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News roundup #13

  • The new channel #cipher-discussions was opened on the Cyan Chat Discord server, to discuss the codes and ciphers that are showing up more and more frequently within communication from Cyan.
  • Firmament update #35 introduced concept artist Rick Campana, and gave a glipse in the game design iteration.
  • A vinyl release of the Myst soundtrack is now available on Fangamer, including never-before-seen documents, photographs, maps, artifacts, and a recording of Atrus within the Starry Expanse. The first run has already sold out, but a second one will come soon.
  • The Mysterium committee has announced that the 2021 convention will be again held exclusively online. Those who already registered will be refunded. Most likely, the online convention will be held as a mix of Zoom, Discord, Twitch and Youtube, like last year.