MOULa update OpenUru#211

On April 12 MOULa got another update, with various fixes, improvements and new Ages! A full changelog is available at the bottom of this post.

You can now add a Chiso book to your Relto. The Relto start got a new intro video. A few more clothing items have been added (you will have to look for them!). The DRC stage has been re-added to the Ae’gura plaza.

Various fixes have been made to Phil’s Relto books, the Kirel podium audio, the Ahnonay vogondola entry and exit animations, the Wall Game climb region, the rainy Yeesha page holographic, and updates to Serene and Tiam.

Eder Bahvahnter will be officially opened in a ceremony on Monday 17 at 12:00 KIT, in the public Elonin (you can also get there by sending “to Bahvahnter” in PM to Mir-o-Bot, KI# 32319).

A note on bugs (click to expand)

When an update hits MOULa it is almost inevitable that unexpected bugs will show up. For all the testing that can be done, Minkata never sees as many concurrent players as the official server, and not all issues can be catched.

When the servers have just been restarted, most of the early linking slowness and problems are from the database buffers refilling – and by an overload of concurrent logins 😉

No additions from Cyan are to be expected for the foreseeable future, apart from server updates, so all improvements and additions will come from fan developers, who dedicate their limited free time to at least try to let MOULa be the best it could potentially be.

So the best way to deal with bugs is to have patience and report them, mentioning where you were and what you were doing, be it on Cyan’s Discord, OpenUru’s Discord or OpenUru forums.

If you fancy contributing your work and/or helping with bug fixing, those places are also excellent starting points to be part of the Fourth Restoration 🙂

OpenUru Build #211d – Quarter 1, 2023
  • [new] Add Age reset into linking books {17}
  • [new] Add Chiso Book to Relto Bookshelf {9}
  • [new] Add Kalamee link panel to Nexus {10}
  • [new] Add Selector to Video GUI {9}
  • [new] Additional Clothing Items {14}
  • [new] Fan Relto Intro replacement for Yeesha intro in Relto start {8}
  • [new] Eder Bahvahnter Age {1}
  • [new] Kalamee Age {16}
  • [new] Restore DRC Stage functionality {2}
  • [update] Add Cannen Filter to Veelay Music {15}
  • [update] Add Updates to Phil’s Relto Book Textures {15}
  • [update] Add Updates to Kirel podium audio for 2023q1 {3}
  • [update] Adjust Ahnonay Vogondola entry/exit animations {9}
  • [update] BlueSpiral improvements and cross-play support {18}
  • [update] Bug fix for Wall Game climb region {9}
  • [update] Chiso Preniv Age {5}
  • [update] Cleft Zandi radio fix {15}
  • [update] Eder Naybree Age {7}
  • [update] Elonin Age {1}
  • [update] Fix Ahnonay waterfall loop {9}
  • [update] Fix Bahro Cave texture issues {12}
  • [update] Fix Incorrect Textures In (Old) Messenger’s Pub {15}
  • [update] Fix rainy Yeesha page holographic {9}
  • [update] Fix shading on the hydrant Cleft book in Relto {6}
  • [update] Force Third person camera when falling out of any Bahro Cave {11}
  • [update] Great Tree Pub {4}
  • [update] Multiplayer cleft windmill fixes {13}
  • [update] New Messengers Pub {4}
  • [update] Reduce flicker of textures when arriving in relto {9}
  • [update] Serene Age {4}
  • [update] Start rain in Phil Relto immediately {9}
  • [update] Tiam Age {1}
  • [update] Wall Game Code fixes {9}
  • [update] [internal] Allow additional Bahro stone style linking GUI {9}
  • [update] [internal] Fix activitiy responder behavior {18}
  • [update] [internal] Refactor SwimDockExit and WallClimb* animations {9}


1: ametist
2: Briggs, Hazado
3: DapperAndy, Tyion, Zaroth, skyisblu, Taliana, aurora
4: Doobes
5: Doobes, Maurus
6: dpogue
7: Harley
8: Harley, Hazado, Maurus, skyisblu, Taliana
9: Hazado
10: Hazado, Deledrius
11: Hazado, Ehren
12: Hazado, Harley
13: Hoikas
14: Hoikas, Maurus, Miles, Korovev, LarryD, Harley, Hazado
15: Maurus
16: Semjay
17: Tweek, Hazado
18: Zaroth

(header image by Maurus)

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