Launcher problems

While trying to install or update Myst Online: Uru Live (or a related shard), you may be unable to proceed because of some type of error, especially on Windows 10. Here are some of the most common ones and their solutions:

The stack dump error on exit (“URU has experienced a serious error”) is a known but harmless bug.

Typical example (click to expand):
UruLive.Live.1.918.OpenUru#201 - External.Release
Exception type: Access violation
Call stack (12 levels, truncated):
 __chkstk (0x00718C80 + 0x000001C6)
  plResManager::IShutdown (0x006E79F0 + 0x0000007E)
   plRegistryPageNode::UnloadKeys (0x006EB4C0 + 0x0000001E)
    plRegistryKeyList (0x006ECA00 + 0x00000061)
     _EplKeyImp (0x006EBFA0 + 0x0000000B)
      plKeyImp (0x00595D40 + 0x00000072)
       hsRefCnt::UnRef (0x0049B470 + 0x00000010)
        _EplWin32LinkSound (0x005BF990 + 0x00000011)
         plWin32StaticSound (0x005BF500 + 0x00000050)
          plKey::IDecRef (0x005939F0 + 0x00000026)
           plResManager::IKeyUnreffed (0x006E70E0 + 0x0000001E)
            plResManager::FindPage (0x006E59B0 + 0x00000047)

The “Another copy of Uru is already running” error means a previous session did not close correctly. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), look for “UruExplorer.exe” and click on End task.

If you prefer the Command Prompt, use the command: TASKKILL /F /IM UruExplorer.exe

If the client is failing to complete “initializing patcher”, it’s because it’s unable to replace itself (UruLauncher.exe), usually because the game was installed in the UAC-protected C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder. DO NOT run the game as administrator, that could allow potentially undiscovered security flaws to affect your computer.

Reinstalling the game with the latest installer should fix the problem; moving the Uru Live folder somewhere else should also work. A telling symptom is the presence of a UruLauncher.exe.tmp file in the game folder.

A Windows 10 update from 2017 broke the way moving with the mouse works: the avatar keeps skipping back to center when trying to turn. The problem has been fixed on MOULa, on the Gehn shard and on Minkata, but is still present in The Open Cave; to fix it, you can use Sirius’ fix.

A stack dump error (“URU has experienced a serious error”) probably indicates a failure to initialize PhysX: it is advisable to install the Legacy component.

The error related to msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll can be fixed by downloading them from Chogon’s post (backup link), extracting them, and putting them in the Uru Live folder, along the launcher.

The error related to d3dx9_27.dll can be fixed by installing a few extra DirectX files. The install procedure is a bit unintuitive: you will have to download the installer, make a new folder on your desktop, run the installer and tell it to extract into the folder you created, then run DXSETUP.exe from the folder to install the DLL files. If it worked, you can delete the folder on the desktop and the installer.

For the offline version of the game, Uru: Complete Chronicles, there’s an official beta patch (backup link) that fixes the Windows 10 mouse bug, and allows (some limited) widescreen mode.