Guild Structure and Rules

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What is the Structure of the Guild? (click to expand)

Council of Guild Masters

The Guild Council consists of a team of two Masters elected by all the Guild Members. The Guild Masters are considered at the same level, and they are free to organize their work among themselves, each keeping track of certain branches of the Guild.

Current Guild Masters
  • Korov’ev

The role of the Guild Master or Guild Mistress is to provide enthusiasm and direction for the Guild. The wise leader will listen to the members of the group, will keep abreast of developments within and without the guild to identify the best course for the group, and will work to mediate when disagreements arise (stay neutral whenever possible).
The most important concept behind the Guild Council is that they act only as coordinators and focal points for the Guild Members and the outsite community. All the final decisions are made by the whole Guild, discussing on the Guild Forums or during the montly Meetings, only decisions of little entity can be made by the Guild Council alone.
Guild Masters are responsible for keeping track of all the activities of the Guild, organizing the guild members when it is needed (deciding dates for the Guild Meetings, preparing the agenda for the meetings, ecc), to keep other members of the Guild aware of the work done
They also act as the “face” of the Guild to the public, representing the Guild in all the Public events or appointing other Messengers if they cannot be present.

Examples of Responsibility

If the Guild Master or Mistress cannot attend a Guild meeting or will be away for a time, he or she shall delegate responsibility to another member of the Guild.
A Guild Master shall assist or delegate responsibilities for another member of the Guild when that member asks for assistance.
A Guild Master shall proactively seek out any type of information sought by members of the Guild.

The council will collectively determine when to hold Guild meetings. In general, any and all community members are welcome to join in Guild of Messengers meetings and contribute.

Personnel Manager

Another important figure in the Guild is the Personnel Manager.
The Personnel Manager is responsible for recruiting new members for the Guild when needed and follow them in their introduction process in the Guild Projects and Affairs. The philosophy of the Guild about new members is finding them with a job already in mind (Cavern Crier, Newspaper Team, ecc), this helps their introduction into the group and is a good way for not having a Guild full of inactive members.

The personnel manager must be someone with a good experience in the Guild, who knows what’s going on and already knows the other Messengers. He works closely with the Guild Council, when this job is not filled by the Guild Council itself.

Current Personnel Manager


Election Process Rules   (click to expand)

When one of the conditions for GMs election is met (see the document about the Structure of the Guild) the Guild prepares to elect two new Guild Masters.

The process of the election of the Guild Masters in the Guild of Messengers is divided in two steps:

  1. Nominations: during this phase there is the discovery of the candidates to the elections. Any Messenger can be a candidate, no matter how long he has been in the Guild or how many things he has done. The nominations are done publicly (usually on a thread on our public sections), and every Messenger can nominate as many Messengers as he wants (including himself). The length of the Nomination period is decided when the process starts, but usually is 1 week. A Messenger becomes a valid candidate for the elections when he collects at least one nomination from someone else and one nomination from himself (the order doesn’t count).
  2. Vote: Once the candidates are found the voting process can begin. The exact method used for voting is not fixed by this document, but in the past the Guild of Messengers have always used emails. One trusted external Explorer is selected to be the “Vote Collector” and all the Messengers send him an email containing their vote. At the end of the vote period (one week usually) the Vote Collector gives the results.
    Each Messenger can vote for only one candidate, and the two candidates that get the higher number of votes are elected Guild Masters of the Guild of Messengers.
    In case there are only two candidates the Voting phase is useless and they are automatically elected Guild Masters.

We know that someone could think that the nomination part may be too complex, but there are clear reasons because this was proposed:

  • The requirement for the potential candidate to nominate himself is for making sure he accepts the nominations others have proposed for him. Potential candidates can nominate themselves before anyone has first nominated them to tell the Guild that they think they have the abilities to be a GM.
  • The requirement to have at least one nomination from another Messenger is for making sure the potential candidates are wanted by at least one other Messenger. This is also a loose security measure in the (not rare) case that at the end of the Nomination phase there are only two candidates.
What Services does the Guild provide? (click to expand)

Service/Project Managers

See a need; fill a need – the Guild’s main objective is to provide support to its affiliates, and to ‘fill in the blanks’ as needed.

Website: Doobes, Korov’ev

Calendar: Korov’ev

Cavern Criers: Nev’yn Leonardo

Forum: Doobes, Korov’ev

Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter): Korov’ev

Cavern Criers

CC Leader: Nev’yn

With the opening of the Cavern in 2010, the Guild of Messengers has taken upon its shoulders the Cavern Criers group, bringing it back to life.

The Cavern Criers are the only in-Cavern branch of the Guild. Their job is distributing informative KI-mails and KI-pics in the public areas of the Cavern. The Cavern Criers materials are not only composed by Guild-made KI-mails, on the contrary the major part of their material should be composed by KI-mails of KI-pics coming from the groups in the Cavern that want to spread their news or thoughts or want to get more exposure in the Cavern. Directory

Moderators: Leonardo is a Project of the Guild of Messengers. It is hosted externally of the Guild of Messengers website and is maintained by a different Website Team. is a portal for the community, it aims to be a central reference website for categorizing the many Myst related websites spread all over the Internet and being a sort of URL-shortener for Myst websites.

With its easy to remember short name (for Uru players at least) it is perfect for finding a website in the big forest of the Myst Websites, which may not always have easy names or URLs to remember.

What are the Cavern Criers? (TBA)