News Roundup #24

If you were getting the “SetActivePlayer” error when logging in with an avatar or it took an extremely long time, you should now be able to log in. This is a temporary fix, once you logged in it is strongly advised to join a different neighborhood.

Chogon’s detailed explanation (click here to expand)

What was causing the problem was new avatars were being put in the same neighborhood instead of distributing them into neighborhoods with a maximum of 20 members. We fixed that problem a while back but the overcrowded neighborhoods (some with over 1,100 members!) still existed! Which caused the SetActivePlayer error for those players because the client would try to find and download those 1,100+ members of their neighborhood and the database would start choking and say “this ain’t happening”.
Then I had a crazy idea and a tool was created by Adam{Hoikas}. This morning we truncated all the membership lists of the overcrowded neighborhoods, 41 neighborhoods in all. Everyone in those neighborhoods are still members of that hood, they just won’t show up in the KI neighborhood player list. However, if that member visits their neighborhood, they will get re-added back into the membership list. So, this is just a stop gap fix to get people back into MOULa. I will periodically check for growing neighborhood membership lists and truncate them. But it would be better if these members joined a new neighborhood.

The Mysterium decorations are now visible in the New Messengers Pub, a piece of the convention in the Cavern. Be sure to visit and get all the new shirts!

The invitation to the Vault of Stories of the Myst Documentary Kickstarter, where backers can share their Myst Story (as a reward for Planetarium pledges or higher), was sent today. Check for an email from Fangamer to get your code and head into the Vault.

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