International Women’s Week

Various events have been planned in the Cavern to celebrate the International Women’s Week. A thank goes to Nosila for organizing and sorting it all out, and to everyone who planned the events. Here is the schedule, more details for each event will be posted in their calendar entries.

Monday 6

12:00–13:30 KIT: Cooking Session, hosted by Sky, in the Guild of Caterers’ Hood. Sky will be preparing a cozy pumpkin curry and homemade naan breads, while answering cooking question and perhaps recounting her experience as a female chef in a male dominated industry.

13:30–15:30 KIT: Women in Classical Music, Past and Present, hosted by Babbel, in the Hall of Kings in Ae’gura.

Tuesday 7

11:00–12:00 KIT: Music of Usha Uthup, hosted by Ereshkigal, in the New Messengers Pub.

13:00–15:00 KIT: Relaxing Sessions, hosted by PodHopper, in Podhopper’s Hood.

Wednesday 8 (I.W.D.)

12:00–13:00 KIT: Through the Decades, hosted by Nosila, at the Kings Lookout in Ae’gura.

13:00–14:00 KIT: Fil Live, hosted by Fil, in the New Messengers Pub.

14:00–15:00 KIT: Music by, about and for Women, hosted by AlanDJ, in the Ae’gura plaza.

Thursday 9

13:00–15:00 KIT: Seeker’s Country Evening Special, hosted by Eternal Seeker, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft (send “link” in a PM to Mir-o-Bot).

Friday 10

13:00–14:00 KIT: De Todos os cantos do mundo, hosted by Dah’mpa, at Sutherland’s Point in Ae’gura.

15:00–17:00 KIT: Wonky Talk, hosted by IwonK, in the Guild of Cookies’ Hood. The theme will of course be female protagonists.

Sunday 12

13:00–15:00 KIT: Ladies of Jazz, hosted by Radio Free D’ni, in the Ae’gura plaza.


Times and events may change at the last minute; you can find the latest updates at:

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