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News Roundup #26

Cyan news

☛ The latest incarnation of Myst, first released in 2020 for the Oculus Quest, was released today on the iOS platform, with gamepad, touch controls, and Smart & Magic Folio input. The app allows to play on Myst island for free; the other Ages are unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase.

Also available are portings of the original version of the game – which have been renamed “legacy” – and for realMyst. Interestingly, the Riven port has also been renamed “legacy” – perhaps a hint that the upcoming remake will also be ported to iOS at some point?

☛ Earlier in January, a new desktop wallpaper pack was released for free on the Cyan Store, to kick off the year-long 30 Years of Myst celebration. The pack featuries 15 images from the 2020 Myst remake. While you are there, make sure to grab the other two free packs, with pictures from old-school Myst and Riven!

Mysterium news

☛ An update to the convention’s Covid policy was announced, specifying how bivalent vaccines we will be verified.

Related to that, the federal government ending the Public Health Emergency on May 11 will have no bearing on the convention’s policies; as a private event, Mysterium is allowed to keep stricter rules.

☛ A change in leadership was also announced: after twelve years, Taniith will be stepping down from co-chair of Mysterium, passing the torch to M13 alongside Kelly.

Thank you Taniith, for all these years of dedication and to make Mysterium the awesome event it is!