All Guilds Meeting – October 2020 – Cleansed Chatlog

(10/03 13:00:43)Korov’ev: Shorah, and welcome to the 126th All Guilds Meeting!

(10/03 13:01:07)Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leevot 16, 9676, and the time is 21:01:18

(10/03 13:01:36)Korov’ev: If there’s anyone new: welcome to the Cavern! You picked the best time to visit 🙂

(10/03 13:01:38)rarified checks watch. Kor’ may be slow.

(10/03 13:01:43)Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:

(10/03 13:01:50)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:01:51)Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.

(10/03 13:01:58)Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(10/03 13:02:05)Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.

(10/03 13:02:13)Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.

(10/03 13:02:23)Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of this meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers’ site:

(10/03 13:02:31)Korov’ev: Of course, you can start your own chatlog with “/startlog”.

(10/03 13:02:32)Kayara: rarified: Different timezone 😉

(10/03 13:02:51)Korov’ev: And congratulations to Briggs for his newborn baby!

(10/03 13:03:03)TikiBear: !

(10/03 13:03:13)Briggs: Thanks 🙂

(10/03 13:03:23)Korov’ev: It’s October!

(10/03 13:03:28)Korov’ev: The scary month… Especially at the end 😉

(10/03 13:03:35)Korov’ev: Let’s hear what’s coming up from Minasunda!

(10/03 13:04:09)Minasunda: shorah dear friends 🙂

(10/03 13:04:10)Kayara: Ah, my bad lol

(10/03 13:04:20)Minasunda: It’s October and I’m standing here, that means the Nulp Dance Group will have an event 😀

(10/03 13:04:36)Minasunda: The Halloween Party will be on October 31st at 13 KI.

(10/03 13:04:50)Minasunda: This time we chose the foggy Ahnonay for a creepy atmosphere.

(10/03 13:04:56)CT Hostess Susa’n cowers

(10/03 13:05:05)Minasunda: Yoda will create the right setting with his light effects and the Nulp Dance Group has called the ghosts to teach you to be afraid 😛

(10/03 13:05:21)Minasunda: Eternal Seeker will stream the music:

(10/03 13:05:34)Minasunda: To get to the event PM to Mir-O-Bot “link” or “meet” Make sure you have Mir-O-Bot on your buddy list. (KI # 32319)

(10/03 13:05:49)Minasunda: Further events are already in preparation – next will be the Christmas Party. But I will inform you about that at the December AGM.

(10/03 13:06:03)Minasunda: If you are not yet on the MOULa Event Discord server and would like to be informed about the events: here is the invitation link:

(10/03 13:06:14)Minasunda:

(10/03 13:06:36)Minasunda: You are interested in joining the Nulp Dance Group ? Please contact me. We look forward to new members at any time.

(10/03 13:06:52)Minasunda: The dancers are currently: Calisia, Claidi Song, ondine, tsuno, Eternal Seeker, Mabe, Roland (MAV Hungary), vony, Willy and our brand new member CatYoh

(10/03 13:07:10)Minasunda: MagicYoda does the lighting effects and other props.

(10/03 13:07:23)Minasunda: Mirphak supports us in technical questions and provides us with the Bot for the rehearsals and the shows.

(10/03 13:07:40)Minasunda: Minasunda plans the shows and writes the choreographies.

(10/03 13:07:58)Minasunda: A big Thank you, I really enjoy working with you: Mirphak, Yoda and my dancers :)))))

(10/03 13:08:25)Minasunda: If you don’t know our shows yet – here you can find the videos of all our 13 previous shows from the timid beginning until now. —

(10/03 13:08:45)Minasunda: thats all from me for now

(10/03 13:08:58)Korov’ev: there’s a question:

(10/03 13:08:58)TikiBear: NULP is anything but timid.

(10/03 13:09:00)Boywhith: The video’s of Mina are great!

(10/03 13:09:00)Minasunda: any questions ?

(10/03 13:09:05)Korov’ev: Our next question is from John-Patrick.

(10/03 13:09:06)Korov’ev: [John-Patrick] Costumes?

(10/03 13:09:24)Korov’ev: I’m assuming the question is will there be costumes?

(10/03 13:09:36)Minasunda: for the dance shows ?

(10/03 13:10:01)Minasunda: for Halloween what you wish lol

(10/03 13:10:05)Korov’ev: None new, but perhaps a contest? 😉

(10/03 13:10:23)John-Patrick: should we be in costume?

(10/03 13:10:34)Minasunda: what you wishes

(10/03 13:10:57)Eternal Seeker: you can wear what you want

(10/03 13:11:05)Korov’ev: Thank you Minasunda!

(10/03 13:11:09)Eternal Seeker: maybe naked

(10/03 13:11:18)Minasunda: something would be nice, so don’t come without it

(10/03 13:11:28)Minasunda bows

(10/03 13:11:33)CT Hostess Susa’n will be dressed

(10/03 13:11:40)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:11:46)John-Patrick: ?me hopes so 🙂

(10/03 13:11:57)Korov’ev: Next week there will be a Cavern Tour…

(10/03 13:11:59)Kayara chuckles

(10/03 13:12:05)Korov’ev: let’s hear the details from Susa’n!

(10/03 13:12:14)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:12:20)TikiBear: C! T! C! T!

(10/03 13:12:33)CT Hostess Susa’n: “Cavern Tours” are a series of walking tours that cover every Age in MOULa.

(10/03 13:12:39)CT Hostess Susa’n: lol @ TikiBear

(10/03 13:12:56)CT Hostess Susa’n: Each tour is held the second Saturday of each month from 11:00 to 13:00 KI time.

(10/03 13:13:03)CT Hostess Susa’n: The next tour is Saturday, October 10.

(10/03 13:13:18)CT Hostess Susa’n: Please meet us in Cavern Tour’s Hood at 11:00 KI time for a brief orientation.

(10/03 13:13:31)CT Hostess Susa’n: Then we will link together to the Age to be toured …

(10/03 13:13:40)CT Hostess Susa’n: which will be Gahreesen.

(10/03 13:13:49)Frobozz: ooooh

(10/03 13:13:57)CT Hostess Susa’n: If you need an invitation to Cavern Tour’s Hood, PM me after this speech.

(10/03 13:14:22)CT Hostess Susa’n: Our host, the intrepid Larry LeDeay, live-streams the tours over

(10/03 13:14:41)CT Hostess Susa’n: You will need to open this browser to hear his and my voicechat …

(10/03 13:14:48)CT Hostess Susa’n: and to hear my budgies. 😉

(10/03 13:15:05)John-Patrick: Rawa showed up last time

(10/03 13:15:09)CT Hostess Susa’n: If you create an account for, you can register for email notifications when Larry is live.

(10/03 13:15:27)CT Hostess Susa’n: Larry usually shows photos and videos on twitch you may have never seen.

(10/03 13:16:11)CT Hostess Susa’n: MIrphak — one of our very talented grey hats, who operates MIr-o-Bot — will take us to locations in the Gahreesen fortress that are inaccessible during normal game-play.

(10/03 13:16:19)CT Hostess Susa’n: We hope to see you next week.

(10/03 13:16:22)CT Hostess Susa’n: Any questions?

(10/03 13:16:25)CT Hostess Susa’n looks around for a bit

(10/03 13:16:27)Korov’ev: yes

(10/03 13:16:32)Korov’ev: Our next question is from shokhootahn Rehn.

(10/03 13:16:32)Korov’ev: [shokhootahn Rehn] Question: Will the new Ages (fan content) be included in the tours at some point or is it only for canon Ages?

(10/03 13:16:50)CT Hostess Susa’n: I will ask Larry.

(10/03 13:17:06)CT Hostess Susa’n: good question!

(10/03 13:17:24)CT Hostess Susa’n: any other qs?

(10/03 13:17:27)CT Hostess Susa’n is checking something out

(10/03 13:17:34)Korov’ev: none in queue. any?

(10/03 13:17:46)CT Hostess Susa’n: Thank you for your time.

(10/03 13:17:48)CT Hostess Susa’n bows

(10/03 13:17:48)Korov’ev: Thank you Susa’n!

(10/03 13:17:52)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:18:07)Korov’ev: And now, the monthly update from r’Tayrtahn, aka Shokhootahn Rehn!

(10/03 13:18:37)Emor D’ni Lap applauds

(10/03 13:18:41)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:19:19)shokhootahn Rehn: As always, I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.

(10/03 13:19:47)shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…

(10/03 13:20:03)shokhootahn Rehn: I am still putting things away and finding forever homes for everything after my recent move. As a result, I am reluctant to add daytime classes until further notice. They *should* be able to return sometime in the fall. If someone needs a daytime slot, contact me and we will work something out. Night time classes, however, are unaffected.

(10/03 13:20:45)shokhootahn Rehn: There are evening classes avaible on Monday, Thursday and Friday nights, starting at either 20:00 KI time, 21:00 KI time, or 21:00 KI time depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me by PM to set up a day and a time.

(10/03 13:21:07)shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.

(10/03 13:21:26)shokhootahn Rehn: Now for some exciting news…

(10/03 13:21:46)shokhootahn Rehn: Last time, I announced that there was one student taking the classes. Since then, another student has started taking the classes and is about to start leson #3 and another is about to start Lesson 1 this coming week.

(10/03 13:22:22)shokhootahn Rehn: Many of you have met Kathleen. She was the one working on their final, last time. I am pleased to announce that Kathleen has completed her final exam and passed the D’ni 101 class. Please giver her a round of applause!Many of you have met Kathleen. She was the one working on their final, last time. I am pleased to announce that Kathleen has completed her final exam and passed the D’ni 101 class. Please giver her a round of applause!

(10/03 13:22:41)shokhootahn Rehn: oops, double post

(10/03 13:22:46)rarified congratulates Kathleen.

(10/03 13:22:50)Joldila Nuri is amazed!

(10/03 13:22:55)Korov’ev: Votahret ah’shem khebahrtahtahvteeom!

(10/03 13:23:03)Keg’Ohb’eer bows to Kathleen

(10/03 13:23:29)shokhootahn Rehn: The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session. I will announce the availability of daytime classes here and on the Hood imager when they are ready to resume.

(10/03 13:23:49)shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions? Typing is slow on this PC so please be patient for my response. 🙂

(10/03 13:24:19)Fujhoo: Hi, I’ve got a question.

(10/03 13:24:40)Korov’ev: go ahead

(10/03 13:24:52)Fujhoo: Since I live on the far side of Earth, it would be late night for me. So, any recorded lessons I could attend?

(10/03 13:25:59)shokhootahn Rehn: Not at the moment. Talk to mme after the meeting. 🙂

(10/03 13:26:08)Fujhoo: Ok, thank you

(10/03 13:26:11)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:26:49)shokhootahn Rehn: .meoor

(10/03 13:26:55)Korov’ev: On to Story TIme 🙂

(10/03 13:27:08)shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…

(10/03 13:27:23)shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.

(10/03 13:27:40)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is one story behind original Story Night.

(10/03 13:27:56)shokhootahn Rehn: We are about half-way through the story of The Fall as told in the book, Myst: The Book of Ti’Ana.

(10/03 13:28:19)shokhootahn Rehn: I have been toying with the idea of live-streaming my stories. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful, to date.

(10/03 13:29:02)shokhootahn Rehn: (a combination of hardware/software issues)

(10/03 13:29:42)shokhootahn Rehn: As a workaround, I have been recording my stories and placing them on my YouTube channel: rTayrtahn (the same name as my avatar, r’Tayrtahn, but without the apostophe). The downside is that the videos do not get uploaded until the middle of the following week.

(10/03 13:30:05)Korov’ev: oh, neat 🙂

(10/03 13:30:13)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.

(10/03 13:30:33)shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.

(10/03 13:30:51)Joldila Nuri wants to ask a question…

(10/03 13:31:00)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 30 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.

(10/03 13:31:13)Joldila Nuri: Have you tried using a Facebook account to live stream?

(10/03 13:31:20)shokhootahn Rehn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.

(10/03 13:31:58)Korov’ev: Please pm questions to me 🙂

(10/03 13:33:04)shokhootahn Rehn: Should I need to cancel one of the stories at the last minute, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂

(10/03 13:33:26)shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.

(10/03 13:33:42)shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.

(10/03 13:34:09)shokhootahn Rehn: YOU *MUST* INCLUDE YOUR KI NUMBER IN THE BODY OF THE MAIL TO BE ADDED! (caps for emphasis, not for shouting)

(10/03 13:34:22)shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI number so they were unable to be added.

(10/03 13:34:46)shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!

(10/03 13:34:48)shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions? Again, typing is slow on this PC so please be patient for my response. 🙂

(10/03 13:35:04)Korov’ev: None in queue. Any?

(10/03 13:35:18)Korov’ev: Thank you, Tayrtahn!

(10/03 13:35:23)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:35:33)shokhootahn Rehn bows

(10/03 13:35:43)Emor D’ni Lap: Joldila Nuri had a question

(10/03 13:35:54)Joldila Nuri: it was answered, thank you

(10/03 13:36:10)Korov’ev: Now, let’s hear some news from the fan developers front, from Rarified!

(10/03 13:36:17)rarified: Mmmmff!

(10/03 13:36:32)rarified tries to clear the last of his blueberries from his mouth.

(10/03 13:36:47)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:36:54)rarified: Shorah All!

(10/03 13:37:17)TikiBear throws cheese

(10/03 13:37:28)rarified: It’s been a quiet month on Minkata as we all catch our breath after the excitement of August!

(10/03 13:37:53)rarified: Not to say nothing happened. We did get a small update from the GoW fixing a couple of

(10/03 13:38:10)rarified: problems with uploading pictures to imagers, and more importantly, removing places where

(10/03 13:38:17)rarified: people can stub their toes! 🙂

(10/03 13:38:50)rarified: In any event, I’ve got a list, hopefully ordered in some small way, about what I plan

(10/03 13:38:57)rarified: for future work.

(10/03 13:39:06)Joldila Nuri: My toe nail is still black.

(10/03 13:39:25)rarified: First, I will be catching up on some RL stuff put off during the madness. Mostly outdoor work.

(10/03 13:39:40)rarified: When I have time to work on MOULa, here’s where the list goes….

(10/03 13:39:55)rarified: – Keep accepting content fixes/updates for MOULa

(10/03 13:40:14)rarified: – Keep accepting/implementing urgent changes to the client.

(10/03 13:40:27)rarified: And the long term goal for this winter:

(10/03 13:40:51)Theo: A lesson hard learned. Most welcome!

(10/03 13:40:51)rarified: – Start work on migrating the MOULa client core to be based on the H’uru client.

(10/03 13:41:24)rarified: The latter takes a lot of work in many areas: build automation, code reorganization,

(10/03 13:41:26)Emor D’ni Lap: great to hear!

(10/03 13:41:43)John-Patrick says YES!

(10/03 13:41:44)rarified: code merging, and last but not least, *lots* of testing.

(10/03 13:42:18)rarified: This won’t happen before next AGM. But in less time than the traditional “Soon(tm)” I hope 😉

(10/03 13:42:51)rarified: Things I still want to cherry pick from the GoW work are additional resolutions for high res screens.

(10/03 13:43:19)rarified: So, that’s the next few months. I was surprised once the spillway opened, we didn’t hear from

(10/03 13:43:41)rarified: more artists about content. We’re ready to work with any artists that feel their work is

(10/03 13:43:52)rarified: ready for MOULa, or just general exposure.

(10/03 13:44:08)rarified: Ok, and one additional item from OpenUru in general.

(10/03 13:44:32)rarified: We’ve been watching the evolution of technical support for MOULa now that Cyan has

(10/03 13:44:53)rarified: de-emphasized it in their revinue producing projects.

(10/03 13:45:14)rarified: The suggested use of Discord as a place to resolve bugs seemed to me to be a little

(10/03 13:45:34)rarified: awkward, and unfortunately a place where things disappear quickly into historical fog.

(10/03 13:45:44)Emor D’ni Lap nods his head

(10/03 13:45:54)Keg’Ohb’eer agrres

(10/03 13:45:54)rarified: For this reason, I’ve been working on implementing a support portal for MOULa on the

(10/03 13:46:19)rarified: OpenUru servers. It’s almost ready, and has already had a few developers give it a try.

(10/03 13:46:33)Kayara: Discord is a chat software, not a bug tracker :/

(10/03 13:46:52)rarified: Look on the Cyan Discord #moul-tech-support for an announcement. I think it will work well.

(10/03 13:47:03)rarified: (At least I’ve tried to make it work “well”)

(10/03 13:47:19)rarified: That’s what I have for now. Questions?

(10/03 13:47:23)Keg’Ohb’eer asks when now?

(10/03 13:47:39)Korov’ev: So, like the Cyan Support page, but specifically for MOULa, and maintained by OpenUru?

(10/03 13:48:09)rarified: Yes. It uses a different service desk software, but will be maintained by OpenUru.

(10/03 13:48:10)Emor D’ni Lap: PM questions to Kor’ovev!

(10/03 13:48:26)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Kayara.

(10/03 13:48:26)Korov’ev: [Kayara] Does that mean commands from the Huru client will make it into the MOULa client?

(10/03 13:48:35)rarified: Questions like asking for account help will be forwarded to Cyan, the fan developers will try

(10/03 13:48:39)rarified: to handle the rest.

(10/03 13:49:08)rarified: @Kayara some of them. I’m going to apply some descretion and examine the user-facing changes

(10/03 13:49:12)Korov’ev hopes for loadclothing/saveclothing 🙂

(10/03 13:49:40)Korov’ev: Our next question is from John-Patrick.

(10/03 13:49:40)Korov’ev: [John-Patrick] That still leaves the issues with other shards?

(10/03 13:49:50)rarified: in the H’uru client to look for things most appropriate for a “public” client.

(10/03 13:50:16)rarified: The main thrust of the effort will be to take the “core” from H’uru: graphics, physics, avatar, KI.

(10/03 13:50:43)rarified: I’m not sure I can do much about the other shards, @John-Patrick.

(10/03 13:50:49)Kayara: thank you!

(10/03 13:50:51)rarified: Their client is outside of my scope.

(10/03 13:51:25)rarified: Other questions?

(10/03 13:51:39)Korov’ev: The new site could still help getting in contact with shard admins, perhaps?

(10/03 13:52:07)rarified: Ah. The support site. If another shard owner wants to use the support portal, send me

(10/03 13:52:16)rarified: a PM on discord, and we’ll work something out.

(10/03 13:52:35)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Evelyn.

(10/03 13:52:36)Korov’ev: [Evelyn] will we be able to post pictures / videos when reporting issues on the new site?

(10/03 13:52:48)John-Patrick: The issue has been with TOC, there is no one avail;able now

(10/03 13:52:49)rarified: Yes. There is an upload feature you can use.

(10/03 13:53:04)Evelyn thanks you very much!

(10/03 13:53:19)Korov’ev: Indeed, keep in mind there is currently no support for TOC.

(10/03 13:53:33)rarified: @J-P the TOC is not being “maintained” AFAIK

(10/03 13:54:01)John-Patrick: yes, I know, but when I try to help others I have been rebuffed by the mods

(10/03 13:54:33)rarified: Hmmm… I haven’t seen your exchanges, but if it is due to “inappropriate for a Cyan server”

(10/03 13:54:52)Keg’Ohb’eer: And the TOC is not being maintained here either

(10/03 13:55:01)rarified: I can see their point. I don’t know how hard it would be to open your own Discord server

(10/03 13:55:03)rarified: for TOC.

(10/03 13:55:12)John-Patrick: no, it is simply explaining what needs to be done to get the client to work

(10/03 13:55:52)rarified: This sounds like it fits into the “too detailed for AGM”. Perhaps try again in Discord #moul-discussion

(10/03 13:55:59)rarified: asking where to take the topic.

(10/03 13:56:04)Korov’ev: Main issue there is that TOC’s server is no longer aligned with the current dataset.

(10/03 13:56:16)Korov’ev: But yes, we should move on 🙂

(10/03 13:56:21)John-Patrick: Most fans do not understand the difference of “shards”

(10/03 13:56:25)rarified: Any more questions?

(10/03 13:56:36)philipgr: I used TOCs repair option to fix an issue and it created a big issue with the Watcher’s pub when it downloaded the nwe changes to the fan ages.

(10/03 13:56:48)Korov’ev: Thank you Rarified!

(10/03 13:56:49)philipgr: I crashed everytime I linked to the pub.

(10/03 13:56:55)rarified bows

(10/03 13:56:57)Emor D’ni Lap thanks rarified for his ongoing work and persistence on our behalf

(10/03 13:57:01)Briggs: Thanks Rarified!!

(10/03 13:57:03)Fujhoo bows

(10/03 13:57:06)Kayara: If it is on Cyans own Discord server, then the old “no shard discussions in the Myst Online Forum” rule might apply there as well. Maybe that is the reason, John-Patrick.

(10/03 13:57:38)John-Patrick shrugs

(10/03 13:57:43)Korov’ev: Speaking of development in general:

(10/03 13:57:55)Korov’ev: This month is Hacktoberfest!

(10/03 13:57:55)karvarn (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):

(10/03 13:58:24)Korov’ev: Submit four commits and you will win a shirt!

(10/03 13:58:41)Keg’Ohb’eer: What is a commit

(10/03 13:58:43)shokhootahn Rehn laughs

(10/03 13:58:45)Korov’ev braces for “all I got is this shirt” jokes…

(10/03 13:58:46)John-Patrick: need to convert to Korman first 🙂

(10/03 13:58:52)Korov’ev: More info at

(10/03 13:59:15)Korov’ev: What’s the relation with Uru, you might me wondering…

(10/03 13:59:40)Korov’ev: Well, you can submit code for Plasma too!

(10/03 13:59:56)John-Patrick: wow

(10/03 13:59:58)Korov’ev: The (slightly longish) address is

(10/03 14:00:24)Korov’ev: (or wait for the summary with all the links 😉

(10/03 14:00:35)Emor D’ni Lap waits for the ‘copy-from-KI’ function

(10/03 14:00:46)John-Patrick laughs

(10/03 14:00:58)Korov’ev: You can from the KI, but not from the chat, afaik

(10/03 14:01:02)Korov’ev shrugs

(10/03 14:01:10)Korov’ev: Anyway!

(10/03 14:01:14)Korov’ev: Time for the usual Fan Age Touring Club update, from the Deep Island shard.

(10/03 14:01:27)Korov’ev: Recently we visited Oolbahnneea by Wodan, Torilacha by the folks,

(10/03 14:01:43)Korov’ev: Rell-Too by Jojon and many others, Ahrkane by Ekimmai, and Pakin by Race.

(10/03 14:01:55)Korov’ev: For October, the plan is to start with Tweek’s Ages Cass, Fahets and Fehnir House, tomorrow;

(10/03 14:02:10)Korov’ev: then the recently released Yinfara, along with Ahreeuhtahv and Spiro;

(10/03 14:02:20)Korov’ev: next, we’ll look into the Devokan Trust, starting in Ahra Pahts shell 415.

(10/03 14:02:36)Korov’ev: The expeditions are on Sunday at 11:00 KIT, starting in the shard Hood (you can get there quickly with “/hood”).

(10/03 14:02:46)Korov’ev: There’s also a (mute) stream:

(10/03 14:02:52)Korov’ev: Radio Free D’ni will start right after with the preshow, at 12:30 KIT.

(10/03 14:03:02)Korov’ev: After the tour, those who still have the energy are welcome to come to my Gahreesehn for a Wall competition 😉

(10/03 14:03:24)Korov’ev: Now, some quick Cyan-related news:

(10/03 14:03:32)Korov’ev: I’ve been asked about the CavCon status update on the log-on screen.

(10/03 14:03:59)Korov’ev: With the closing of the forums, announcements are now given by Chogon through Discord;

(10/03 14:04:30)Korov’ev: I relay them as quickly as I can to the GoMe Facebook page,

(10/03 14:04:53)Korov’ev: And add them to the AGM summary.

(10/03 14:05:30)Korov’ev: Last I checked, the status for September hasn’t been announced yet.

(10/03 14:05:39)Keg’Ohb’eer: thank you Korov’ev

(10/03 14:05:43)Korov’ev: Stay tuned!

(10/03 14:05:47)John-Patrick: Chogon has been very good about updates, when asked 🙂

(10/03 14:05:57)Korov’ev: Yes 🙂

(10/03 14:06:00)Korov’ev: So…

(10/03 14:06:03)Korov’ev: In case you’ve been living in a cavern for the last weeks…

(10/03 14:06:06)Korov’ev says DOH!

(10/03 14:06:16)shokhootahn Rehn: lol

(10/03 14:06:19)Keg’Ohb’eer: Months

(10/03 14:06:19)Korov’ev: Cyan released a teaser… for a VR game…

(10/03 14:06:26)John-Patrick still is

(10/03 14:06:30)Korov’ev: Simply titled “Myst”, the ‘definitive version’ is planned to be released by the end of the year,

(10/03 14:06:38)Korov’ev: first for the Oculus Quest platform, then for PC and other VR platforms.

(10/03 14:06:45)Korov’ev: I’m not aware of any announcements about macOS or Linux ports at the moment.

(10/03 14:06:52)Korov’ev: There’s already a page on Cyan’s website:

(10/03 14:06:59)Korov’ev: with links to GOG, Steam and Oculus wishlists.

(10/03 14:07:18)Korov’ev: On Firmament: work is progressing, and Cyan has been showcasing some details of the production process:

(10/03 14:07:24)Korov’ev:

(10/03 14:07:37)Korov’ev: The game however is not expected to be released before 2022 at this time.

(10/03 14:07:57)Korov’ev: The Myst Documentary crew has teamed up with Fangamer to manage the Kickstarter rewards.

(10/03 14:08:03)Korov’ev: You should’ve received a survey to confirm some details.

(10/03 14:08:12)Korov’ev: Through Fangamer, it is now also possible to back the project past the KS deadline.

(10/03 14:08:21)Korov’ev: And with that, it’s time to wrap up this Meeting!

(10/03 14:08:27)Korov’ev: Here is the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time)…

(10/03 14:08:32)Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;

(10/03 14:08:37)Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please PM me here or on the forum so I can correct it.

(10/03 14:08:47)Korov’ev: (well, forum…)

(10/03 14:08:59)Korov’ev: Monday 5 is Ikuro Kodama’s Birthday,

(10/03 14:09:09)Korov’ev: while Saturday 31 is Riven’s 23rd anniversary!

(10/03 14:09:29)Korov’ev: Now, for what’s going on in the Cavern itself:

(10/03 14:09:34)Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.

(10/03 14:09:38)Keg’Ohb’eer: Now I’m old

(10/03 14:09:39)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 11:00: Fan Age Expedition, in Deep Island

(10/03 14:09:44)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 12:30: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(10/03 14:09:49)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gathering, in Meeting Place’s Hood

(10/03 14:09:54)Korov’ev: Mon 5 @ 19:00: Unwritten Hangout, in Unwritten RPG Hood

(10/03 14:10:01)Korov’ev: Every Mon @ 20:00 & 21:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(10/03 14:10:06)Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 11:00: Relaxing & Balancing Hour, in Guild of Healers Hood’s Delin []

(10/03 14:10:11)Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 12:30: Relaxing Session, in Veelay Tsahvahn []

(10/03 14:10:15)Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 13:00: Triosity Radio, in Messengers Pub []

(10/03 14:10:16)Keg’Ohb’eer (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):

(10/03 14:10:20)Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 13:00: Seeker’s Country Evening, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ []

(10/03 14:10:25)Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 20:00 & 21:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(10/03 14:10:30)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 13:00: Ambient Explorations, in Messengers Pub []

(10/03 14:10:34)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 15:00: Triosity Radio, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ []

(10/03 14:10:39)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 20:00 & 21:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(10/03 14:10:45)Korov’ev: Sat 10 @ 11:00: Cavern Tour, in Cavern Tour’s Hood []

(10/03 14:10:50)Korov’ev: Sat 31 @ 13:00: Halloween Party, in Mir-o-Bot Ahnonay^ []

(10/03 14:10:54)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood

(10/03 14:10:58)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Party, in Messengers Pub []

(10/03 14:11:04)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood

(10/03 14:11:06)Korov’ev needs a moment to breathe!

(10/03 14:11:13)shokhootahn Rehn: lol

(10/03 14:11:14)Korov’ev: And…

(10/03 14:11:18)Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, November 7 at 13:00 KIT.

(10/03 14:11:31)Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:

(10/03 14:11:38)Korov’ev bows

(10/03 14:11:38)Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next month!