All Guilds Meeting – September 2022 – Raw Chatlog

(09/03 13:00:15) Calum Traveler: alright, the time is now 1300 KI, and we’ll be beginning this, the September All Guilds Meet. It’s a quiet month and I don’t have a lot of speakers for today, so we’ll go about the order of this a little differently than many are used to. Namely, I’ll be saving the front loaded stuff for after our so-far only guest speaker for today. But first! Our standard Rules and Regulations of AGM behavior!
(09/03 13:00:34) Ereshkigal: No Blue Button 🙂
(09/03 13:00:54) Calum Traveler: dont press the blue button, please keep /clap and chat to a minimum while the speaker is presenting, aaaand… yeah, hold questions for after.
(09/03 13:01:02) Calum Traveler: first up, skyisblu!
(09/03 13:01:08) Calum Traveler beckons you
(09/03 13:01:15) Cpt.Jericho is more into pushing red buttons anyway
(09/03 13:01:16) rarified claps his hands
(09/03 13:01:17) Mystlander claps her hands
(09/03 13:01:21) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(09/03 13:01:22) TikiBear: DI VA DI VA DI VA
(09/03 13:01:25) skyisblu thanks you very much!
(09/03 13:01:27) Tom(Samoth) claps his hands
(09/03 13:01:32) Doobes claps his hands
(09/03 13:01:47) skyisblu: Hi everybody 🙂 So as most of you know, I am holding cooking sessions once a month in the Guild of Caterers Hood. It is a chance for us to get together, learn a new recipe and talk food, which I know we all love to do in cavern 😉
(09/03 13:02:14) Mystlander cheers
(09/03 13:02:17) skyisblu: September’s cooking session is this coming Labour Day Monday at 12 KI. I will be preparing something a little more unusual, a Swiss Chard Pie, which is delicious both as a lunch or sprinkled with powdered sugar for breakfast, and trust me when I say, it is surprising how delicious it is 😀
(09/03 13:02:50) skyisblu: The cooking session will be live-streamed via Twitch at
(09/03 13:03:17) skyisblu: I know it it not an ideal time for everyone, so if you miss the live stream, the video, as well as accompanying recipes, are always available on my website, and that includes all previous cooking streams.
(09/03 13:03:48) skyisblu: And one extra thing to note : the sessions are done in both English and French 🙂
(09/03 13:04:14) skyisblu: So if you have any pressing cooking question or just are curious about food, I look forward to chatting with you on Monday!
(09/03 13:04:49) skyisblu: Oh, and I am looking at keeping a regular monthly schedule with the sessions, too.
(09/03 13:05:02) Calum Traveler: 🙂
(09/03 13:05:13) skyisblu: That’s it – are there any questions?
(09/03 13:05:17) Calum Traveler: none in queue
(09/03 13:05:24) skyisblu: Ok 🙂
(09/03 13:05:36) Calum Traveler: thank you, sky
(09/03 13:05:40) Mystlander: I have a question!
(09/03 13:05:41) Minasunda claps her hands
(09/03 13:05:48) skyisblu: Thanks Calum
(09/03 13:06:01) SandDoone claps her hands
(09/03 13:06:02) Calum Traveler: yes, Mystlander?
(09/03 13:06:02) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/03 13:06:18) Mystlander: Have they perfected the scratch-n-smell, yet, so we can enjoy Sky’s cooking?
(09/03 13:06:23) skyisblu: LOL
(09/03 13:06:27) Calum Traveler starts to laugh
(09/03 13:06:27) angelmyst starts to laugh
(09/03 13:06:33) skyisblu: Working on that, Mystlander 😀
(09/03 13:06:37) Calum Traveler: alas, that tech is still not ready
(09/03 13:06:40) Mystlander: WOOT!
(09/03 13:06:47) Calum Traveler: i have a new request for a speaker, now, so ill call them up
(09/03 13:06:49) Calum Traveler: CT Hostess Susa’n!
(09/03 13:06:52) Calum Traveler beckons you
(09/03 13:07:17) CT Hostess Susa’n: Shorah b’shemtee!
(09/03 13:07:21) thoekenem leans right
(09/03 13:07:27) CT Hostess Susa’n: I think most of you know what are Cavern Tours.
(09/03 13:07:31) Mystlander leans left
(09/03 13:07:40) CT Hostess Susa’n: Our next Cavern Tour will be Saturday, September 24.
(09/03 13:08:07) CT Hostess Susa’n: Larry will continue our tour of Descent/Great Shaft by streaming the DIRT Descent demo and Myst V content.
(09/03 13:08:15) Frobozz claps her hands
(09/03 13:08:29) CT Hostess Susa’n: Please access and join us in Cavern Tour’s Hood at or before 11:00 KI time.
(09/03 13:08:42) CT Hostess Susa’n: I think most of you will find this tour very interesting!
(09/03 13:08:53) CT Hostess Susa’n: You may have never seen the content Larry will be streaming.
(09/03 13:08:57) CT Hostess Susa’n: We hope to see you there!
(09/03 13:09:00) CT Hostess Susa’n: Any questions?
(09/03 13:09:04) Calum Traveler: none in queue
(09/03 13:09:04) CT Hostess Susa’n looks around for a bit
(09/03 13:09:14) CT Hostess Susa’n: Thank you.
(09/03 13:09:15) CT Hostess Susa’n bows
(09/03 13:09:24) Mystlander: Susa’n?
(09/03 13:09:25) LividLiquid cheers
(09/03 13:09:36) CT Hostess Susa’n: No; the tours are not scratch n sniff
(09/03 13:09:44) Mystlander: Will rickshaw’s be provided?
(09/03 13:09:46) Calum Traveler chuckles
(09/03 13:09:47) Frobozz: lol
(09/03 13:09:54) Murry snckers
(09/03 13:09:58) CT Hostess Susa’n: No; but Larry will carry you on his back if you need it
(09/03 13:10:07) Mystlander roars with laughter
(09/03 13:10:14) CT Hostess Susa’n: 🙂
(09/03 13:10:15) Calum Traveler: alright, that’s it from our guests, now for the usual frontloading stuff that ive backloaded instead
(09/03 13:10:17) angelmyst: thats what the bot is for
(09/03 13:10:32) angelmyst: carrying us
(09/03 13:10:34) Calum Traveler: as you know! Mysterium was this last August,
(09/03 13:10:44) Mystlander: Ah, right! Thank you, angelmyst!
(09/03 13:10:54) Mystlander cheers
(09/03 13:10:57) Calum Traveler: for those that participated, a Survey can be found on the website, the latest blog post
(09/03 13:11:08) Calum Traveler: videos from the twitch stream are presently being processed for upload to youtube
(09/03 13:11:26) Calum Traveler: and as for the creativity prompt?
(09/03 13:11:34) Calum Traveler: September’s Prompt theme is Sleep/Rest.
(09/03 13:11:41) rarified: 😉
(09/03 13:11:47) Doobes: :p
(09/03 13:11:48) Calum Traveler: something i think we all need after the hectic chaos of the last month
(09/03 13:11:48) Mystlander: :p
(09/03 13:11:54) Cpt.Jericho must bump the Sleeper’s hood then
(09/03 13:12:05) Calum Traveler takes a deep breath
(09/03 13:12:08) Calum Traveler: and what a month it was,
(09/03 13:12:14) Calum Traveler: Summer Fest, Mysterium, and an Update!
(09/03 13:12:38) Calum Traveler: you can see the full list of noted features in the patch notes, if you havent already looked at them,
(09/03 13:12:40) BIG thumbs up from Mystlander
(09/03 13:12:51) Calum Traveler: highlights include: A long awaited fix to prevent marker games from breaking.
(09/03 13:13:00) Calum Traveler: alas, this doesnt save previously broken games, 🙁
(09/03 13:13:05) Calum Traveler: but it will prevent more from breaking.
(09/03 13:13:24) Calum Traveler: there is now /retrodance
(09/03 13:13:26) Calum Traveler does a funky dance
(09/03 13:13:40) skyisblu claps her hands
(09/03 13:13:46) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(09/03 13:13:46) Calum Traveler: and there is now a customizable, localized chat color feature
(09/03 13:13:50) Mystlander giggles
(09/03 13:14:14) Calum Traveler: further supporting this is an adjustment to chatlogs, to notif which lines are from Private, Buddies, or Neighbors,
(09/03 13:14:16) Calum Traveler: among others.
(09/03 13:14:32) TikiBear: enemies?
(09/03 13:14:37) Mystlander starts to laugh
(09/03 13:14:41) ShilohOBrien: Mild annoyances?
(09/03 13:14:56) Calum Traveler: “error” or “Customer Care” :p
(09/03 13:15:10) Calum Traveler: we’re looking into other potential chat customization features later down the line,
(09/03 13:15:13) rarified [MUTED] (09/03 13:15:34) Mystlander snickers
(09/03 13:15:45) TikiBear: candy?
(09/03 13:15:45) Calum Traveler: one proposed idea is to give event organizers a special, toggleable chat color/notif header, for events such as this here AGM, or say, a Door Run contest.
(09/03 13:16:12) Thumbs up from MindWalker
(09/03 13:16:12) Mystlander cheers
(09/03 13:16:24) Calum Traveler: no work has been done on this yet, but we’ve heard some folks requesting the idea in the past for certain things, and I think there’s a use for it in enough cases that it could be a valuable tool
(09/03 13:16:38) Calum Traveler: that said, we likely wont advertise the /command for it publicly,
(09/03 13:16:44) Calum Traveler: only tell event organizers,
(09/03 13:16:50) Calum Traveler: so as to reduce the chances of people trolling with it.
(09/03 13:17:09) ShilohOBrien: No Trolls Allowed!
(09/03 13:17:13) Mystlander nods head
(09/03 13:17:17) TikiBear: Gnomes are OK
(09/03 13:17:25) rarified: Ogres too
(09/03 13:17:25) Calum Traveler: speaking of events like the AGM,
(09/03 13:17:27) Tom(Samoth): and Bahro’s…
(09/03 13:17:32) Mystlander: Did you find your gnome, Tiki?
(09/03 13:17:41) Calum Traveler: this last wednesday we had a Storyteller Town Hall in the Great Tree Hood.
(09/03 13:18:01) Calum Traveler: there, i ICly announced plans to hold negotiations with the people of Rei’schu,
(09/03 13:18:08) Calum Traveler: here, i’d like to talk briefly about my OOC plans for it.
(09/03 13:18:19) Calum Traveler takes a deep breath to brace self.
(09/03 13:18:33) Calum Traveler: i have a couple of routes for how this could possibly play out.
(09/03 13:18:55) Mystlander is all ears
(09/03 13:19:05) Calum Traveler: the first is that i gather volunteers who wish to engage in this, either in discord, or here in cavern, and i host, essentially, a somewhat modified Unwritten Session
(09/03 13:19:54) Calum Traveler: in the discord scenario, this would likely be a voice call, and recorded for posterity
(09/03 13:20:05) Calum Traveler: in the cavern scenario, this would be entirely /chatlog’d over text
(09/03 13:20:27) Mystlander: No movies?
(09/03 13:20:39) Calum Traveler: the second option is that we handle this essentially off screen,
(09/03 13:20:52) Calum Traveler: in which i gather the volunteers, ask them how they want to play through events, what their goals are, etc,
(09/03 13:21:04) Calum Traveler: and craft a novel-type after-action report based on those events,
(09/03 13:21:28) Calum Traveler: honestly, i think the unwritten session style of things would be far more fun 😉
(09/03 13:22:25) angelmyst is intrigued
(09/03 13:22:26) Calum Traveler: ill be accepting volunteers either through DM here in cavern, or on Discord,
(09/03 13:22:32) Calum Traveler: also,
(09/03 13:22:38) Calum Traveler: related to discord
(09/03 13:22:39) Mystlander thinks “hmmm’
(09/03 13:22:47) Calum Traveler: on Cyan Chat, after some, ah, recent discussions,
(09/03 13:22:57) Calum Traveler: we now have a separate discussion channel for story related talks
(09/03 13:23:09) Calum Traveler: it’s #moula-story-chat
(09/03 13:23:20) Calum Traveler: if you want to talk about more about this with me, we can do so there. 🙂
(09/03 13:23:23) Calum Traveler: question from skyisblu:
(09/03 13:23:29) Calum Traveler: what is an unwritten session?
(09/03 13:23:33) Calum Traveler takes a breath
(09/03 13:23:42) Calum Traveler: okay, so that’s a bit of a long story so ill try to TLDR it
(09/03 13:24:04) Calum Traveler: for those unaware, “Unwritten” is a Myst-verse Role Play system, based on the FATE RPG system,
(09/03 13:24:36) Calum Traveler: think Dungeons and Dragons, except with fewer numbered dice,
(09/03 13:25:06) Calum Traveler: a Fate die basically has a few options on it- positive, negative, neutral, and you roll those based on an action,
(09/03 13:25:24) Calum Traveler: so instead of needing to roll a nat 20 to get the best result, you’d just have to roll a positive response, i think
(09/03 13:25:31) Calum Traveler: actually we have a /roll fate command
(09/03 13:25:33) Calum Traveler rolled fate values of [1, 1, 0, -1] for a total of 1.
(09/03 13:25:44) ShilohOBrien rolled fate values of [0, -1, -1, 0] for a total of -2.
(09/03 13:26:02) Calum Traveler: so yeah, you’ll see theres a 0, -1, and +1,
(09/03 13:26:06) Calum Traveler: neutral, negative, positive,
(09/03 13:26:14) Cpt.Jericho rolls with eyes
(09/03 13:26:20) Calum Traveler: those add up to a total number for your action
(09/03 13:26:35) Calum Traveler: obviously the more positive the better your action will turn out,
(09/03 13:27:15) Calum Traveler: (we also have other /roll functions, such as “/roll” “/roll 1d20” or other variables)
(09/03 13:27:17) Mystlander: I thought you were going to select an Ambassador for this encounter, Calum?
(09/03 13:27:26) Calum Traveler: the volunteers will be the ambassadors, Mystlander
(09/03 13:27:49) Calum Traveler: its just that they’ll be doing their ambassadorialness through one of these routes,
(09/03 13:27:56) Prad: ambassassins
(09/03 13:27:57) Mystlander: ALL of them?! Won’t that be a little confusing?
(09/03 13:28:21) Calum Traveler: well, that depends,
(09/03 13:28:22) ShilohOBrien: Maybe “delegates” might be a better term?
(09/03 13:28:28) Calum Traveler: delegates is a better word, yes
(09/03 13:28:38) Mystlander: Ah, much better…
(09/03 13:28:39) Calum Traveler: regardless, this is a meeting of the peoples style of scenario
(09/03 13:28:56) Calum Traveler: multiple people from D’ni, multiple people from Rei’schu,
(09/03 13:29:13) Calum Traveler: how it plays out will be entirely up to the volunteers/delegates who want to get involved with this.
(09/03 13:29:34) Calum Traveler: ill be GMing the scenario, but the end result… that’s up to the Players.
(09/03 13:29:50) Calum Traveler: essentially, this is one big experiment towards seeing how you all- motions to the audience
(09/03 13:29:55) Calum Traveler: can affect our ongoing story
(09/03 13:30:03) Ereshkigal: It sounds great!
(09/03 13:30:08) Mystlander: So you intend to have two groups of volunteers… one grouop to play D’ni delegates, and one group to play Rei’schuians?
(09/03 13:30:29) Calum Traveler: no, just the explorer side of the delegates,
(09/03 13:30:58) Calum Traveler: it’d get a bit too complicated if i turn this into a PVP event
(09/03 13:31:16) Calum Traveler: and PVP is kind of explicitly against what im trying to do here- build something.
(09/03 13:31:39) ShilohOBrien: Especially since the first rule of PVP is : Kill the healer first. 🙂
(09/03 13:31:50) ShilohOBrien: I’m sure Dr. Q would object.
(09/03 13:31:57) Calum Traveler: you all seem to have responded better to the positive building story elements we’ve presented so far,
(09/03 13:32:07) Calum Traveler: so im hoping that this will continue that trent.
(09/03 13:32:10) Calum Traveler: trend*
(09/03 13:32:50) Calum Traveler: finally, on one slightly more dour note, id like to reaffirm that we’ve temporarily put on pause the Sabboteur story arc given recent concerns over it- both externally with yall, and internally within the Storytellers
(09/03 13:33:11) Calum Traveler: we’re re-evaluating how it will play out, and we feel that it’s at a good point to take a rest for the time being.
(09/03 13:33:52) Calum Traveler: and rest is really what we all need, i think
(09/03 13:34:05) Tom(Samoth): So it is an entirenly new RPG, but based on the ‘Unwritten ‘ rules, if I understand well?
(09/03 13:34:29) Calum Traveler: ill be skewing close to Unwritten’s rulesets, tom, yes,
(09/03 13:34:51) Calum Traveler: but for example the /fate rolls would be more towards convincing arguments rather than a successful action feat
(09/03 13:35:08) Calum Traveler uses Charm!
(09/03 13:35:10) Calum Traveler rolled fate values of [0, 1, -1, 0] for a total of 0.
(09/03 13:35:17) Calum Traveler didn’t really sway anyone…
(09/03 13:35:38) Calum Traveler: as an example :p
(09/03 13:36:08) Mystlander: I like the idea of getting all the volunteers in the Conference Room at MeGOM
(09/03 13:36:13) Tom(Samoth): :)) thanks. But based on a new story?
(09/03 13:36:41) Calum Traveler: the rei’schu story arc is something of a bit of a long running thing ive been teasing for years now,
(09/03 13:36:55) Calum Traveler: im just now getting into a position where the content is actually getting into game…
(09/03 13:37:03) Calum Traveler: such as, tries to pivot again for the third time
(09/03 13:37:06) Calum Traveler: Eder Naybree!
(09/03 13:37:22) IwonK cheers
(09/03 13:37:29) Calum Traveler: next friday, the 9th, the Garden Age of Eder Naybree will be releasing in Chiso Preniv
(09/03 13:37:39) Calum Traveler: what time? don’t know, it’s up to Chogon to do at his liesure,
(09/03 13:37:40) Karel cheers
(09/03 13:37:45) Calum Traveler: im. not holding an event for it,
(09/03 13:37:45) Mystlander: WOOT! WOOT!
(09/03 13:38:06) Calum Traveler: as ive said repeatedly over the last month, im pretty exhausted from a lot of work- mainly mysterium stuff but also some uru stuff-
(09/03 13:38:14) Calum Traveler: and i just dont have the energy to host a big book reveal,
(09/03 13:38:16) Detective Harry Williams: the 9th is in six days
(09/03 13:38:21) Thumbs up from Calum Traveler
(09/03 13:38:41) Calum Traveler: so, yeah. Naybree will be released on the 9th, and yall can get a glimpse, properly, of the things that are to come.
(09/03 13:38:54) Calum Traveler: Naybree can be considered the “Prologue” to this Rei’schu arc,
(09/03 13:38:58) Calum Traveler: in terms of ages,
(09/03 13:38:58) Mystlander: Go get some REST, Calum Traveler… you deserve it!
(09/03 13:39:14) Calum Traveler thanks you very much!
(09/03 13:39:29) Eternal Seeker waves hello
(09/03 13:39:34) Calum Traveler: okay, on that note, im going to do one last call for any other speakers
(09/03 13:39:46) Calum Traveler: does ANYONE have anything theyd like to announce for the coming month?
(09/03 13:39:52) Calum Traveler: events? otherwise?
(09/03 13:39:58) Calum Traveler looks around
(09/03 13:40:09) Calum Traveler: going once, going twice…
(09/03 13:40:27) Minasunda leans right
(09/03 13:40:28) Cpt.Jericho wonders if there is another garden called Ayebree?
(09/03 13:40:31) Eternal Seeker leans left
(09/03 13:40:35) Calum Traveler: and ive got a last second entry from Iwonk!
(09/03 13:40:36) Mystlander claps her hands
(09/03 13:40:40) neurovac claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:44) Cpt.Jericho claps her hands
(09/03 13:40:45) Mouski claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:45) Massygo claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:46) Ereshkigal claps her hands
(09/03 13:40:47) Murry claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:48) Christian Walther claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:49) uwe claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:53) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:53) Doobes claps his hands
(09/03 13:40:56) skyisblu cheers
(09/03 13:40:57) angelmyst leans left
(09/03 13:40:58) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(09/03 13:41:06) IwonK: ok, I’ll be brief 😀
(09/03 13:41:07) Mystlander cheers on iwonk
(09/03 13:41:48) IwonK: on Friday September 16th I’ll be streaming live on my twitch channel:
(09/03 13:42:17) IwonK: we meet in the Guild of Cookies’ Hood (which will be set to public like 1h before the stream starts)
(09/03 13:42:31) IwonK: we all gather around the heek table
(09/03 13:42:52) IwonK: in the stream I’ll be drawing and talking about this month’s topic: Educational Video Games
(09/03 13:42:53) Mystlander: Does that include all the cookies we can eat?
(09/03 13:43:04) IwonK: there will definitely be cookies :d
(09/03 13:43:10) IwonK: 😀
(09/03 13:43:11) angelmyst: cookie of the month club
(09/03 13:43:13) Calum Traveler grins
(09/03 13:43:13) Mystlander giggles
(09/03 13:43:23) IwonK: ok, that’s all 😀 see you there
(09/03 13:43:25) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/03 13:43:26) IwonK waves hello
(09/03 13:43:30) Mystlander: I’ll bring the milk!
(09/03 13:43:31) Calum Traveler: thanks iwon!
(09/03 13:43:45) Calum Traveler: with that, ill close up for tonight
(09/03 13:43:58) Mystlander: Thank you Calum!
(09/03 13:43:58) Calum Traveler: dont forget Cavern Karaoke is tonight at 1600 KI in the GoMePub
(09/03 13:43:58) LividLiquid cheers
(09/03 13:44:02) Finley Harlow claps his hands
(09/03 13:44:05) ShilohOBrien: Thanks, Calum!
(09/03 13:44:05) Calum Traveler: dont forget to grab your Mysterium Ts from there too!
(09/03 13:44:06) IwonK: thanks, Cal 🙂
(09/03 13:44:07) skyisblu: Yay Karaoke!
(09/03 13:44:13) Ereshkigal: Thanks a lot, Calm!!!
(09/03 13:44:17) Detective Harry Williams: if anyone wants to help me with a “door run”, I’m here
(09/03 13:44:22) IwonK: see you later, everyone 🙂
(09/03 13:44:27) uwe thanks you
(09/03 13:44:30) Calum Traveler: and if you’re unaware of the CavCon, sling a few D’ni Dollars Cyan’s way 😉
(09/03 13:44:40) Calum Traveler: thank you all for coming, and ill see you all, next time!
(09/03 13:44:41) IwonK: did somebody say… door run? :>
(09/03 13:44:41) Calum Traveler bows
(09/03 13:44:43) Christian Walther claps his hands
(09/03 13:44:46) Emrai claps his hands
(09/03 13:44:47) Detective Harry Williams: I did.
(09/03 13:44:48) Calum Traveler: shorah b’shemtee!
(09/03 13:44:48) thoekenem claps his hands
(09/03 13:44:49) Doobes:
(09/03 13:44:51) Isa =^.^=: Sure Detective Harry
(09/03 13:44:52) ShilohOBrien: Give monthy, give generously.
(09/03 13:44:52) Prad: DOn’t fight for the shirts, there’s enough for everybody :p
(09/03 13:44:56) skyisblu: Thank you Calum 🙂