All Guilds Meeting – July 2021 – Cleansed Chatlog

(07/03 13:02:32)Korov’ev: Shorah, and welcome to the 135th All Guilds Meeting!

(07/03 13:02:39)Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leesahn 1, 9677, and the time is 15:1:19

(07/03 13:02:41)ShilohOBrien waves hello

(07/03 13:03:03)Korov’ev: If there’s anyone new: welcome to the Cavern! You picked the best time to visit 🙂

(07/03 13:03:10)Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:

(07/03 13:03:31)Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.

(07/03 13:04:09)Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(07/03 13:04:16)Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.

(07/03 13:04:23)Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.

(07/03 13:04:27)Calum Traveler: (2 didnt make it)

(07/03 13:04:32)Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of this meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers’ site:

(07/03 13:04:38)ShilohOBrien: D’ni math?

(07/03 13:04:40)Korov’ev: weird

(07/03 13:04:46)Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(07/03 13:05:03)Korov’ev: Have you visited Chiso Preniv recently? 😉

(07/03 13:05:09)Calum Traveler nods his head

(07/03 13:05:11)Korov’ev: More on that later…

(07/03 13:05:20)ShilohOBrien: Yep!

(07/03 13:05:25)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(07/03 13:05:38)Korov’ev: First, let’s hear about upcoming events in the Cavern, from Minasunda!

(07/03 13:06:12)Minasunda: shorah 🙂 I want to be brief.

(07/03 13:06:23)Minasunda: On July 16 at 19 KI, marker missions will take place in MOULa as part of this year’s Mysterium.

(07/03 13:06:35)Minasunda: I know it is very late for Europeans – or rather very early 🙂

(07/03 13:06:46)Minasunda: But it would still be nice if we could show how alive our cavern is.

(07/03 13:07:02)Minasunda: The meeting point is the plaza in Aegura. From around 16 KI Kelly C. will be waiting for you there, who will also tell you the number of the games.

(07/03 13:07:16)Minasunda: You can get the marker game from Mir-O-Bot (KI 32319) or, if he is not present, from MinBot (KI 9292763).

(07/03 13:07:29)Minasunda: You can get it by sending the PM “sendme [number]” to one of the bots.

(07/03 13:07:45)Minasunda: On July 24th from 11-13 KI there will be a doorrun event planned by Nosila.

(07/03 13:08:00)Minasunda: I don’t know any details about this.

(07/03 13:08:11)Minasunda: Please pay attention to the corresponding announcements on Discord and Facebook.

(07/03 13:08:22)Minasunda: further is planned for August a Caribbean Night with hot music, D’ni Day of Dance with a small show by the Nulp Dance Group for September and the Halloween party for October.

(07/03 13:08:35)Minasunda: But more details about this event at the next AGM ;))

(07/03 13:08:48)Minasunda: That was it on my part. Thank you for your attention.

(07/03 13:08:57)Minasunda: any questions ?

(07/03 13:08:58)cameo: ty mina

(07/03 13:09:10)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Minasunda.

(07/03 13:09:10)Korov’ev: [Minasunda] anything to announce?

(07/03 13:09:21)Korov’ev: oops 🙂

(07/03 13:09:24)Ro”Jethhe: ?

(07/03 13:09:27)Minasunda thanks you

(07/03 13:09:39)Minasunda shrugs

(07/03 13:09:41)Minasunda: lol

(07/03 13:09:42)Eternal Seeker: lol

(07/03 13:09:44)Emor D’ni Lap applauds Minasunda

(07/03 13:09:46)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Minasunda.

(07/03 13:09:47)Korov’ev: [Minasunda] no – Just in case you don’t announce the marker missions for the mystery :)) Are you going to do it?

(07/03 13:09:57)Korov’ev: aaaaah

(07/03 13:09:59)Minasunda: ???

(07/03 13:10:05)Calum Traveler: >>;; queue got logged weird lol

(07/03 13:10:21)Korov’ev: I’ll answer:

(07/03 13:10:46)Korov’ev: You will need to have your KI calibrated to play the marker missins

(07/03 13:11:21)Korov’ev: There’s a tutorial at

(07/03 13:11:35)PodHopper: speachless Kor?

(07/03 13:11:37)MindWalker is a bit puzzled…

(07/03 13:11:49)Calum Traveler: …tech issues?

(07/03 13:11:49): [ Auto Shout Disabled ]

(07/03 13:11:50)ShilohOBrien goes WTF?

(07/03 13:11:51): [ Auto Shout Enabled ]

(07/03 13:11:58)Korov’ev: can you read me?

(07/03 13:11:58)Eternal Seeker: someone has to reboot Kor

(07/03 13:12:02)Calum Traveler: can now

(07/03 13:12:03)Rabbit is a bit puzzled…

(07/03 13:12:04)Minasunda: yes

(07/03 13:12:06)ShilohOBrien: Kor went mute

(07/03 13:12:10)Kayara: No

(07/03 13:12:13)Korov’ev: ok

(07/03 13:12:14)Ro”Jethhe thinks Korov’ev just had a ‘Senior Moment’.

(07/03 13:12:19)Rabbit starts to laugh

(07/03 13:12:25)cameo starts to laugh

(07/03 13:12:27)Patrick Dulebohn: Nah, he was checking his notes is all.

(07/03 13:12:27)Korov’ev: You will need to have your KI calibrated to play the marker missions

(07/03 13:12:35)Korov’ev: There’s a tutorial at

(07/03 13:12:38)Kayara: Well now I can read you but nothing that came before “can you read me”

(07/03 13:12:44)ShilohOBrien: Should we unplug him and wait 10 sec before we plug him in again?

(07/03 13:12:54)Rabbit: yes

(07/03 13:13:00)Rabbit: definitely

(07/03 13:13:02)Korov’ev: chat bug is back

(07/03 13:13:05)Theo: 20

(07/03 13:13:07)Patrick Dulebohn: Now now…Kor is a person, not a PC.

(07/03 13:13:09)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(07/03 13:13:14)Rabbit: : )

(07/03 13:13:17)ShilohOBrien: Are you SURE?!

(07/03 13:13:30)Korov’ev: And like every month, next week there’ll be a Cavern Tour,

(07/03 13:13:37)Korov’ev: on Saturday, July 10, at 10:00 KIT, starting in Cavern Tour’s Hood.

(07/03 13:13:38)cameo: korov. are you a bot?

(07/03 13:13:45)Korov’ev: The host, Larry LeDeay, uses his Twitch channel for the presentation, so you will need to keep a browser or the app open in the background:

(07/03 13:13:53)Korov’ev: Videos will be available for two weeks after the tour. The stream will be simulcasted on Facebook and Youtube.

(07/03 13:14:01)Korov’ev: Mir-o-Bot (KI# 32319) is usually employed for special effects and long-distance travel (and to avoid stairs).

(07/03 13:14:30)Korov’ev: Now, some updates on the Age Restoration Project: let’s hear from Patrick!

(07/03 13:14:42)Adam {Hoikas} claps his trolls

(07/03 13:14:43)ShilohOBrien: WOOT!!!!

(07/03 13:15:07)Patrick Dulebohn: I should note that Kor is NOT a bot…unless he’s doing some work for me. The guy can translate D’ni like a machine!

(07/03 13:15:09)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(07/03 13:15:14)Patrick Dulebohn: Happy weekend, everyone! And of course, a happy Fourth of July weekend to our explorers here in the United States.

(07/03 13:15:29)Patrick Dulebohn: I’m here once again to update you on the progress of our explorer-led restoration as the work continues elsewhere.

(07/03 13:15:33)cameo: 🙂

(07/03 13:15:40)Patrick Dulebohn: Yesterday, we were finally able to finish Vothol’s new structural supports, and as such, I had the Linking Book placed in Chiso.

(07/03 13:15:43)ShilohOBrien plots to do a Turing Test on Kor.

(07/03 13:15:53)Rabbit starts to laugh

(07/03 13:15:56)Patrick Dulebohn: You may now explore the gallery at any time. This is the latest location here in the cavern open to explorers since the Pub last August.

(07/03 13:16:12)Patrick Dulebohn: This location comes with a few mysteries as well, particularly with its location.

(07/03 13:16:23)Patrick Dulebohn: As yet, we haven’t exactly been able to pinpoint where it is in relation to the rest of D’ni…just that it’s IN the cavern somewhere.

(07/03 13:16:36)Patrick Dulebohn: KI coordinates are either scrambled or non-existent. All we know for sure is it’s in a place the Great Zero beam can’t reach.

(07/03 13:16:45)ShilohOBrien: Schrodinger’s Gallery?

(07/03 13:16:52)Patrick Dulebohn: Heh.

(07/03 13:16:54)Rabbit grins

(07/03 13:16:56)Patrick Dulebohn: We’d send a boat out, but the surrounding rock formations make that incredibly dangerous.

(07/03 13:16:59)Korov’ev: maybe they’re scrambled on purpose!

(07/03 13:17:07)Calum Traveler: beam doesnt seem to go past ae’gura in my experience, so it could be anywhere, really.

(07/03 13:17:08)Patrick Dulebohn: It’s definitely not a clear path like the ferry terminal in Ae’gura.

(07/03 13:17:16)rarified: Egg room level 2

(07/03 13:17:22)Patrick Dulebohn: Truly amazing that its original discoverer, Rustee, was able to find it at all!

(07/03 13:17:35)Kayara: Did you consider sending a drone?

(07/03 13:17:46)Patrick Dulebohn: We *believe* it was a place to house some of the most priceless and valuable D’ni artworks, and the secretive nature of the location was for security reasons…but that’s still just speculation at this point.

(07/03 13:17:47)Rabbit: or a bahro?

(07/03 13:18:04)Calum Traveler: it was almost certainly GOW owned at some point

(07/03 13:18:08)Calum Traveler: what with all the pen imagery

(07/03 13:18:09)ShilohOBrien: Alas, the bahro are not taxis

(07/03 13:18:11)Patrick Dulebohn: Indeed.

(07/03 13:18:15)Patrick Dulebohn: In any case, feel free to visit Vothol Gallery and its preserved artwork when you get a chance. It’s currently the leftmost Book on the pedestals in Chiso, next to Tre’bivdil’s Book.

(07/03 13:18:38)Patrick Dulebohn: Now on to new business…

(07/03 13:18:51)Patrick Dulebohn: After consulting our structural engineers…who have been pulling double-duty with both Vothol and what I’m about to discuss…and getting some valuable notes from members of the DRC…

(07/03 13:19:03)Patrick Dulebohn: I am now happy to announce that an effort to restore the entirety of the Great Shaft and the full path to D’ni is officially underway!

(07/03 13:19:11)Thumbs up from Calum Traveler

(07/03 13:19:14)Adi: YAY

(07/03 13:19:16)Ro”Jethhe is amazed!

(07/03 13:19:17)Jules Lavisham: Oh excellent!

(07/03 13:19:28)Claidi Song: Yes!

(07/03 13:19:32)Patrick Dulebohn: We do know that a lot of you have been able to make it to one of the rest areas there, but the path was cut off at both ends by structural damage.

(07/03 13:19:46)Patrick Dulebohn: It doesn’t help that a strong series of quakes in or around 2005 caused even further damage to other areas.

(07/03 13:19:59)Patrick Dulebohn: Nevertheless, we remain determined to open up as much of the walking path to D’ni as we can.

(07/03 13:20:04)ShilohOBrien: Thank

(07/03 13:20:11)Rabbit: yesssss!

(07/03 13:20:13)Patrick Dulebohn: If all goes well, anyone can start from the surface and work their way down directly to the cavern. I know it’s been a popular dream of most people here to retrace the steps of Aitrus and his family.

(07/03 13:20:15)ShilohOBrien: Thank the Maker for Relto books.

(07/03 13:20:34)Patrick Dulebohn: Plus, it’s fascinating to see the methods the D’ni used to push their way towards the surface before efforts were ultimately abandoned. The shaft itself is really quite an impressive structural marvel, so it’ll be good to have people able to see it in all its glory.

(07/03 13:20:56)Patrick Dulebohn: There WILL be rules in place for your safety, of course. First and foremost, nobody is to attempt ascending or descending the Great Shaft by foot unless they have a Relto Book.

(07/03 13:21:11)Patrick Dulebohn: While we have yet to decipher the Age itself thanks to Yeesha’s…shall we say…unique Writing style…it *does* serve as a handy means of keeping one’s self safe from harm…or in this case, dangerous falls.

(07/03 13:21:28)Calum Traveler: we dont want another Phil, folks.

(07/03 13:21:30)Patrick Dulebohn: Others are more common sense, such as proceeding carefully, no running, no littering…

(07/03 13:21:33)Calum Traveler: keep your reltobooks on hand 😉

(07/03 13:21:39)ShilohOBrien: In case of emergency, use Relto.

(07/03 13:21:43)rarified: No scissors.

(07/03 13:21:44)Patrick Dulebohn: Think of it like the rules when you’re at a public pool.

(07/03 13:21:45)Korov’ev: no jumping down… wait….

(07/03 13:21:47)Patrick Dulebohn laughs

(07/03 13:21:59)Patrick Dulebohn: Again, this is primarily with your well-being in mind. We know you’ll be excited to sprint down the path, but please use caution and your best judgement as there are *no* guard rails down a vast majority of the path.

(07/03 13:22:01)Rabbit: no peeing off the edge?

(07/03 13:22:12)Patrick Dulebohn: Ha! Please no.

(07/03 13:22:21)ShilohOBrien: Biohazard, dude!

(07/03 13:22:26)Patrick Dulebohn: Also note that, while we’ll be working tirelessly to get things open, this is a HUGE undertaking, so please temper any expectations you may have as far as when it’ll be open to the public.

(07/03 13:22:26)Rabbit starts to laugh

(07/03 13:22:39)Patrick Dulebohn: Odds are we’ll most likely release other Ages and cavern locations before opening the path to D’ni…but we’ll get there.

(07/03 13:22:56)Patrick Dulebohn: On a final note, I have been working with others to bring their restoration projects here to you all, and that work is ongoing. Expect to see the results of that labor very soon!

(07/03 13:23:13)Patrick Dulebohn: Sorry to be cryptic and lacking details, but I don’t want to spoil their good work until it’s ready to present to you all!

(07/03 13:23:14)Kayara: Rabbit: I am sure such misbehaviour will be swiftly taken care of by whoever happens to be passing by underneath 😉

(07/03 13:23:14)Korov’ev: high heels are unadvisable

(07/03 13:23:18)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(07/03 13:23:29)Patrick Dulebohn: That’s all I have for now. Did anyone have any questions?

(07/03 13:23:32)neurovac: Great work! Thanks to all who have and continue to help make improvements.

(07/03 13:23:43)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Ro”Jethhe.

(07/03 13:23:43)Korov’ev: [Ro”Jethhe] Will the elevators in the Great Shart be working?

(07/03 13:23:55)Patrick Dulebohn: Yes. Explorers will have the choice to walk or ride.

(07/03 13:24:14)Korov’ev: Our next question is from ShilohOBrien.

(07/03 13:24:14)Korov’ev: [ShilohOBrien] How can we help?

(07/03 13:24:21)ShilohOBrien: Who wants to get their cardio in?

(07/03 13:24:38)Rabbit: me

(07/03 13:24:49)J’Kla: Are there any difibs

(07/03 13:24:54)Rabbit starts to laugh

(07/03 13:24:55)Patrick Dulebohn: When we’re near completion, we’ll need people to come in to check around and see if there’s anything fishy or dangerous along the path that we may need to work on.

(07/03 13:25:02)Rabbit: ok

(07/03 13:25:12)Patrick Dulebohn: Luckily, we have no shortage of volunteers, but every bit helps!

(07/03 13:25:18)Korov’ev: Maintainers assemble!

(07/03 13:25:19)Rabbit: wabbits are good at finding danger

(07/03 13:25:20)Patrick Dulebohn: We’ll let you know when that comes up.

(07/03 13:25:28)Patrick Dulebohn: It’s still a ways off though.

(07/03 13:25:39)Patrick Dulebohn: Any other questions?

(07/03 13:25:47)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Calum Traveler.

(07/03 13:25:47)Korov’ev: [Calum Traveler] Any tease you can give about where on the surface exactly we’d be starting from?

(07/03 13:25:55)Calum Traveler: there are atleast two known entrances to the Shaft, after all. 😉

(07/03 13:26:27)Patrick Dulebohn: Given we’d rather not have people sneaking in while we’re working, we’re keeping the exact entrance we’ll use under wraps for now. Sorry, but again, it’s for your own safety.

(07/03 13:26:34)Calum Traveler: fair nough

(07/03 13:26:41)Patrick Dulebohn: It won’t be closed forever, I promise!

(07/03 13:26:43)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(07/03 13:26:47)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Jules Lavisham.

(07/03 13:26:48)Korov’ev: [Jules Lavisham] What’s the current state of the Shaft in general? Did the DRC manage to get any of it restored before the last restorations folded?

(07/03 13:26:56)ShilohOBrien: And professionals never like having their elbows joggled.

(07/03 13:27:17)TGMChrist: I would like to say one thing. I won’t go down the Great Shaft on foot and I will use the elevator. It’s better for my heart.

(07/03 13:27:30)Patrick Dulebohn: They did, but as I said, there were a series of strong quakes several years ago that upset most of their work. It’s why we’ve gotten in touch with them for their thoughts on how to proceed.

(07/03 13:27:55)Korov’ev: Our next question is from uru348.

(07/03 13:27:55)Korov’ev: [uru348] Will there be multiple entrances or just one from the surface?

(07/03 13:28:13)Patrick Dulebohn: We’re not sure yet. It’d be convenient to have more than one. Fun too!

(07/03 13:28:26)Korov’ev: Find all the entrances!

(07/03 13:28:44)rarified: One of those pits in Minkata.

(07/03 13:28:47)Korov’ev: THat’s all I have in queue

(07/03 13:28:56)Patrick Dulebohn: Alright. Thank you!

(07/03 13:28:58)Patrick Dulebohn bows

(07/03 13:28:59)Korov’ev: THank you Patrick!

(07/03 13:29:00)ScottMiller: somewhere near the clift?

(07/03 13:29:00)Rabbit: Thanks Kor

(07/03 13:29:12)Rabbit: Thanks Patrick!

(07/03 13:29:21)Emor D’ni Lap applauds P.D.

(07/03 13:29:48)Korov’ev: Now let’s hear what’s up in the Minkata shard, from rarified!

(07/03 13:30:10)rarified waves hello

(07/03 13:30:14)rarified: Shorah!

(07/03 13:30:31)rarified: June was a bit quiet for me as I was out of town on “vacation”.

(07/03 13:30:49)rarified: … and I’m just finishing recovering from “vacation” 😛

(07/03 13:31:04)rarified: But that hasn’t slowed the contributors.

(07/03 13:31:30)rarified: Minkata is still being used to verify a new restoration, as Patrick aluded to earlier.

(07/03 13:31:58)rarified: It’s had many eyes on it and is looking very close to be released.

(07/03 13:32:32)rarified: On the client front, we have about a half dozen new player-facing improvements

(07/03 13:32:53)rarified: in the pipeline. Marten has been working on cherry picking the most attractive

(07/03 13:33:10)rarified: of these (or the most popular as can be determined by asking).

(07/03 13:33:27)rarified: Right now we’re working on fixing many of the problems when avatars are

(07/03 13:33:51)rarified: being moved through space, such as elevators, vogondolas, etc.

(07/03 13:34:09)rarified: Things are getting better, but there’s still room for improvement.

(07/03 13:34:28)rarified: Our next scheduled update to MOULa will be in mid-late August, so I hope

(07/03 13:34:39)rarified: to have a more complete list at the next AGM.

(07/03 13:35:04)rarified: Finally, we pushed through a couple of additions that will be used at or for Mysterium,

(07/03 13:35:31)rarified: and Marten and I and other fan contributors have been invited to a panel

(07/03 13:35:51)rarified: on Sunday at Mysterium about how Fan content can get to MOULa.

(07/03 13:36:12)rarified: You might consider following Mysterium if you’re interested in a lot of the

(07/03 13:36:30)rarified: stuff people have to do to continue restoration here.

(07/03 13:36:38)rarified: That’s all I have. Questions?

(07/03 13:36:53)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Claidi Song.

(07/03 13:36:54)Korov’ev: [Claidi Song] Q? Will the fixes ultimately make skydiving impossible?

(07/03 13:37:19)rarified: Skydiving as it existed before was possible because of bugs in the client.

(07/03 13:37:39)rarified: Fixing those bugs did close off skydiving opportunities. *However* you might

(07/03 13:38:00)rarified: consider asking some of the fan restoration leaders if they could add

(07/03 13:38:17)rarified: opportunities for skydiving when deciding how to restore or write new ages.

(07/03 13:38:47)Investigatrix kneels down…

(07/03 13:38:50)Korov’ev: Thank you Rarified!

(07/03 13:38:54)rarified bows

(07/03 13:38:58)rarified: Thank you all!

(07/03 13:39:03)Ro”Jethhe thanks you

(07/03 13:39:05)Emor D’ni Lap thanks rarified

(07/03 13:39:32)Korov’ev: Continuing on the topic of fan ages,

(07/03 13:39:37)Korov’ev: the usual Fan Age Expedition update, from the Deep Island shard.

(07/03 13:39:43)Korov’ev: In June, we started the exploration of Alabaster, by Dulcamara. We’re not done yet!

(07/03 13:39:56)Korov’ev: For July, once we finish Alabaster the plan is to explore Laki’anay and related ages by the New Age Project;

(07/03 13:40:03)Korov’ev: then we’ll attempt to overcome the puzzles in Tentsahveet, by Jhon J. Jaguar.

(07/03 13:40:13)Korov’ev: The expeditions are on Sunday at 11:00 KIT, starting in the shard Hood (you can get there quickly with “/hood”).

(07/03 13:40:19)Korov’ev: There’s also a (mute) stream:

(07/03 13:40:34)Korov’ev: I don’t think you need an account just to watch

(07/03 13:40:47)Korov’ev: (that’s also for the Cavern Tour)

(07/03 13:41:29)PodHopper: account is only needed if you want to join chat

(07/03 13:41:42)Korov’ev: I don’t see r’Tayrtahn, so…

(07/03 13:42:02)Korov’ev: yes, only for commenting

(07/03 13:42:06)Korov’ev: Some quick Mysterium news:

(07/03 13:42:13)Korov’ev: The schedule of the convention is now available at

(07/03 13:42:34)Korov’ev: As mentioned by Mina, as the convention will be online this year too, the Committee will host a couple of marker missions in the Cavern. The missions will be made available through Mir-o-Bot or MinBot. More info here:

(07/03 13:42:57)Korov’ev: And we’re at the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time).

(07/03 13:43:03)Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;

(07/03 13:43:08)Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please let me know so I can correct it.

(07/03 13:43:14)Korov’ev: Sunday 11 is the 6th anniversary of the age building plugin, Korman.

(07/03 13:43:35)Korov’ev: It’s been a long road 🙂

(07/03 13:43:39)Korov’ev: Monday 12 is Leesahn 8, the day of the Fall of D’ni, in 9400 DE or 1744 CE.

(07/03 13:43:53)Korov’ev: On Friday 16 to Sunday 18, Mysterium will take place, online.

(07/03 13:44:00)Korov’ev: Friday 30 is the 14th of the Gametap third episode “Familiar Voices”.

(07/03 13:44:06)Korov’ev: Now, for what’s going on in the Cavern itself:

(07/03 13:44:12)Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.

(07/03 13:44:20)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 11:00: Fan Age Expedition, in Deep Island []

(07/03 13:44:24)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 12:30: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(07/03 13:44:28)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gathering, in Meeting Place’s Hood

(07/03 13:44:32)Korov’ev: Every Mon @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(07/03 13:44:38)Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 13:00: Relaxing Session, in PodHopper’s Hood []

(07/03 13:44:43)Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(07/03 13:44:48)Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 13:00: Fil Live, in Messengers Pub []

(07/03 13:44:54)Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 13:00: Seeker’s Country Evening, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ []

(07/03 13:44:59)Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(07/03 13:45:04)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 12/13/14: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(07/03 13:45:08)Korov’ev: Fri 16 @ 19:00: Mysterium Marker Missions, in Ae’gura Plaza

(07/03 13:45:13)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 10:00: Fil Live video, in Messengers Pub []

(07/03 13:45:17)Korov’ev: Sat 10 @ 11:00: Cavern Tour, in Cavern Tour’s Hood []

(07/03 13:45:22)Korov’ev: Sat 24 @ 11:00: Door Run Contest

(07/03 13:45:26)Korov’ev: Sat 3 @ 14:00: Unwritten Livestream []

(07/03 13:45:31)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood

(07/03 13:45:36)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Party, in Messengers Pub []

(07/03 13:45:40)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood

(07/03 13:45:42)Korov’ev needs a moment to breathe!

(07/03 13:45:53)Rabbit: no story night tonight

(07/03 13:45:55)Kayara hands Kor a glass of water

(07/03 13:46:09)Korov’ev: And with that, it’s time to wrap up this Meeting!

(07/03 13:46:15)Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday August 7 at 13:00 KIT.

(07/03 13:46:20)Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:

(07/03 13:46:25)Korov’ev bows

(07/03 13:46:25)Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next month!