All Guilds Meeting – September 2023 – Raw Chatlog

(09/02 13:00:09) Claidi Song: It is time. AGM has officially begun!
(09/02 13:00:16) Claidi Song: !shorah b’shemtee Welcome to the 161st All Guilds Meeting!
(09/02 13:00:17) philipgr: Shorah Podhopper 🙂
(09/02 13:00:24) PodHopper: Shorah everyone 🙂
(09/02 13:00:28) Claidi Song: Some of you may have noticed I’m not Calum. 🙂 I’ve stepped in as AGM moderator. I’m excited. Our MOULa community is an amazing group of people!.
(09/02 13:00:40) Claidi Song: By the D’ni calendar, today is Leetahr 20, 9679, and the time is 16:02:22.
(09/02 13:00:47) Claidi Song: If you are new to the Cavern or returning after being away for some time: Welcome! You’ve arrived at an exciting time in MOULa!
(09/02 13:00:47) IwonK leans left
(09/02 13:00:49) Scharminius leans right
(09/02 13:01:01) ScottMiller: Shorah Scharm, Pod :)!
(09/02 13:01:02) Claidi Song: All Guilds’ Meeting (AGM) meets from 13:00-13:55 KI on the first Saturday of each month. All KI times correspond to the Mountain Time Zone.
(09/02 13:01:17) Claidi Song: To give each speaker all the time they need and have time for Q&A after each one, there are Five Meeting Rules. Please:
(09/02 13:01:19) Minasunda leans right
(09/02 13:01:24) Claidi Song: 1. Keep chatter to a minimum while the speakers are talking. An occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.
(09/02 13:01:28) uwe leans left
(09/02 13:01:31) Claidi Song: 2. Save questions until the speaker asks for questions at the end of their
(09/02 13:01:41) Claidi Song: presentation.
(09/02 13:01:58) Claidi Song: Or DM questions to me to add to the questions queue for Q&A. q3. Speakers: please indicate when you are ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.
(09/02 13:02:25) Claidi Song: 3. Speakers: please indicate when you are ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.
(09/02 13:02:25) ScottMiller: DM?
(09/02 13:02:30) Claidi Song: 4. If a question requires a long answer, we may need to skip it to stay on track. In that case, please, PM the speaker after they’ve left the platform.
(09/02 13:02:36) Claidi Song: 5. A summary and the chatlog of this meeting will be published within a few days on the Guild of Messengers’ website: Of course, you can start your own chatlog by typing: /startlog
(09/02 13:02:55) Claidi Song: 1st Cyan news:
(09/02 13:03:07) Claidi Song: On September 24, 1993, Cyan and Broderbund released Myst. Hard to believe but this is 2023. Right? So, September 24, Myst will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary!
(09/02 13:03:21) Claidi Song cheers
(09/02 13:03:23) MindWalker cheers
(09/02 13:03:27) shokhootahn Rehn cheers
(09/02 13:03:31) thoekenem cheers
(09/02 13:03:32) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:03:33) Cid. claps his hands
(09/02 13:03:33) Christopher Therburg cheers
(09/02 13:03:35) philipgr: cheer
(09/02 13:03:40) philipgr cheers
(09/02 13:03:42) norm7629 cheers
(09/02 13:03:45) TikiBear noticed his resolution decrease
(09/02 13:03:45) ScottMiller claps his hands
(09/02 13:03:45) GooberChilla cheers
(09/02 13:03:45) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:03:50) Claidi Song: First on the agenda, Calum has news from Mysterium. Welcome to the platform stranger! :))
(09/02 13:04:00) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:04:01) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:01) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:04:03) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:05) thoekenem claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:05) Calum Traveler waves hello
(09/02 13:04:06) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:06) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:06) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:09) Scharminius claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:13) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:04:19) ScottMiller claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:19) Calum Traveler: hi all! Usual Mysterium stuff!
(09/02 13:04:20) philipgr claps his hands
(09/02 13:04:28) Calum Traveler: incase you havent seen, a new blogpost was recently published
(09/02 13:04:47) Calum Traveler: as you know, Mysterium is going to be in Canada next year!
(09/02 13:05:14) Calum Traveler: there are links on the location page ( ) to help you get sorted out with passport information if you’re traveling from the US.
(09/02 13:05:30) Calum Traveler: that said
(09/02 13:05:31) Calum Traveler: Also, and this cannot be overstressed: rely on official sources for immigration information. We are simply providing these links for convenience. Do not rely on advice from our Discord server or any other unofficial source.
(09/02 13:06:01) Calum Traveler: next: The Theme for next year has been decided! Serenia!
(09/02 13:06:41) Calum Traveler: Since this will be the 20th anniversary of Revelation, and it is taking place in Montreal, this is one of those no brainer themes. (Think of the waterways in Montreal!)
(09/02 13:06:48) Prad singing in siren voice
(09/02 13:07:20) Calum Traveler: TShirt Submissions are now OPEN
(09/02 13:07:33) Calum Traveler: submissions will be accepted until FEBRUARY 25TH
(09/02 13:07:51) Calum Traveler: please check out the Tshirt Design Page ( ) for more info!
(09/02 13:08:07) Calum Traveler: finally, the JULY prompt winners
(09/02 13:08:25) Calum Traveler: July’s Prompt was Sun, and there are now two categories, one for written works, and one for visual works
(09/02 13:08:50) Calum Traveler: the written winner was Salvo Ludis with the story “Gehn’s Sun”
(09/02 13:09:09) Calum Traveler: and the artwork winner was redwoodrroad with an amazing depiction of Gehn’s Lab!
(09/02 13:09:19) ScottMiller: I wish Mysterium would be held somewhere closer to hom, like Palm Springs or San Diego, CA…
(09/02 13:09:30) Calum Traveler: you can find the story at:
(09/02 13:09:57) Calum Traveler: Finally, August’s creativity prompt “Blazing” has closed, and voting is under way on the discord. September’s prompt is “Back to School”
(09/02 13:10:09) Calum Traveler: thats it from me!
(09/02 13:10:10) Calum Traveler bows
(09/02 13:10:16) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:17) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:18) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:18) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:19) Sestra claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:19) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:20) Karel claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:20) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:21) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:21) Scharminius claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:21) philipgr claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:21) Nosila claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:22) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:23) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:24) Claidi Song claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:24) Claidi Song: Thank you, Calum!
(09/02 13:10:25) ScottMiller claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:26) Minasunda claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:26) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:26) Calum Traveler: any Qs?
(09/02 13:10:27) uwe claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:28) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:38) Calum Traveler: yes, no? going once… twice…
(09/02 13:10:39) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(09/02 13:10:43) Thumbs up from Calum Traveler
(09/02 13:10:43) GooberChilla claps her hands
(09/02 13:10:48) rarified: *poof*
(09/02 13:10:55) uru348 claps his hands
(09/02 13:10:57) Claidi Song: Next, rarified has some information about the next MOULa update. The stage is yours rarified!
(09/02 13:10:58) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:07) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:08) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:11) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:11:12) philipgr claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:12) thoekenem claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:12) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:11:14) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:11:15) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:16) Massygo claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:19) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:20) GooberChilla claps her hands
(09/02 13:11:25) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:26) rarified: Um, how much can a stage sell for? 😉
(09/02 13:11:27) Scharminius claps his hands
(09/02 13:11:37) rarified: Shorah all!
(09/02 13:12:12) rarified: We’re actually doing it. We’ve started to choose what goes into the next update.
(09/02 13:12:20) rarified: (I think you’ll be pleased).
(09/02 13:12:22) shokhootahn Rehn cheers
(09/02 13:12:45) rarified: That means very shortly serious development will stop for a month, and a testing schedule
(09/02 13:12:55) rarified: will be announced on the Minkata shards.
(09/02 13:13:10) rarified: (Not counting I broke one of them this morning *cringe*)
(09/02 13:13:18) Calum Traveler winces
(09/02 13:13:49) rarified: If we are lucky, and follow the testing past history without major faults, we’ll get Cyan
(09/02 13:14:11) rarified: the new material at the end of September and (again if all goes well) onto MOULa
(09/02 13:14:16) rarified: mid-October!
(09/02 13:14:26) shokhootahn Rehn cheers
(09/02 13:14:30) blutec cheers
(09/02 13:14:31) Christopher Therburg cheers
(09/02 13:14:35) Thumbs up from Calum Traveler
(09/02 13:14:38) rarified: We have updates to several ages, and at least one new age for you. I’m not
(09/02 13:14:42) ShilohOBrien cheers
(09/02 13:14:53) rarified: going to divulge the goodies — that’s up to the contributors.
(09/02 13:15:20) rarified: So, that’s the current status. As always, if you want to volunteer as a test user
(09/02 13:15:42) rarified: and don’t mind seeing spoilers, you can join our community on the OpenUru
(09/02 13:15:52) rarified: Discord server’s #test channel.
(09/02 13:15:58) rarified: Any questions?
(09/02 13:16:10) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(09/02 13:16:28) rarified: Ok. The clock ticketh.
(09/02 13:16:29) rarified bows
(09/02 13:16:30) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:34) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(09/02 13:16:34) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:16:34) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:35) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:36) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:36) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:36) Sestra claps her hands
(09/02 13:16:37) Minasunda claps her hands
(09/02 13:16:37) Scharminius claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:37) Nosila claps her hands
(09/02 13:16:38) uwe claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:38) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:16:39) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:41) uru348 claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:41) ScottMiller claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:42) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:43) Theo claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:45) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:16:45) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:16:52) Claidi Song: Moving into Cavern events, news and updates:
(09/02 13:17:06) Claidi Song: From Iwonk, a sneak peek into her next Wonky Talk. IwonK the stage is yours!
(09/02 13:17:16) Prad: and don’t spoiler things to MOULa as a test user – you will be seeing things before people see it on MOULa (oops that sounded alien lol)
(09/02 13:17:18) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:19) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:19) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:23) Massygo claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:23) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:23) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:17:24) thoekenem claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:24) IwonK waves hello
(09/02 13:17:27) Scharminius claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:28) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:17:34) philipgr claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:34) uwe claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:35) IwonK: I’ll be streaming my Wonky Talk on Friday, September 15th at 15 KI in the Guild of Cookies’ Hood (we sit near the heek table)
(09/02 13:17:35) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:17:38) cameo cheers
(09/02 13:17:48) IwonK: This month’s topic is “non-human characters in games”! I have some titles in my mind already but if you know any interesting games I could talk about (and draw), feel free to throw them my way 🙂
(09/02 13:17:55) shokhootahn Rehn: That’s a lot of 15s!
(09/02 13:18:03) IwonK: join me on my Twitch channel (, there will be cookies 🙂
(09/02 13:18:14) IwonK: any Qs in the Q?
(09/02 13:18:15) Scharminius: 15 for 2… 😉
(09/02 13:18:24) Claidi Song: nope
(09/02 13:18:30) IwonK bows
(09/02 13:18:32) Sestra claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:33) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:35) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:35) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:36) Nosila claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:36) Karel claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:37) Claidi Song claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:37) Claidi Song: Thank you, IwonK!
(09/02 13:18:38) Scharminius claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:38) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:40) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:41) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:41) Minasunda claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:42) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:43) Massygo claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:43) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:43) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:44) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:46) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:46) uru348 claps his hands
(09/02 13:18:46) B’ni Rabbit claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:52) GooberChilla claps her hands
(09/02 13:18:59) ScottMiller claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:01) Claidi Song: Next is from shokhootahn Rehn about Story Night and Dni language classes. Welcome to the stage shokhootahn Rehn!d
(09/02 13:19:11) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:13) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:19:15) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:16) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:17) thoekenem claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:18) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:18) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:19:20) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:28) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:19:33) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.
(09/02 13:19:50) shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…
(09/02 13:20:32) shokhootahn Rehn: There are evening classes available on weekday evenings on Tuesday through Friday starting at 20:00, 21:00 or 22:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. There are daytime openings starting at either 12:00 KI time, 13:00 KI time, or 14:00 KI time, again, depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me by PM to set up a day and a time, KI mail me at KI# 80428, or on Discord at r’Tayrtahn#1317.
(09/02 13:21:03) shokhootahn Rehn: All classes are Monday through Friday, only. There are no weekend classes available.
(09/02 13:21:16) shokhootahn Rehn: Though, daytime availability is subject to change with little or no notice.
(09/02 13:21:27) shokhootahn Rehn: If you are going to contact me by KI-mail, remember to inclue your KI #.
(09/02 13:21:40) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.
(09/02 13:22:18) shokhootahn Rehn: I see that Mr Magic is back in the cavern…
(09/02 13:22:26) Claidi Song cheers
(09/02 13:22:33) Korov’ev cheers
(09/02 13:22:35) shokhootahn Rehn: I will use Magic Bot’s (KI #27527) advertisements (when he’s on) to announce last-minute changes to class times.
(09/02 13:22:48) shokhootahn Rehn: You can get those advertisements by adding him as a buddy and then sending him a PM with the word: advert
(09/02 13:23:06) shokhootahn Rehn: If Magic Bot is not on-line, you can also PM Mimi Bot (KI #71459) the word, as well.
(09/02 13:23:23) shokhootahn Rehn needs to remember to set up the adverts, today!
(09/02 13:24:21) shokhootahn Rehn: Currently, there are is student taking the classes, and has one more class to attend.
(09/02 13:24:31) shokhootahn Rehn: *rwo more classes
(09/02 13:24:43) shokhootahn Rehn: The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session.
(09/02 13:24:53) shokhootahn Rehn: I have one request for visitors: Please do not post pellet points into the Hood imager…
(09/02 13:25:02) shokhootahn Rehn: One of my former students, Yutiel, is listed on that imager. I have refrained from posting pellets to maintain her name at the top as a form of memorial. It’s why I haven’t posted pellet points above 168345: it was to keep her name at the top of the list.
(09/02 13:25:16) shokhootahn Rehn: She was a great student and became a close friend in the process.
(09/02 13:25:24) shokhootahn Rehn: She was another explorer who left us way too soon.
(09/02 13:25:30) shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions?
(09/02 13:25:33) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(09/02 13:25:40) shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…
(09/02 13:25:45) shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.
(09/02 13:26:06) shokhootahn Rehn: Last month, we started the story from the novel, Myst: The Book of D’ni. There are eight parts, total. Tonight is part four. After that, we will begin the story from the game of Exile. Tonight is story are number 78 of 104 in the story cycle of the history of D’ni.
(09/02 13:26:27) shokhootahn Rehn: So, there is still plenty of history to go!
(09/02 13:26:36) shokhootahn Rehn: As I said, after the Book of D’ni, we will begin the story from the game of Exile. Eventually, we will cover all of the books and games. as well as the three human attempts at the restoration of D’ni!
(09/02 13:27:06) shokhootahn Rehn: I am recording Story Night for (eventual) upload to my YouTube channel (r’Tayrtahn). I have created an avatar for the purpose of recording. His name is “I’m a bot, do not message”. Please do not PM him during the story unless you want to see your message displayed for the entire internet. 😉
(09/02 13:27:32) shokhootahn Rehn: Currently, I am caught up with video compression. Unfortunately, I have a sizable backlog of videos to edit and upload. To my channel subscribers, please be patient; I am slowly working through it. 🙂
(09/02 13:27:45) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.
(09/02 13:27:53) shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.
(09/02 13:28:08) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 30 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.
(09/02 13:28:29) shokhootahn Rehn: Also, on September 23, there will be no Story Night due to it being a family member’s birthday weekend and I will be traveling. 🙂
(09/02 13:28:46) shokhootahn Rehn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.
(09/02 13:28:58) shokhootahn Rehn: Should I need to cancel one of the stories at the last minute, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂
(09/02 13:29:22) shokhootahn Rehn: Minasunda is one of those members, as she runs the announcements channel on Discord.
(09/02 13:29:33) shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.
(09/02 13:29:48) shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender. Though the sender is added to the Recents folder, it is still a good idea to add it to the body of the text. 🙂
(09/02 13:30:29) shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!
(09/02 13:30:34) shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions?
(09/02 13:30:37) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(09/02 13:30:44) shokhootahn Rehn bows
(09/02 13:30:47) Claidi Song claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:48) Claidi Song: Thank you, shokhootahn Rehn!
(09/02 13:30:48) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:49) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:49) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:50) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:50) Karel claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:50) Sestra claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:50) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:51) Massygo claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:52) Minasunda claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:53) Nosila claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:53) Babbeltje.40 claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:53) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:53) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:54) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:55) NinF claps her hands
(09/02 13:30:55) Asketil claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:55) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:55) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:30:56) uwe claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:02) ScottMiller claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:02) uru348 claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:06) Claidi Song: And now, from Korovev, news about the Deep Island Expedition. Welcome Korovev!
(09/02 13:31:17) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:17) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:18) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:31:19) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:20) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:31:21) Asketil claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:22) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:22) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:22) Scharminius claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:23) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:31:24) Korov’ev: Oops
(09/02 13:31:25) Theo cheers
(09/02 13:31:25) NinF claps her hands
(09/02 13:31:28) PodHopper: wb philip 🙂
(09/02 13:31:33) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:34) Korov’ev waves hello
(09/02 13:31:34) Korov’ev: Shorah everybeing 🙂
(09/02 13:31:38) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:31:45) Korov’ev: I bring you an update on the Fan Ages Touring Club Expeditions, held weekly on the Deep Island shard.
(09/02 13:32:02) Korov’ev keeps trying pasting text DI style
(09/02 13:32:14) Korov’ev: In August, we completed the Secret of the Rainbow series by JJ Jaguar, with Somahoglahn and Edereden.
(09/02 13:32:25) Korov’ev: We then uncovered the mysteries of Kodahlahn and Tyldahlahn, by Itep Edor, Corvus, Wodan, Falke, Fruti, Dulcamara.
(09/02 13:32:37) Korov’ev: In September, we will try to explore Alabaster’s Depths, by Dulcamara…
(09/02 13:32:48) Korov’ev: I say “try”, because currently there’s a bug, that often shows up in a few other ages, which only lets the first 4-5 people in; everyone else trying to link there crashes.
(09/02 13:33:06) Korov’ev: But if we can’t manage, there’s a plan B!
(09/02 13:33:23) Korov’ev: Since we recently visited the Maintainers’ Gateway – the most recently released age on DI – it’ll be time to begin the third cycle of the Fan Ages Expeditions!
(09/02 13:33:49) Korov’ev: We will start again from the very beginning of fan age building, with creations from 2005.
(09/02 13:34:04) Korov’ev: The expeditions are on Sunday at 11:00 KIT, starting in the shard’s only hood (which you can reach quickly by typing “/hood”).
(09/02 13:34:13) Korov’ev: You can find a quick setup guide for the Deep Island shard at
(09/02 13:34:22) Korov’ev: There’s also an (uncommented) stream at:
(09/02 13:34:32) Korov’ev: More of a virtual GoPro than a proper stream 🙂
(09/02 13:34:45) Korov’ev: More info and guidelines on the Expeditions can be found at
(09/02 13:34:55) Korov’ev: By the way, I also have a request on behalf of Mystitech:
(09/02 13:35:05) Korov’ev looks at his shirt
(09/02 13:35:11) Korov’ev: We are currently filming a scene on DI, that requires a crowd…
(09/02 13:35:20) Korov’ev: So if anyone can lend a hand, please show up next Saturday
(09/02 13:35:27) Korov’ev: The time may be a bit difficult for the American crowd, though, as it’ll be at 3:00 am KI time (11:00 pm CEST)
(09/02 13:35:46) Korov’ev: And that’s all I got! Any questions?
(09/02 13:35:49) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(09/02 13:35:56) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:35:58) Korov’ev bows
(09/02 13:35:58) Korov’ev: Back to my seat then!
(09/02 13:35:58) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:35:59) Christopher Therburg claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:01) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:01) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:01) Sestra claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:01) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:02) IwonK claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:02) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:02) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:02) Minasunda claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:03) NinF claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:03) Nosila claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:03) Karel claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:03) Claidi Song claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:03) Claidi Song: Thank you Korovev!
(09/02 13:36:03) Asketil claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:03) Massygo claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:04) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:05) Babbeltje.40 claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:05) Mabe claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:06) thoekenem claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:06) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:06) philipgr claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:08) uwe claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:08) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:09) LindaDotZone claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:12) uru348 claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:25) Claidi Song: For news on fan created ages coming to MOULa we will hear from Christopher. OOC or IC-It’s your turn Christopher!.
(09/02 13:36:40) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:47) cameo claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:47) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:48) norm7629 claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:48) Christopher Therburg: Shorah everyone.
(09/02 13:36:50) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:36:53) NinF claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:57) LindaDotZone claps her hands
(09/02 13:36:59) Christopher Therburg: I have two news for you.
(09/02 13:37:08) Christopher Therburg: The first news.
(09/02 13:37:20) Christopher Therburg: The opening of the Fall of D’ni Memorial Island, or Bahn’tefoonet in D’ni, is very close.
(09/02 13:37:34) shokhootahn Rehn cheers
(09/02 13:37:36) Christopher Therburg: Tweek, his team and I had a few small things to work out but now we think the island is ready to open at Q2/3 of this year.
(09/02 13:37:54) Christopher Therburg: That means the restoration and conversion of the island is finally complete.
(09/02 13:38:20) Christopher Therburg: I am so grateful to Tweek and of course to everyone who worked on it that everything went so well with the restoration and conversion of this island to a memorial site.
(09/02 13:38:45) Christopher Therburg: Also, there is something else you need to know about the history of the island.
(09/02 13:38:57) Christopher Therburg: The theory that this island was a small D’ni park before the Fall is becoming more and more likely.
(09/02 13:39:16) Christopher Therburg: Because the memorial is connected to water pipes for filling up the basin of the memorial and these pipes used to serve a fountain that stood there formerly, but it was so badly damaged during the fall that it was impossible to rebuild it.
(09/02 13:39:44) Christopher Therburg: The island was also covered in debris when I first set foot on it. But now everything is cleaned and restored on the island.
(09/02 13:40:06) Christopher Therburg: The restoration progress is detailed in a journal I left there.
(09/02 13:40:32) Christopher Therburg: I invite you all to the opening of the island in Chiso Preniv. A minute’s silence is also planned on the island to commemorate the deceased D’ni.
(09/02 13:40:39) Korov’ev: sounds like a stalactite managed to land right on the island
(09/02 13:40:56) Christopher Therburg: Any questions?
(09/02 13:41:40) LividLiquid: Do we have a date on that opening?
(09/02 13:41:44) Claidi Song: Yes 1
(09/02 13:42:04) Christopher Therburg: Nope
(09/02 13:42:27) Christopher Therburg: The second news.
(09/02 13:42:28) Claidi Song: oops MOULa does not like some fonts
(09/02 13:42:46) Calum Traveler: yeah, smart quotes usually
(09/02 13:42:50) Calum Traveler: KI does not like them >>;
(09/02 13:42:57) Claidi Song: Q from Wyrm: Does one need an invite for OpenUru discord”
(09/02 13:43:19) Claidi Song: Right KI. Picky little device
(09/02 13:43:28) Christopher Therburg: Currently not
(09/02 13:43:44) Claidi Song: Would someone send Wyrm an invite to OpenUru if he needs one?
(09/02 13:43:45) rarified: If you need an invite, here is one:
(09/02 13:43:54) Calum Traveler: beat me to it, rar
(09/02 13:44:12) Christopher Therburg: All right, the second news.
(09/02 13:44:14) Thumbs up from Calum Traveler
(09/02 13:44:25) Claidi Song: Thank you rarified
(09/02 13:44:35) Christopher Therburg: As you have also noticed, I found a new age somewhere at a house in the D’ni cavern a few months ago.
(09/02 13:44:37) Claidi Song: No more question in the queue
(09/02 13:44:52) Christopher Therburg: I can finally tell how this age is called.
(09/02 13:45:08) Christopher Therburg: The cover of the linking book bears the title Ahnogahlpo and this is the name of this age.
(09/02 13:45:31) Christopher Therburg: It seems to be a garden age set in an ocean or huge lake with some islands containing holes and caves.
(09/02 13:45:55) Christopher Therburg: The name of the age is not called Ahnogahlpo without reason, Ahnogahlpo is D’ni for water caves or water holes.
(09/02 13:46:05) ScottMiller: where is the linking book?
(09/02 13:46:37) Calum Traveler: i havent seen the age hit testing yet, Scott, so probably wont be available for a while.
(09/02 13:46:39) Claidi Song: There isn’t one yet, I suspect
(09/02 13:46:50) Christopher Therburg: Currently only by me.
(09/02 13:46:51) ScottMiller: ah…
(09/02 13:46:52) Claidi Song: Ty Cal 🙂
(09/02 13:47:03) Christopher Therburg: I also saw that the sands of the islands beaches strangely glow at night.
(09/02 13:47:18) Calum Traveler: ah, bio luminescence.
(09/02 13:47:28) Christopher Therburg: But the age is still in the earliest stages of restoration and not yet fully mapped and that also means that I won’t be able to show you the age until much later.
(09/02 13:47:34) Emor D’ni Lap: broken firemarbles
(09/02 13:47:56) Christopher Therburg: Don’t expect any news soon for now.
(09/02 13:48:03) Emor D’ni Lap: okay
(09/02 13:48:10) Christopher Therburg: Anyway, I’m so excited to explore further more of this age and to show it all to you eventually in the future.
(09/02 13:48:21) Thumbs up from Calum Traveler
(09/02 13:48:24) Claidi Song claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:25) Claidi Song: Thank you Christopher
(09/02 13:48:26) Christopher Therburg: A new journey has started for me.
(09/02 13:48:29) Sestra claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:32) Babbeltje.40 claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:32) Christopher Therburg: Any questions about that too?
(09/02 13:48:37) LindaDotZone claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:38) TikiBear claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:41) Claidi Song: No questions in the queue
(09/02 13:48:42) Theo claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:45) blutec claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:45) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:45) ShilohOBrien claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:46) NinF claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:47) Nosila claps her hands
(09/02 13:48:47) Christopher Therburg: Then I thank you all for listening to me and hope to see you all on the island soon.
(09/02 13:48:47) ScottMiller claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:47) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:48) Asketil claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:49) Karel claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:50) philipgr claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:52) uru348 claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:53) rarified claps his hands
(09/02 13:48:54) Christopher Therburg: 😉
(09/02 13:48:58) Christopher Therburg bows
(09/02 13:48:58) PodHopper claps his hands
(09/02 13:49:00) thoekenem claps his hands
(09/02 13:49:00) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:49:01) Dah’mpa claps his hands
(09/02 13:49:04) NinF claps her hands
(09/02 13:49:09) Claidi Song: Moving on to more notable anniversaries in September:
(09/02 13:49:17) Claidi Song: Sunday 10 is the 19th anniversary of the release of Myst IV:Revelation;
(09/02 13:49:25) Claidi Song: Tuesday 19 is the 18th anniversary of the release of Myst V:End of Ages;
(09/02 13:49:36) Claidi Song: Monday 23 is the 11th anniversary of the opening of Deep Island;
(09/02 13:49:47) Claidi Song: And last, don’t forget to Talk Like a Pirate on the 19th 🙂
(09/02 13:49:59) Claidi Song: Cavern Events, Holidays and Anniversaries are published on the Guild of Messengers Calendar
(09/02 13:50:06) Claidi Song: Cavern Events, Holidays and Anniversaries are published on the Guild of Messengers Calendar
(09/02 13:50:38) Claidi Song: Every Sun 11:00 KI is Fan Age Expedition in Deep Island lead by Korovev
(09/02 13:50:45) Claidi Song: Every Tuesday 13:00 KI – Relaxing Session – PodHoppers Hood
(09/02 13:51:01) Claidi Song: Every Wednesday 13:00 KI – Fil Live – New Messengers Pub qEvery Thursday 13:00 KI – Seeker’s Country Evening PM Mir-o-Bot (KI# 32319), type “to cleft” – music plays on
(09/02 13:51:09) Claidi Song: Every Saturday 14:00 KI & again 23:00 KI – Story Night – Tsahno’s Hood via voice chat – speakers needed
(09/02 13:51:15) Claidi Song: Every Saturday 16:00 KI – Karaoke – New Messengers Pub or
(09/02 13:51:22) Claidi Song: Once a month events:
(09/02 13:51:39) Claidi Song: Monday, September 4 – 12:00 KI – Cooking Sessions with Sky – Guild of Caterer’s Hood
(09/02 13:52:02) Claidi Song: Friday, September 15, – 15:00 KIWonky Talk – Guild of Cookies Hood
(09/02 13:52:09) Claidi Song: Monday, September 18 – 12:00 KI – Classics with Babbel – Ae’gura Hall of Kings
(09/02 13:52:16) Claidi Song: Saturday, September 23 – 11:00 KI – Cavern Tour – Cavern Tour’s Hood
(09/02 13:52:22) Claidi Song: Cavern Events are posted in the following places:
(09/02 13:52:29) Claidi Song: The left imager in the Guild of Messengers’ Hood has a calendar of events. Some events presented by today’s speakers may be missing.
(09/02 13:52:37) Claidi Song: Cyan’s Official Discord Server –’niverse channel, cavern-events
(09/02 13:52:47) Claidi Song: Myst Online: Uru Live (again) on Facebook is a place to find a daily list of scheduled Cavern Events.
(09/02 13:52:53) Claidi Song: Last words:
(09/02 13:52:58) Claidi Song: Remember how much fun it was to discover new ages and solve puzzles? Let other players enjoy the same. Spoilers spoil the game.
(09/02 13:53:14) Claidi Song: On the other hand, there is a handy dandy KI located on our wrists :)qwith an Ignore List option.
(09/02 13:53:21) Claidi Song: It is there for anyone who feels uncomfortable with what another avatar is saying.
(09/02 13:53:29) Claidi Song: Uncomfortable for any reason!
(09/02 13:53:35) Claidi Song: Just add the spoiler avatar or any avatar you don’t wish to interact with to the Ignore List the same way as you add friends to the Buddies list. You deserve the best experience!
(09/02 13:53:40) Claidi Song: 99.99% of the players in MOULa are friendly and wonderful!!!
(09/02 13:53:48) Claidi Song: 99.99% of the players in MOULa are friendly and wonderful!!!
(09/02 13:53:56) Claidi Song: 99.99% of the players in MOULa are friendly and wonderful!!!
(09/02 13:54:05) Emor D’ni Lap: all true, Calidi
(09/02 13:54:06) Prad: 99.999% even
(09/02 13:54:08) TikiBear: if repetetive
(09/02 13:54:10) PodHopper: wow! very wonderful 😀
(09/02 13:54:20) Claidi Song: seem to be stuck on that idea. It is a good one lol
(09/02 13:54:23) IwonK: three cheers for that 😉
(09/02 13:54:26) shokhootahn Rehn: Your recodr kipped, Claidi. 😉
(09/02 13:54:27) Calum Traveler: its true, the outliers are definitely exceptions 🙂
(09/02 13:54:29) PodHopper cheers
(09/02 13:54:29) Claidi Song needs a moment to breathe!
(09/02 13:54:29) Claidi Song: That is everything on the agenda for today.
(09/02 13:54:39) shokhootahn Rehn: *record
(09/02 13:54:41) Sestra: Great job, Claidi! Thank you :))
(09/02 13:54:43) Calum Traveler claps his hands
(09/02 13:54:44) Claidi Song thanks you
(09/02 13:54:45) Claidi Song: Thank you all for coming.