Passing of Tai’lahr

It is not the endings that will haunt you,
but the space where they should lie,
those that simply faded,
without one final wave goodbye.

-Erin Hanson


On this night, I find myself having to craft a very sad announcement. And yet because of whom it is for, it is one I suspect that she would have wanted worded as a celebration of life and transcendence. For those that are unaware, on last Wednesday, the 16th of October of this year, our esteemed companion Tai’lahr passed beyond the veil of this mortal coil to begin her explorations in whatever lies beyond.

I don’t know if my poor words can do justice to the mixed feelings so many of my fellow explorers are likely experiencing throughout the various incarnations of Myst and Uru within the multiverse. That being the case, I will do my utmost to capture and reflect on her various contributions to those of us here at the Guild of Messengers as an example highlighting her dedicated years of service to others and the community at large.

Many of you may be unaware, but Tai’lahr was there at the very beginning of the modern incarnation of GoMe. She worked with Marten and the other early members to craft our mission statement as it exists today. Shortly thereafter, she was appointed as our liaison to the Guild of Greeters, a role which suited her nicely, as she was always helpful and kind to any other explorers she would come across in her travels. She was always willing to patiently listen to their troubles whether it was surface plight or cavern puzzle.

Without such valuable connections from her assistance and support, the various memorable events such as the Anniversary and Cavcon parties might not have been the brilliant successes they were. She also was there to relay messages and ki-mails to other explorers during various instances when the Criers were active within the Cavern. She tirelessly worked with Leonardo and a handful of other Messengers to keep up to date and running smoothly to help keep the various community members connected. Lastly, but most definitely not of minor importance to me, was Tai’s assisting of my research into the Guild’s membership throughout its various periods of activity over the years. All of that being said, I must turn to Tai’lahr and her words of reflection during her time with us as a fellow Messenger:

I’ve never been a truly active Messenger in the way that I think of Messengers (writing of articles & delivering the news). I’ve always felt more like a guild supporter, doing odd jobs here and there as needed, participating in discussions and offering unsolicited advice. [wink]

But, now I have the keys to and have been working on updating that, so I guess that should count for something. [angel]

And, if the guild should ever want to take on the role of community history custodians (community history, not D’ni history), then I would definitely be of value there. Documenting our shared history is what occupies the majority of my time right now.

But, if there’s something you need […], please don’t hesitate to ask.

That last sentence hits me particularity hard, for it highlights the heart and soul we all loved but all too often forgot to cherish in Tai’lahr: her selfless giving of her time, caring, and support in any project she was involved in. I will not lie, she and I were not as close these last few years. My surface life has kept me busy and often away from the cavern, combined with the fact so many of our friends there have moved on to more interesting places.

Still, like a traveler in foreign land, every so often, one likes to return to the place where fond memories of the heart still reside, our cavern home of the deep city. It saddens me in the extreme to know that one of our most devoted allies and beloved comrades will not be there to welcome any of us back the next time we travel there for a visit to Ae’gura.

Upon reflection of her words above, I must ask myself if she devoted so much of her time to that final project because of her own ill-health. She never spoke of it to me, or any of the other Messengers to my knowledge. If so, she did not slacken in her continual support of the community of Myst and Uru fans wherever they might have resided. For that, I will always be thankful for the time I had with her, and the value she brought to various guilds, community projects she participated in, and individual explorers she met.

To our friend and fellow Messenger, Terri “Tai’lahr” Richardson, on behalf of the Guild I wish for you and your family to know you have our grateful thanks for all the support you provided and friendship you shared with each one us. Know that we miss your presence terribly, and that wherever you may be, we are wishing you many safe journeys.

Shorah b’shemtee.

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