Meeting – March 2024 – Raw Chatlog

(03/02 13:01:35) Claidi Song: Welcome to the 167th All Guilds Meeting!
(03/02 13:01:35) *Jodok* waves hello
(03/02 13:01:41) deafmints waves hello
(03/02 13:01:45) Claidi Song: By the D’ni calendar, today is Leevotar 20 9679 DE.
(03/02 13:01:46) Ereshkigal waves hello
(03/02 13:01:54) Claidi Song: If you are new to the Cavern or returning after being away for some time:
(03/02 13:01:55) Nemaste claps his hands
(03/02 13:02:12) Claidi Song: And there are returning explorers here today 🙂
(03/02 13:02:23) Claidi Song: Welcome! You have arrived at an exciting time in MOULa!
(03/02 13:02:32) Claidi Song: All Guilds’ Meeting (AGM) meets from 13:00 KI – 13:55 KI on the first Saturday of each month.
(03/02 13:02:33) AngelRuth cheers
(03/02 13:02:40) Claidi Song: Times are shown in KI Time which corresponds to the Mountain Time Zone .
(03/02 13:02:44) deafmints squees in execitement
(03/02 13:02:53) Claidi Song: To give each speaker all the time they need and have time for Q&A after each one, there are
(03/02 13:03:02) Claidi Song: Five Meeting Rules. Please:
(03/02 13:03:11) Claidi Song: 1. Keep chatter to a minimum while the speakers are talking. An occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.
(03/02 13:03:19) Claidi Song: 2. Save questions until the speaker asks for questions at the end of their presentation.
(03/02 13:03:26) Claidi Song: Or DM questions to me to add to the questions queue for Q&A after each presenter is done. Please, do not direct message me except for brief questions during the presentation, as I need to follow the presentations, as well.
(03/02 13:03:39) Claidi Song: 3. Speakers: please indicate when you are ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.
(03/02 13:03:39) Frobozz: bf556971
(03/02 13:03:51) Claidi Song: 4. If a question requires a long answer, we may need to skip it to stay on track. In that case, please, PM the speaker after they’ve left the platform.
(03/02 13:04:00) Claidi Song: 5. A summary and the chatlog of this meeting will be published within a few days on the Guild of Messengers’ website –
(03/02 13:04:09) Claidi Song: Of course, you can start your own chatlog by typing: /startlog
(03/02 13:04:20) Claidi Song: As usual we have an eventful agenda for AGM today. Q’s after each presentation will be brief.
(03/02 13:04:42) Claidi Song: To start off, we will be hearing about Cavern events to celebrate International Women’s Day which is Friday, March 8. The MOULa community has people from many parts of the world. So, starting Sunday there are events planned spreading across this week celebrating IWD .
(03/02 13:04:57) Claidi Song: For those hosts who couldn’t make it here today, I have a few details to share with you:
(03/02 13:05:09) Claidi Song: On facebook, Alan Dicey posted about the Radio Free D’ni’ show tomorrow: March 3, 2024 13 KI – 14:30 KI on Ae’gura plaza Stream at
(03/02 13:05:18) Claidi Song: Radio Free D’ni will start off the week of International Women’s Day with a revised and expanded 2019 IWD show remastered for 2024.
(03/02 13:05:27) Claidi Song: The music will begin with some pre-show tracks at 12:30 KI time, the show itself begins at 13 KI.
(03/02 13:05:39) Claidi Song beckons you
(03/02 13:05:39) Claidi Song: As skyisblu has to leave for work, we’ll start with her presentation. Skyisblu will tell us about her Cooking with Sky event and another IWD event she is hosting with Isa.
(03/02 13:05:55) Murry cheers
(03/02 13:05:59) Ereshkigal cheers
(03/02 13:06:03) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:06) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:06:06) Sathopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:08) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:08) deafmints claps
(03/02 13:06:08) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:08) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:09) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:11) Mabe claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:11) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:06:12) Nosila claps her hands
(03/02 13:06:14) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:06:14) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:15) caver1 claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:16) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:20) skyisblu: Hi everybody!
(03/02 13:06:24) philipgr claps his hands
(03/02 13:06:34) skyisblu: This coming Monday, March 4th, I will again be hosting another Cooking Session with Sky, in conjunction with the week of festivities to honour International Women’s Day.
(03/02 13:06:50) skyisblu: I’m doing something simple, but delicious – homemade pizza – so that we chat about all things food and cooking, and maybe a little bit about women in the restaurant industry.
(03/02 13:07:02) skyisblu: We’ll see where the discussion takes us, but I can promise one thing, it will end in pizza deliciousness.
(03/02 13:07:16) skyisblu: We meet in the Guild of Caterers’ Hood at 12 KI, and online for the livestream at – remember that the audio commentary is done in both English and French.
(03/02 13:07:29) skyisblu: If you’ve missed any of the previous Cooking Sessions, all of the recipes and accompanying videos are available on my website,
(03/02 13:07:31) Mevvah: (sorry family emergency. I’ll catch up. shorah all prayers welcome FIL fell
(03/02 13:07:52) Ereshkigal: Oooh Mevvah I hope everything is okay!
(03/02 13:07:57) skyisblu: Take car Mevvah!
(03/02 13:08:00) skyisblu: *care
(03/02 13:08:10) skyisblu: Another thing I want to mention that, also on Monday, Isa & I will be hosting a 90s music stream at the beach in Eder Naybree.
(03/02 13:08:10) Claidi Song: Hoping for the best, Mevvah
(03/02 13:08:30) skyisblu: We’ll be hanging out around the bonfire, which you can reach by sending “to beach” to Mir-O-Bot, or go it the old-fashioned way by scaling the cliffs 😀
(03/02 13:08:45) skyisblu: The music will be starting around 15:30 KI, just after Babbel’s music stream, and will be available on Isa’s channel,
(03/02 13:09:02) skyisblu: I look forward to seeing you all in the cavern for another week of awesome events! …any questions?
(03/02 13:09:18) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:09:23) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:09:25) philipgr claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:25) deafmints claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:27) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:29) rarified: Would someone throw the Bahro a cookie to calm them?
(03/02 13:09:31) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:34) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:09:34) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:36) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(03/02 13:09:36) skyisblu: lol
(03/02 13:09:36) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:39) Mabe claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:41) Rex Havoc chucks cookie
(03/02 13:09:41) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:41) skyisblu bows
(03/02 13:09:42) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:43) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:43) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:09:43) IwonK tosses Bahro a box of cookies
(03/02 13:09:43) Christian Walther claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:47) Rigil Kent claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:48) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:09:53) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:09:53) Claidi Song: Thank you, skyisblue!
(03/02 13:10:02) Nosila claps her hands
(03/02 13:10:06) Claidi Song: Babbel asked me to relay the information that she will be hosting an IWD themed Classic with Babbel event featuring Female performers this Monday, 13:30 KI – 15:30 KI in the Hall of the Kings.
(03/02 13:10:16) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:10:38) Dreamer3 sheepishly puts away his bahro call toy.
(03/02 13:10:50) Claidi Song beckons you
(03/02 13:10:50) Claidi Song: Now, Ereshkigal will talk about the IWD event she is hosting.
(03/02 13:11:06) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:11:07) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:11:09) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:11:09) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:11:12) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(03/02 13:11:16) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:11:17) Claidi Song: I can’t but you can pm her now
(03/02 13:11:17) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:11:19) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:11:19) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:11:21) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:12:07) Claidi Song: oops that was a /repy that backfired
(03/02 13:12:19) Ereshkigal: Hi everyone! Every Tuesday at 12KI before the Relaxing Session I host a storytelling stream! I read stories to your from the ancient world, sometimes from ancient D’ni, and sometimes from our own world. I will again host Ancient Stories in Kalamee to continue the story of a great woman of ancient Egypt, Rhadopis of Nubia.
(03/02 13:12:46) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:13:09) Ereshkigal: The story is a bit long, so we are doing it in multiple segments. Because it shows a strong lady from the ancient world, I found it a nice listen for IWD!
(03/02 13:13:32) Ereshkigal: You can find my stream on Urutunes, and you can reach Kalamee with help from MinBot or Mirobot1
(03/02 13:13:43) Ereshkigal: Any questions so far?
(03/02 13:13:50) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(03/02 13:13:59) Ereshkigal: Then see you in Kalamee!!!
(03/02 13:14:01) Ereshkigal bows
(03/02 13:14:03) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:14:05) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:05) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:05) Rigil Kent claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:06) Nosila claps her hands
(03/02 13:14:06) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:07) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:07) Christian Walther claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:08) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:08) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:09) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:14:09) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:11) Rabbit claps her hands
(03/02 13:14:11) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:14:11) Claidi Song: Thank you, Eresh!
(03/02 13:14:12) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:12) Nemaste: claps
(03/02 13:14:13) uwe claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:26) Claidi Song beckons you
(03/02 13:14:26) Claidi Song: Nosila is here to talk about the event she is hosting.
(03/02 13:14:34) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:35) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:37) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:38) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:40) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:40) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:42) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:14:46) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:47) Nosila: hi everyone 🙂
(03/02 13:14:50) Mabe claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:50) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:14:52) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:15:01) Li Burumi claps his hands
(03/02 13:15:06) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:15:07) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:15:40) Nosila: This years International Women’s Day will be a Friday
(03/02 13:15:55) Nosila: There will be a music stream running that day from 12-14 KI, called Winning Women
(03/02 13:17:04) Nosila: a collection of tracks by female artists who have won an award of some kind, throughout the years
(03/02 13:17:46) Nosila: During the stream I’ll be in the Cavern, just off the main plaze, at Kings Lookout
(03/02 13:18:08) Nosila: You can listen to the stream at / nosila
(03/02 13:18:28) Nosila: I hope you enjoy it, and maybe I’ll see some of you there 🙂
(03/02 13:18:40) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:06) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:06) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:19:08) Nosila: that’s all folks
(03/02 13:19:10) deafmints claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:11) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:19:12) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:12) Rigil Kent claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:12) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:12) Christian Walther claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:12) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:19:13) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:13) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:13) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:15) Cpt.Jericho claps her hands
(03/02 13:19:15) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:16) Claidi Song: Any questions?
(03/02 13:19:16) uwe claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:19) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:19:20) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:25) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:19:25) Claidi Song: Thank you, Nosila!
(03/02 13:19:26) philipgr claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:28) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:19:33) Nemaste claps his hands
(03/02 13:19:38) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:20:08) Claidi Song: Dah’mpa will be hosting Music of Brazilian Women on Saturday March 9 12:00 KI – 14:00 KI on Sunderland point Stream:
(03/02 13:20:55) Claidi Song: Cal, do you have something to share. Sorry, I meant to ask sooner.
(03/02 13:20:58) Calum Traveler: yes
(03/02 13:21:09) deafmints claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:11) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:11) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:12) Claidi Song: The stage is yours 🙂
(03/02 13:21:15) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:21:16) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:17) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:18) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:21:18) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:21:22) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:22) Calum Traveler: ill be quick because i gotta go
(03/02 13:21:24) philipgr claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:25) Nemaste claps his hands
(03/02 13:21:25) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:21:27) Calum Traveler: Brief Mysterium news roundup!
(03/02 13:21:38) Calum Traveler: Tshirt submission deadline has passed
(03/02 13:21:38) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:21:52) Calum Traveler: Event Submissions are still open until May 12
(03/02 13:22:07) Calum Traveler: and March’s Creativity Prompt is “Memory”
(03/02 13:22:17) Calum Traveler: nothing new on hotel location yet.
(03/02 13:22:23) Calum Traveler: that’s it. gotta go!
(03/02 13:22:24) Calum Traveler bows
(03/02 13:22:27) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:22:28) Cpt.Jericho claps her hands
(03/02 13:22:28) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:29) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:29) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:30) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:22:31) Rabbit claps her hands
(03/02 13:22:31) Christian Walther claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:31) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:32) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:32) skyisblu: Short and sweet 😀
(03/02 13:22:32) uwe claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:34) Nemaste claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:34) Rigil Kent claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:35) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:22:35) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:38) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:39) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:22:41) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:41) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:41) Claidi Song: Thank you, Cal
(03/02 13:22:43) Li Burumi claps his hands
(03/02 13:22:57) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:23:00) Mabe claps his hands
(03/02 13:23:02) deafmints claps his hands
(03/02 13:23:08) Claidi Song: Back to IWD, I hope as many of us as possible can come to events. A lot of work has been put into them. And, they will all be a lot of fun!
(03/02 13:23:19) Ereshkigal cheers
(03/02 13:23:24) Claidi Song: Now for our regular once a month events.
(03/02 13:23:46) Claidi Song beckons you
(03/02 13:23:46) Claidi Song: IwonK is here to tell us about her Wonky Talk this month.
(03/02 13:23:51) skyisblu cheers
(03/02 13:23:55) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:23:56) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:23:59) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:00) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:01) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:01) deafmints claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:02) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:24:02) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:03) IwonK waves hello
(03/02 13:24:03) IwonK: I’ll be streaming my Wonky Talk on Friday, March 15th at 15 KI in the Guild of Cookies’ Hood (we sit near the heek table)
(03/02 13:24:03) philipgr claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:04) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:04) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:24:05) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:24:16) IwonK: This month’s topic is “female protagonists in video games”! I have some titles in my mind already but if you know any interesting games I could talk about (and draw), feel free to throw them my way 🙂
(03/02 13:24:19) rarified brushes crumbs off his shirt after clapping with cookie.
(03/02 13:24:28) IwonK: join me on my Twitch channel (, there will be cookies 🙂
(03/02 13:24:30) Cave woman: Will there be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade this yeae
(03/02 13:24:34) deafmints: Oooh.
(03/02 13:24:37) IwonK: In other wonky news, I’ve made some games of my own as a gamedev challenge, if you want to check them out, follow this link:
(03/02 13:24:44) skyisblu cheers
(03/02 13:24:46) IwonK: any Qs in the Q?
(03/02 13:24:52) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(03/02 13:24:55) IwonK bows
(03/02 13:24:58) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:24:59) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:25:00) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:01) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:01) Claidi Song: clap Thank you, IwonK!
(03/02 13:25:02) Cpt.Jericho claps her hands
(03/02 13:25:03) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:03) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:25:06) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:07) Nemaste claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:07) Ereshkigal: lap
(03/02 13:25:07) uwe claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:08) Rigil Kent claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:09) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:09) Rabbit claps her hands
(03/02 13:25:12) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:25:13) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:25:14) Nosila claps her hands
(03/02 13:25:22) Claidi Song: Babbeljte’s regular monthly Classic with Babbel will be a light classical show on Theme Movies/Film music on March 18 at 12 KI also in the Hall of the Kings.
(03/02 13:25:52) Claidi Song beckons you
(03/02 13:25:52) Claidi Song: shokhootahn Rehn the time is now yours to talk about Story Night and D’ni Language classes.
(03/02 13:26:00) Rabbit cheers
(03/02 13:26:07) deafmints cheers
(03/02 13:26:08) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:26:09) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:26:12) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:26:12) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:26:12) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:26:12) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:26:13) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:26:13) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:26:13) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:26:19) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:26:27) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.
(03/02 13:26:29) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:26:40) shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…
(03/02 13:26:55) shokhootahn Rehn: There are evening classes available on weekday evenings Monday through Friday starting at 20:00, 21:00 or 22:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule.
(03/02 13:27:11) shokhootahn Rehn: For the next two months, there will be no daytime classes available. Currently, I am in the process of moving on the surface so my daytime hours are being consumed by packing. Oh, joy! (he said, dripping with sarcasm) 😉
(03/02 13:27:36) Claidi Song: 🙂
(03/02 13:27:38) shokhootahn Rehn: Of course, next month will be spent *un*packing!
(03/02 13:27:50) shokhootahn Rehn: All classes are Monday through Friday, only. There are no weekend classes available.
(03/02 13:27:55) Rabbit: o (
(03/02 13:28:10) shokhootahn Rehn: If you are going to contact me by KI-mail, remember to include your KI #.
(03/02 13:28:24) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.
(03/02 13:28:43) shokhootahn Rehn: I see that Mr Magic is back in the cavern…
(03/02 13:28:51) shokhootahn Rehn: Though I have no current announcements with him, I will be using him for announcements regarding future classes.
(03/02 13:29:19) shokhootahn Rehn: The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session.
(03/02 13:29:27) shokhootahn Rehn: I have one request for visitors: Please do not post pellet points into the Hood imager…
(03/02 13:29:50) shokhootahn Rehn: As I’ve said, before, one of my former students, Yutiel, is listed on that imager. I have refrained from posting pellets to maintain her name at the top as a form of memorial. It’s why I haven’t posted pellet points above 168345: it was to keep her name at the top of the list.
(03/02 13:30:14) shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions?
(03/02 13:30:41) shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…
(03/02 13:30:47) shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.
(03/02 13:31:03) shokhootahn Rehn: Tonight is the fifth story of the the second human restoration and the thhird restoration of the cavern, overall. There are eight parts, total. After that will begin the five-part chapter play titled, “Jae’s Journey., then the third human, explorer-driven restoration of the cavern. Then, finally, the bi-annual Bahro Glyph Tour!
(03/02 13:31:37) shokhootahn Rehn: After that, we will begin, again, with story number one!
(03/02 13:31:49) shokhootahn Rehn: “Jae’s Journey was written by the explorer Janai and posted to the forums in 2008. If anyone still has contact with her on the surface, please let her know that her story is about to be performed, probably on April 6th of this year, and that she has my personal invitation to attend. 🙂
(03/02 13:32:14) shokhootahn Rehn: *”Jae’s Journey”
(03/02 13:32:41) shokhootahn Rehn: This week is story #98 of 105 in the story cycle of the history of D’ni. We are getting near the end!
(03/02 13:33:04) shokhootahn Rehn: Also. there will be no story on March 30th. That is the weekend of the major part of the move.
(03/02 13:33:20) shokhootahn Rehn: I am recording Story Night for (eventual) upload to my YouTube channel (rTayrtahn). I have created an avatar for the purpose of recording. His name is “I’m a bot, do not message”. Please do not PM him during the story unless you want to see your message displayed for the entire internet. 😉 Also, please do NOT add him as a buddy. He has no special abilities and is there only to record Story Night.
(03/02 13:33:42) shokhootahn Rehn: Currently, I am caught up with video compression. Unfortunately, I have a sizable backlog of videos to edit and upload. To my channel subscribers, please be patient; I am slowly working through it and have uploaded a few more videos to the channel. 🙂
(03/02 13:34:03) shokhootahn Rehn: The channel is current through Janunary 16, 2021.
(03/02 13:34:15) shokhootahn Rehn: Like I said, I have a backlog to work through! lol
(03/02 13:34:31) shokhootahn Rehn: As an aside, I am also providing caption translations into several languages: French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Since I don’t speak any of those languages, it will be up to my viewers to tell me how well that is working out. 🙂
(03/02 13:34:50) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.
(03/02 13:35:01) shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.
(03/02 13:35:13) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 30 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.
(03/02 13:35:31) shokhootahn Rehn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.
(03/02 13:35:50) shokhootahn Rehn: Should I need to cancel one of the stories at the last minute, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂
(03/02 13:36:08) shokhootahn Rehn: Minasunda is one of those members, as she runs the announcements channel on Discord.
(03/02 13:36:20) shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.
(03/02 13:36:37) shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender. Though the sender is added to the Recents folder, it is still a good idea to add it to the body of the text. 🙂
(03/02 13:37:10) shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!
(03/02 13:37:15) shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions?
(03/02 13:37:19) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(03/02 13:37:22) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:37:24) Rabbit: What is the name of your channel?
(03/02 13:37:29) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:31) Nemaste claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:33) shokhootahn Rehn: rTartahn
(03/02 13:37:33) Cpt.Jericho claps her hands
(03/02 13:37:35) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:37:35) philipgr claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:36) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:37) *Jodok* claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:38) uwe claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:40) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:41) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:43) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:37:44) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:46) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:37:47) shokhootahn Rehn: Oops, I mean rTayrtahn
(03/02 13:37:47) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:52) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:37:55) shokhootahn Rehn: ?thanks
(03/02 13:37:57) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:37:57) Claidi Song: Thank you, r’Tay!
(03/02 13:37:57) Mabe claps his hands
(03/02 13:38:01) shokhootahn Rehn thanks you very much!
(03/02 13:38:03) Rabbit: sigh
(03/02 13:38:04) Christian Walther claps his hands
(03/02 13:38:07) Rigil Kent claps his hands
(03/02 13:38:09) Rabbit: name of channel?
(03/02 13:38:10) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:38:16) Emor D’ni Lap applauds Rehn
(03/02 13:38:20) Rabbit: what is name of channel?
(03/02 13:38:31) Christian Walther: rTayrtahn is the name of the channel
(03/02 13:38:33) Claidi Song: There is no channel. r’Tay speaks and you can hear with speakers/headphones
(03/02 13:38:37) Rabbit: thanks
(03/02 13:38:46) Rabbit: the youtube channel he mentioned
(03/02 13:38:52) Rabbit: must have a name
(03/02 13:39:04) Claidi Song: Ah, the recorded Story Times
(03/02 13:39:24) shokhootahn Rehn: My channel is my name without the apostrophe
(03/02 13:39:41) shokhootahn Rehn: rTayrtahn
(03/02 13:40:00) Claidi Song: Non-Cavern events both new and regular include:
(03/02 13:40:28) Claidi Song: A new and exciting event. It will be the CoD Show March 3, 2024 9:00 KI – 11:00 KIJodok and Philip Gray are here to tell us about it
(03/02 13:40:54) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:40:56) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(03/02 13:40:58) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:41:01) *Jodok* bows
(03/02 13:41:01) Claidi Song claps her hands
(03/02 13:41:01) Babbeltje.40 claps her hands
(03/02 13:41:03) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:41:06) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:41:08) Nemaste claps his hands
(03/02 13:41:08) *Jodok*: shorah
(03/02 13:41:08) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:41:08) philipgr bows
(03/02 13:41:10) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(03/02 13:41:10) skyisblu claps her hands
(03/02 13:41:11) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:41:12) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:41:17) Rabbit claps her hands
(03/02 13:41:20) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:41:24) *Jodok*: this sunday 3th march at 9-11 ki we make an event at TOC
(03/02 13:41:31) *Jodok*: in the MOULa version of it
(03/02 13:41:48) *Jodok*: we mak a sort of tribute for our missed friend Grandbad
(03/02 13:42:06) *Jodok*: also there are 2 good news and a sad news
(03/02 13:42:13) *Jodok*: the 2 good first
(03/02 13:42:15) AngelRuth: yes, Grandbad is missed!!
(03/02 13:42:26) Claidi Song: He is, very much
(03/02 13:42:32) *Jodok*: for new players is now possible to make an account for TOC
(03/02 13:42:43) ural: Yay!!!!!
(03/02 13:42:47) *Jodok*: and we opened a discord server for TheOpenCave
(03/02 13:42:47) Claidi Song cheers
(03/02 13:42:48) shokhootahn Rehn cheers
(03/02 13:42:55) *Jodok*: that was the 2 good news
(03/02 13:43:16) *Jodok*: the sad news is that the fb page TheOpenCave is not maintained
(03/02 13:43:30) *Jodok*:
(03/02 13:43:56) *Jodok*: you can contact me on the fb page called JODOK
(03/02 13:44:00) *Jodok*:
(03/02 13:44:10) *Jodok*: and of course here the link to discord
(03/02 13:44:20) PodHopper: what link?
(03/02 13:44:21) *Jodok*:
(03/02 13:44:29) PodHopper: ah! 🙂
(03/02 13:44:39) *Jodok*: it should be also in the Moula page on fb
(03/02 13:44:50) *Jodok*: that was all are there any questions?
(03/02 13:45:10) Claidi Song: y
(03/02 13:45:17) *Jodok*: thank you and I hope to see a few more players in TOC in the next time
(03/02 13:45:23) *Jodok* thanks you very much!
(03/02 13:45:27) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(03/02 13:45:28) Murry claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:30) IwonK claps her hands
(03/02 13:45:31) Massygo claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:31) rarified claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:31) shokhootahn Rehn wants to ask a question…
(03/02 13:45:31) Rigil Kent claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:32) uwe claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:33) Sestra claps her hands
(03/02 13:45:33) Rabbit claps her hands
(03/02 13:45:34) PodHopper claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:34) Minasunda claps her hands
(03/02 13:45:38) Nosila claps her hands
(03/02 13:45:38) ural claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:39) Dreamer3 claps his hands
(03/02 13:45:40) Babbeltje.40 claps her hands
(03/02 13:45:42) Claidi Song: Some haven’t been able to log on? Is that fixed?
(03/02 13:46:16) shokhootahn Rehn: The game keeps crashing before the avatar selection screen
(03/02 13:46:19) *Jodok*: we asked to reboot the server today at Filtik it should be up and ready to log on
(03/02 13:46:28) shokhootahn Rehn: Great!
(03/02 13:46:32) BIG thumbs up from shokhootahn Rehn
(03/02 13:46:33) philipgr: O)ne thing because we are using scripts to move stuff around anyone arriving after the start time may not see what is happening
(03/02 13:46:35) Rabbit cheers
(03/02 13:46:39) Claidi Song cheers
(03/02 13:46:47) *Jodok*: we know we encounter a lot of problems, sadly only Filtik is maintaining the server
(03/02 13:47:03) *Jodok*: she is alone doing that and could need some IT experts helping her
(03/02 13:47:13) Claidi Song: Fan Age Touring Club expedition is another event every Sunday
(03/02 13:47:19) Murry: Bye Sky 🙂
(03/02 13:47:48) Claidi Song: There will be a St. Patrick’s parade this year, right, Mina?
(03/02 13:48:01) Minasunda: yes but is on a sunday
(03/02 13:48:11) Minasunda: so we have a problem with RFD
(03/02 13:48:22) philipgr: One thing is do not run the TOV repair facility as it will import all the updates from MOULa into TOC and cause it to not work properly and even crash
(03/02 13:48:30) Minasunda: maybe after that – I will let you know
(03/02 13:48:45) Claidi Song: Fan Age Touring Club expedition is another non-Cavern expeirence 11:00 KI – 12:30 KI Deep Island (/hood) Every week, the Fan Age Touring Club will visit a fan Age in Deep Island. We will explore the Age, share our impressions, try to find little-known secrets and get started with the puzzles if there are any.
(03/02 13:48:49) philipgr: ^TOC
(03/02 13:49:04) Claidi Song: This Sunday, we’ll conclude the exploration of the Geologica Ages by Metabasalt & Ametist.
(03/02 13:49:27) Claidi Song: This is in Deep Island
(03/02 13:50:32) Claidi Song: So we have two cool Uru-based places The Open Cave talked about by Jodok and Philipgr
(03/02 13:50:59) Claidi Song: And Deep Island which feathers fan created ages.
(03/02 13:51:32) Claidi Song: Any questions?
(03/02 13:51:58) Sestra: Who do we contact to get an account for ToC?
(03/02 13:52:00) *Jodok*: for questions about TOC use discord please
(03/02 13:52:08) *Jodok*:
(03/02 13:52:09) Claidi Song: *features, not feathers
(03/02 13:52:17) Rabbit starts to laugh
(03/02 13:52:29) rarified was going to search for pillow stuffing.
(03/02 13:52:36) Claidi Song starts to laugh
(03/02 13:52:36) Darryl Pogue: Some Ages have feathers too 😉
(03/02 13:52:39) caver1: 🙂
(03/02 13:52:40) shokhootahn Rehn: lol
(03/02 13:52:59) Claidi Song: Cavern Events, Holidays and Anniversaries, are published on the Guild of Messengers Calendar website
(03/02 13:53:05) ScottMiller: forgive me, if this is changing the subject, but I installed Deep Island, with rTay’s help, several months ago but never got the download permitttng me to log on. I posted messages to the administartor of the guild or writers? web site about it but never got a resonse. What can I go so I can log onto Deep Island?
(03/02 13:53:06) philipgr: To get an account you can go to
(03/02 13:53:09) Claidi Song: AGM chatlogs and summary, along with much more information, is also published on this website.
(03/02 13:53:28) Claidi Song: Thank you philipgr
(03/02 13:53:44) Claidi Song: All this will be in the chatlog to be published
(03/02 13:53:52) Claidi Song: Guild of Greeters Hood provides gameplay hints and information about Cavern life for new players and ‘old’ players coming back to MOULa! Officially staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15 KI. A number of faithful Volunteers also keep the Guild of Greeters Hood open. Thank you all. I know this week the GOG was helpful.
(03/02 13:53:58) Rabbit: you get a Deep Island account at the open cave website???
(03/02 13:54:34) Claidi Song: No, Deep Island is separate. Anyone have the website on the tip of their tounges?
(03/02 13:54:44) Darryl Pogue: Deep Island and Gehn shard accounts are tied to logins on the Guild of forums
(03/02 13:54:47) Christian Walther:
(03/02 13:54:52) *Jodok*:
(03/02 13:55:00) Darryl Pogue: TOC is managed separately with its own login system
(03/02 13:55:02) deafmints: Whats the main differences between what we are on, compared to open cave? Just curious.
(03/02 13:55:04) *Jodok*: sorry
(03/02 13:55:06) Emor D’ni Lap: Deep Island info on the topic at
(03/02 13:55:06) philipgr: No only a TOC account and a TpotS account. TpotS is the TOC version of Deep Island
(03/02 13:55:11) Claidi Song: Thank you Darryl
(03/02 13:55:19) Darryl Pogue: and the Minkata shards are a separate system managed by OpenUru
(03/02 13:55:23) Claidi Song: And Emor
(03/02 13:55:23) philipgr: You need a seapare account for each one.
(03/02 13:55:26) ural: I staff gog as well
(03/02 13:55:39) Claidi Song: These are very different places
(03/02 13:55:54) Emor D’ni Lap: with different purposes
(03/02 13:56:02) caver1: ural is an original greeter.
(03/02 13:56:04) ScottMiller: when I try to log on to Deep Island, it trys to download some files gut i don’t get them qnd it fails to log on…
(03/02 13:56:10) Claidi Song: Yes, thank you ural, I know you met with a new old player 🙂
(03/02 13:56:20) Minasunda: a hint for DI and TOC is on the guild of messengers side
(03/02 13:56:26) giovanni4: Buona sera
(03/02 13:56:26) shokhootahn Rehn: Scott was asking about not getting the confirmation email from GoW. Who can he contact to get that done?
(03/02 13:56:28) Rex Havoc: He is, there is another old Greeter here, too! 🙂
(03/02 13:56:28) Dreamer3: I float in the fissure, where I can hear all conversations simultaneously.
(03/02 13:56:46) ScottMiller: Yes, that’s it Rehn!
(03/02 13:56:47) *Jodok*: please do NOT open any of the shards with administrator privileges
(03/02 13:56:55) Emor D’ni Lap: Rehn, Scott can post at the thread at
(03/02 13:56:59) Rabbit: why?
(03/02 13:57:08) Claidi Song: We are running out of time. I will make sure all the events and Uru type shards are in the chatlog.
(03/02 13:57:18) Rabbit: thanks
(03/02 13:57:19) Claidi Song: The Next AGM will meet April 6, 2024
(03/02 13:57:28) Claidi Song: That concludes the AGM agenda for the month of December!
(03/02 13:57:33) Claidi Song: /clap Thank you to all of today’s participants and to everyone, thank you for coming.