News roundup #8

  • The Kickstarter for the Myst Documentary directed by Philip Shane has started! It will end on August 13 at 15:25 KIT, and has a goal of $200,000.
  • A new round of special guests have been announced for Mysterium 2020: Stephan Martinière, Mike “RIUM+” Ando, Geneviève Lord, Rand Miller, Philip Shane.
  • More events have been announced for Mysterium 2020: What Would Atrus Build, the “Praise Gehn” sing-along, topics for Virtual Social rooms, and deadlines.
  • Numinous Games, the developers of Area Man Lives – Cyan’s latest Venture – launched the Playability Initiative: “Using Gaming to Celebrate Creativity, Nurture Togetherness, and Activate Empathy, in service to the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Community and Beyond”.
  • Karl Johnson, Senior Software Engineer at Cyan, Inc., wrote a post about keeping the user comfortable in a VR environment.

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